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Put an end to Poverty

15 October 2008 25 comments

Rations of Fresh Produce Following World War II, c.1946 by George Rodger
Rations of Fresh Produce Following World War II, c.1946

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.”

Mahatma Gandhi quotes (Indian Philosopher, internationally esteemed for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, 1869-1948)
Similar Quotes. About: Poverty quotes.

Lump sum payment 'delivers relief to pensioners'

Pensioner groups have welcomed the Federal Government's decision to offer a lump sum payment to pensioners as part of the Federal Government's move to inject $10.4 billion into the Australian economy. [More]

Single aged pensioners will receive a payment of $1,400. (ABC News: file photo)

Video: Kevin Rudd announces the package (ABC News)
Related Story: Pensioners big winners in $10.4b stimulus splurge

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25 comments: to “ Put an end to Poverty so far...

  • Anonymous 15.10.08

    Poverty is an atrocious affliction to so many with very little hope for change. It is sad to think of the dim light confronting so many in the world. What a tragedy it is for a helpless parent to watch as the bodies of their young children are left unnurioushed by malnutrition.

  • Netster23 15.10.08

    Poverty is the worst form of violence! I totally agree!

    picture: great shot!

  • Anonymous 15.10.08

    I'm glad to find a weblog I follow posting on the topic of poverty.


  • The Muse 15.10.08

    My respite this past week, gave me opportunities to work with several groups which aid the impoverished here in the US....yes...let's not forget them!

  • Kim 15.10.08

    very true Boyd...
    it's a tragedy in this day and age that children (and adults) are starving :(
    and in a lot of Western countries too...

    thanks Netster..
    yes Ghandi's quote sums it up much better than I could!!
    I found the photo at all posters ...
    it has a lot of impact in the black and white doesn't it....

    thanks for calling by Mad Silence...
    I will be over to read your post soon....

    yes Muse...
    it sounds like troubling times over in the US... and of course with all of the political upheaval going on the underprivileged need more aid than ever...

  • Lilly 15.10.08

    The hardest thing to rationalise is even though we think we are badly off and going through harsh times there is still more than half the world way worse off than we are. They do not have the basics. I just do not understand how it can be so unfair and unjust that the wealth is not more equitably spread. A trillion on war when it should be spent on feeding people. Good post and great reminder. Interesting what Kevin Rudd has done - I like Kevin I have to say. I really do.

  • Kim 15.10.08

    I agree Lilly...
    the difference between the poor and the wealthy seems to grow each day...
    I like Kevin too!!
    I think he's the man for the job and he's getting things done.... he's a doer :) :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 15.10.08

    Good to see government actually help people that need it, instead of the reverse!

  • Kim 15.10.08

    hello Speedy..
    since Labour went in for the last's been looking up for the working class Aussies...which is great... :) :)

  • Anonymous 16.10.08

    "Poverty is the worst form of violence!" I love that phrase!

  • Kim 16.10.08

    it's very true Hitsu !!!
    thanks for your comment :)

  • Metz 17.10.08

    I definitely agree with this philosophy. Poverty and turning a blind eye on it is by far the worst crime. People go hungry while many get to eat like kings and queens. Somehow we all have to learn to finally pitch in and do our share. :)

  • John M. Mora 17.10.08

    Love your "recent posts" slide show - very very nice visuals and a sultry walk down memory lane. ku.dos, always.

  • Kim 17.10.08

    hi Metz...
    I agree....there is definitely a need for us all to make an effort...
    thanks for calling by :)
    enjoy your day "_

    thanks John ..
    it's a Wowzio widget...and it's certainly proving popular :)
    thanks for your visit..
    a great day to you :)

  • Anonymous 17.10.08

    One way to help fight poverty is through

    I love kiva, I wish I had more money to give :(

  • Anonymous 17.10.08

    There is no need for poverty but it remains the one thing which we could solve and choose not to. Poverty - the cause of many if not most conflicts in the world.

  • Kim 17.10.08

    thanks for the link CS..

    hear hear Cooper!!!..
    there is a great need for equality and a balance in the distribution of wealth...

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 18.10.08

    Hello Kim,

    Poverty is man made. It was achieved by the use of force and greed to deny others access to resources for the creation of wealth. This denial produced less opportunities or none at all, for the means to have access - which permanently or perennially bound them and their generations into a state of poverty.

    From the feudal system to the present free market capitalist structures, governments are lead by those who have capital and wealth to create more for themselves. States like the US are allergic to social benefits since it will make them a socialist state, like it was an evil they equate with communism. Leaders like Kevin Rudd would have a difficult time winning the highest office in the US. He is what is referred to as a reformist liberal because he pursues a better distribution of wealth through government social programs, breaking away from what is currently offered and adding more as the need arises. He is also breaking away from the common viewpoint of his own class. Australia is fortunate to have such a progressive minded leader. His kind is rare.

    The Catholic Church too, by their condemnation of birth control, aids the worsening of poverty. With population outpacing food resources, poverty and hunger become inevitable - and the more there are poor, the more can be exploited to produce wealth for the few.

    It was John Kenneth Gailbraith who said " if we cannot help the many who are poor, we cannot save the few who are rich". :-) --Durano, done!

  • Kim 18.10.08

    thanks for your insightful comments Durano...
    that quote gave me goosebumps...
    we are very fortunate to have a leader such as Kevin Rudd...we haven't seen these sort of changes since Gough Whitlam was in office...
    I hope that the Australian public appreciate this....

  • Anonymous 19.10.08

    well i like this quote and i read this before. well i wanna say .. poverty is a curse for nation.

  • Sage Ravenwood 19.10.08


    I came by way of Judith Heartsongs page. I found the quote with this picture hit close to home...I know all too well what it was like to grow up in an abusive home where food was wielded like a weapon.

    My younger siblings used to have to sit at the table and watch my stepfather eat. When he was done and only with his permission were we then allowed to eat. Being the eldest, I always fed the younger ones first. If it was a good day there was food left over for me, if not at least I knew they were fed.

    The thing is we weren't poor, it was just his mentality that did that to us. So the words "Poverty is the worst kind of violence", rings ever so true. I volunteer for a SOS shelter, as well as give what I can. Because rich or poor none of us should ever know hunger. (Hugs)Indigo

  • Kim 19.10.08

    hello complaints...
    thanks for your opinion..

    hello Indigo...
    the pain that your stepfather put you and your siblings through would have been intolerable.... your story is heart wrenching...(hugs)
    your volunteer work and generosity is commendable....
    thanks for calling in to tell your story...
    enjoy your weekend :)

  • Better Than Coffee 29.10.08

    poverty. it's very widespread here in the philippines.

    corrupt politicians add injury to an already bleeding country. tsk! tsk! :(


  • Anonymous 31.10.08

    Poverty is and will always be a problem. The weird thing is that the most beautiful children I have ever seen were those in poverty theme photos.

    Strange world.

  • Kim 31.10.08

    it sounds like your country needs a new government Nobe...

    yes Miss tique...
    those children seem to have an inner light especially when they are photographed in black and white....

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