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A Perfect Day for Lunch

10 October 2008 38 comments

well it's been a busy week with the launch of the

Win a Free Portrait for Christmas # 3

and it's off to a good start!!!
9 entries so far and all great choices..
I took a break today to have lunch with some very good friends..the weather was springtime perfect and my "stuffed" capsicum dish turned out pretty ok too...

I've had some lovely deliveries to my mail box over the last few weeks ..
the gorgeous portrait of Charlotte painted by
Christy and I couldn't help buying these adorable fairy works as well!!
I also bought these wonderful SWAN photos and cards from
many thanks gals!!! you are true professionals...
I can't wait to get these framed!!!
click on the image to zoom

meanwhile Alexander and Kelly's Portrait has been peering over my October is definitely the month for a little less procrastination and a lot more painting.....

More Awards...

muchas gracios to John for the wonderful Arty Pico Award (awarded to John by The Zen-Images Ikebana Blog)
The bloggers at
Arte y Pico (this is a Spanish language blog, so if you don't read Spanish, get your Internet translators ready) created the Arte y Pico Award to honor artists who create, design, and inspire regardless of language or culture. It's an international award for a global community of artist-bloggers, acknowledging that what we create helps make the world a finer place.

Here are the rules for the Arte y Pico Award:
1) Award five blogs that contribute to the blogging community through creativity, design, and interesting material, regardless of language.
2) Name each of the five blog authors and provide a link to his or her blog.
3) Award recipients must show the Arte y Pico Award image and the name of the award-giving blog author, as well as the award-giving blog author's blog link.
4) Award recipients must provide a link to the Arte y Pico blog.
5) Award recipients must show these rules.

I am passing this award onto the following outstanding artists:
1. Amy 2. Christy 3. Jacquelyn 4. Sharon 5. Corrine and 6. Boyd

and a big thank you to the lovely Jackie @ The Painted Veil for the beautiful Butterfly award...
check out her absolutely stunning photos and wonderful blog makeover by those talented Cats
Chica & Pumuckl !!
I'm passing this award to my TOP 5 Droppers at EC..thanks so much for your visits and support...
Turnip of Power
Picture to People
Online Games
Photography by KML and
Technically Easy


38 comments: to “ A Perfect Day for Lunch so far...

  • Mariuca 10.10.08

    WOW Kim! Is this the lunch u mentioned u were having the other day??? Everything looks so cool and oh my what a view!! :)

  • Mariuca 10.10.08

    And congrats to u on all the awards dear! I'm so way behind in my award post, really gotta present them awards soon! Happy weekend! :)

  • Mariuca 10.10.08

    One more thing....ooooooh cool gold medal at ur sidebar Kim! It's practically glowing there he he! ;)

  • Lilly 10.10.08

    Love the stuffed capsicums - I love capsicums! Are they easy? Looks like a lovely view too. Its great to get those links because its great to check out some artists - you hae been busy supporting them too. Your portrait you are doing looks amazing.

  • Kim 10.10.08

    haha Mariuca...
    thanks for your comments :):)
    yeah the weather was perfect today I thought I'd get some pics...
    this was lunch I'll be having an early night to make up for the late one last night..hehe that sure is one cool gold medal eh....will see ya tomorrow :)

    hi Lilly
    the capsicums are pretty easy...especially for non cooks like me....
    I can post the recipe if you usually takes about 1/2hr to 45 mins to prepare and about 40 mins to cook in the oven..
    I took the photo before I cooked them in the oven ..
    thanks for the compliment on the portrait too :)

  • Unknown 11.10.08

    Oh, how I wish I could have joined you in this idyllic lunch scene.
    Is there anything more satisfying than lunch outdoors on a lovely day with dear friends?!

  • jafabrit 11.10.08

    oh my gosh, thank you for the award :) I hope I can continue to be worthy of it.

    Your lunch location and lunch looks wonderful.

  • Kim 11.10.08

    hi Judi..
    so true and the weather was perfect...not too hot..a beautiful spring day...and it was wonderful catching up with my friends :)

    hi Corrine..
    you are very deserving with all the amazing work that you do..
    thanks... lunch was very relaxing and it's good to be using the balcony again after our long winter :)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 11.10.08

    OMG KIM!!!!...first of all, I might just dash on the next plane leaving out of Providence and steal away to have lunch w/ you...everything looks yummy and a BEAUTIFUL view...lucky you!!!!

    Thank you for the Arte y Pico really is very humbling to be recognized, and included in such a talented group...ALSO a hearty thank you for posting the swans, on the same table w/ Christy...I LOVE IT...makes our world so small...and the blogosphere come alive!!!
    BIG HUGS...

  • Amy Lilley Designs 11.10.08

    ps. will write my paragraph (or 2 ) for the contest soon...:)

  • Kim 11.10.08

    hi Amy..
    haha...why don't you do that!!....though you would have to give me a couple of hours warning so I can cook something...
    I couldn't wait to get a photo of your swans and Christy's artwork up ...I'll be so glad when I have them framed...
    oh and
    you have until the 31st October to get your paragraph in so plenty of time :)
    have a lovely day :) :)

  • Jackie 11.10.08

    Oh my what a fabulous place for lunch. Everything looks so yummy and the view is fantastic!!

  • Kim 11.10.08

    thanks Jackie...
    look after yourself this weekend ...ok....don't over do it... :)(hugs)..
    ps thanks for the wolf award..hehe

  • Cooper 11.10.08

    The weather looks envious.

  • Speedcat Hollydale 11.10.08

    "stuffed" capsicum dish??

    Artist and culinary expert! I use the microwave only. Chili?? That I can do pretty well.

    Cheers on the coolio award. I need to catch up on those. The last few days have been crazy, and I think I might be going a little nuts myself! I go back to work in 2 hours. (yuuuk) Checking my inbox this morning and I saw this post from my email (SMILE)

    Be back this weekend to complete my "number #3"

    Spring has sprung .... looks great from the balcony Kim :-)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 11.10.08

    ... I took a bite of the food


    NOT BAD!!!!!

  • Anonymous 11.10.08

    Dear Kim,It was a perfect day for lunch and I enjoyed it. The food tasted even better than it looks in the pictures so you know it was good.
    love the blog.. so many things to look at I will have to keep on comming back. Enjoy your week helen

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 11.10.08

    Hello Kim,

    Wow! Real food! My stomach's starting to churn as my mouth salivates. Looks like you had a very nice time at the picnic.

    I'm sure you didn't encounter any body parts around the place. LOL!

    Congratulations to you for all those very well deserved awards. The Arte y Pico is a beautiful one isn't it? Seriously Kim, among the artists I came accross on the blogosphere, you certainly are one of the best, if not the very best - not just as an artist,but as a human being as well. Glad to have known you. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Metz 12.10.08

    Your lunch looks so scrumptious can I share it too hehehe. Hope your weekend is doing just as well dear. :)

  • Kim 12.10.08

    the weather couldn't have been better Cooper ;)
    though I've seen some photos of autumn over your way and it looks pretty stunning atm..

    thanks Speedy..
    I'm not much of a cook either :0..but I do have a few tried and tested recipes and this is one of them...I was planning on buying chickens from the chargrilled barbecue chicken shop but they had run out !!!
    have fun at work..see ya later :)

    hello Helen
    I see you found your way here ;)
    I'm glad you enjoyed the lunch...the weather was so well behaved eh...especially considering what it was like today :)
    enjoy your first day back at school 3 terms gone already and only one to go ;)

    hehe Durano...
    didn't see any body parts :0
    I had a lovely time with some great guests... a "gals lunch" you could say :)
    I love the Art y Pico award and the Butterfly award is beautiful...
    thanks so much for your kind words :) :)
    have a relaxing weekend :)

    hi Metz...
    you sure can :D...Speedy's already had a bite....thanks for calling by :)
    enjoy your Sunday :)

  • Anonymous 14.10.08

    These images cause my mouth to water. They evoke positive memories of scenic places and memorable meals. Thanks for showcasing some of your many talents.

  • Kim 14.10.08

    hello Liaa
    the weather today is certainly different eh...
    and yes it was a very relaxing lunch :)
    thanks for your comment :) :)

  • Mariuca 14.10.08

    Oh wow, I was first commenter here ha ha!;)

    Dropping my EC here bright and early, don wanna get caught in another EC outage or anything like dat now! Need to secure my spot here at ur lovely pink blog! ;)

  • Kim 14.10.08

    hah Mariuca...
    you sure were :)....and 3 in a row too!!!
    thanks for the early drops :))))

  • Anonymous 15.10.08

    Kim, the lunch looks awesome. Seems like something I would cook.

    Portrait is looking amazing. You capture a likeness like none other all the while doing it very beautifully. I know of no other portrait artist so adept at capturing a likeness.

    Thank you kindly for the award.

    I posted about your new sight.

    I'll post the award as soon as possible I've got a show in less than 2 weeks so I should be able to catch up afterwards.

  • Lynda Lehmann 15.10.08

    Your lunch looks delectable! We call those capsicums "peppers," and reserve the longer word for HOT pepper extracts, I think.

    Congrats on your awards!

    Yes, it's time to paint, Kim. How is your shoulder these days?

  • Kim 15.10.08

    hi Boyd..
    I'll have to post the recipe as it's pretty easy and healthy too!!!
    thanks for posting about the TAD :)
    a show in two weeks!! how exciting.. I'll pop over to see what you are up to :)

    hi Lynda
    thanks...we have chilli peppers here which are the hot version...and they're small but very very hot...
    ah yes ..I'm trying to make the portrait a priority this month :0
    the right shoulder's still's just a matter of knowing my limitations :)

  • Jackie 17.10.08

    Oh my word Speedy is eating everything everywhere.

    Happy night over on the other side:-))

  • Kim 17.10.08

    hi Jackie...
    haha..that seems to be the case with Speedy :D
    thanks for calling by..
    I hope you are feeling better :)

  • Anonymous 18.10.08

    Your blog gets better and better every time I visit! So much to read and catch up on after my holiday(s!)

    Your lunch looks yummy and the view is lovely. I guess you are heading into summer just as we head into chilly winter. I may have to head south for the winter!

  • Jackie 18.10.08

    i am a little better today Kim finally. Thanks. Great post about poverty.

  • Jackie 18.10.08

    Oh gee whiz Kim I keep forgetting to ask this. I have started sorting through some of my images for TAD.

    I found an old pastel that I did a few years ago. but, I don't have a scanner and also she is a nude.

    Can I submit a nude to the gallery? Well she kind of has a thong on.

    Please let me know just when ever you have time!

  • Kim 18.10.08

    thanks Diane...
    heading down under would be a great idea...I'm off on my first beach walk this morning....and it looks like it's going to be an early summer..
    haha..I've finally realised that I have an addiction to changing my blog template...I must get over it!! I must ..I really must ;)

    hi Jackie..
    a nude would be fine... maybe you can take a photo of it..good to hear that you are getting over the pneumonia...have a restful weekend :)

  • Anita 18.10.08

    Wow Kim - you are so busy!!! I love to see what you are up to.

  • Kim 19.10.08

    hello Anita...
    long time see...
    I see you have moved again :) :)

  • Anonymous 19.10.08

    Woah, That food looks so amazing, The plate looks slightly oriental to me, What is the real name of it?

  • Kim 19.10.08

    hi Jack..
    it's not in the recipe books so I just call it stuffed capsicum ;)

  • Anonymous 2.3.09

    Very nice blog kim! =) Enjoyed the read

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