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Win a Free Mini Portrait

1 June 2009 118 comments

Photo of Charlotte Mini Portrait - Charlotte #1 Mini Portrait - Charlotte #2 Mini Portrait - Charlotte #3

Last week I finished three of the Mini Portraits of Charlotte...
I have another three to paint this week..


I'm offering my readers the opportunity to win a Free Mini Portrait this month..
# the Mini Portrait is 25cm x 25cm (10" x 10") - acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas..
# free postage
# value: $250 (au)
# one person/subject of the winner's choice
# winner will be selected from a random generator at the end of this month

What you can do:
1. leave a comment here =1 entry per comment
2. post about the competition at your blog with a link back to laketrees = 10 entries
3. RETWEET this post on twitter = 1 entry per tweet
4. Subscribe to laketrees by Email = 5 entries

I will announce the winner on the 1st July 2009 1st August 2009
Good luck everyone!!!

laketrees was the Featured Blog last week at Slogbite
Thank you to Mel's an honour to be featured...

for Music Monday...
another one of Charlotte's selections...

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

and....Top EC Droppers for May

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your support is always very much appreciated....


118 comments: to “ Win a Free Mini Portrait so far...

  • TH 1.6.09

    wow.. fun.. can I take part?

  • TH 1.6.09

    yesterday go zoo :)

  • TH 1.6.09

    today wake up .. and backache..hahaa.. must be getting old

  • TH 1.6.09

    spend 3 and half hour at zoo.

  • TH 1.6.09

    go zoo melbourne before but there have not finished.

  • TH 1.6.09

    hope I can go melbourne zoo again.. its bigger than here. Tht time went my aunt took me there with her children and grandfather.

  • TH 1.6.09


    yay good luck!

  • TH 1.6.09

    subscribed email is thereishappiness at hotmail dot com

  • Kim 1.6.09

    the zoo is fun TH ..I bet Sean loved it!!
    you sure can take part in the competition :))
    congratulations you have won 500 ECs for being first EC commenter :)
    I'll send them to you now :))

  • Kim 1.6.09

    wow that was quick TH !!
    I was just over at your site and you had already posted :)
    thank you and best of luck :))

  • bem69 1.6.09

    Kim, I really like your portraits, I like how you play with the negative space to create form.

    You do a lot of portraits? Seriously, great stuff there.

  • Kim 1.6.09

    thanks Bem :)
    this series is turning out well...and because of the size and medium... I'm getting them finished quite quickly...
    I love painting portraits... more than any other genre :))

  • bem69 1.6.09

    Ahh I see, no wonder your your portraits are beautiful. Anyway, hope to see more of these. These portraits sure grabbed my attention :D

  • Kim 1.6.09

    thanks again Bem...
    it certainly helps when the subject is your daughter ;) ;)

  • Anonymous 1.6.09

    ohh i want to participate in your little comp thingy hehe! :3

    your artwork is so amazing!!
    my subscription email is

    <3 wintertea

  • A 1.6.09

    Wow, what a beautiful portrait! :)

  • A 1.6.09

    You are a great artist and I would love to join this contest! :)

  • A 1.6.09

    I love love Cold Play! Awesome MM choice! :) Happy Music Monday! :-D

  • Kim 1.6.09

    thanks Kirsten...
    that's great!!!
    I loved your sketch that you did of me esp the little lake and trees on the front of my overall..
    best of luck in the comp and thanks for subscribing ;)

    thanks Ane
    great to hear that you are entering :)
    the song was Charlotte's choice and I'm now a Coldplay addict lol..
    happy MM to you too :)

  • Mariuca 1.6.09

    Oh my! I am so going to join this contest Kim! :):):)

  • Mariuca 1.6.09

    He he he! I want a portrait from the amazing Kim too! :)

  • Mariuca 1.6.09

    Ok, just subscribed via email! Woo hoo! :):):)

  • Mariuca 1.6.09

    And already commented here, so that's 2 out of 3!

  • Mariuca 1.6.09

    Now, just gotta do my post! :)

  • Mariuca 1.6.09

    Hey, do I get 2 entries if I post about the contest on 2 diff blogs Kim? meow! :)

  • Mariuca 1.6.09

    Kim!! I think u got ur PR back already! I'm looking at my widget, which shows PR and alexa ranking of blogs I'm surfing, and it says PR3 for Laketrees! :):):)

  • Mariuca 1.6.09

    Awesome, that was super speedy Kim! Soon it'll go back up to PR5! :):):)

  • Kim 1.6.09

    lol are whirling around the blogosphere tonight ..I'm finding it hard to keep up with your comments :))
    thanks for being my TD at PoeARTica and laketrees xx
    and of course if you are posting twice you will get 2 entries...purrrr...
    I'm going to check my ranking now..PR 3!!! are definitely the bearer of good news tonight eh Genie Princess....
    *thinks* Mariuca has a magical wand

  • Kim 1.6.09

    oh boo hoo Mariuca...I still see a 0'll have to lend me your magic glasses (or wand) :))

  • TH 2.6.09

    hi kim yeah we love the Zoo, sean loves it more

  • TH 2.6.09

    I posted the lizard which stucked at gate, check my blog :)

  • TH 2.6.09

    now hubby pumping the balloon for him. haha.. sean let it go and he has to pump again again again again and again..

  • TH 2.6.09

    the lizard is huge bigger than dog.

  • TH 2.6.09

    some people do cook it to eat.

  • TH 2.6.09

    my online store is

    still room to improve.

  • TH 2.6.09

    oh yay Mariuca is taking :)

  • TH 2.6.09

    I hope my PR can go up but its NOT

  • Amy Lilley Designs 2.6.09

    LOVE THEM!!! You surely know your Charlotte...the one w/ the 'hoody', speaks VOLUMES...such beauteous eyes..looking forward to seeing the next 3...I'll enter the latest Laketrees contest and PRAY that the random winner lives in

  • Kim 2.6.09

    hi TH :)
    I had a look at your shop :)
    it's should do well ..I'll pop over to check out your pics at the zoo..sounds like a big lizard!!

    hi Amy
    thanks so much...I have a stage prop to paint today and then I'll get back to the portraits :) of luck with your entry "from Providence" :))

  • Speedcat Hollydale 2.6.09

    Kim .... I don't think I can compete with the women commenters here!
    Love the "mini portrait" - I do those to, but they are very cartoonish with stick bodies ((smile))

    Glad to see I made the May commenters list. Ecard has been quite far from my mind as of late. Most days I do not even sign in. Busy busy in Hollydale,
    SpeedyCat :-)

    10 hugs fer U

  • John M. Mora 2.6.09

    i am game

  • TH 2.6.09

    the zoo not yet update pic.. not yet download. :(

  • TH 2.6.09

    about zoo its the one got stuck my bro sister-in-law gate.

  • TH 2.6.09

    I mean the lizard..

  • Mariuca 2.6.09

    Oh no sorry Kim, I dunno why my widget said PR3 the other day, it's back to 0 today. But worry not for I have every confidence you'll get it back up to 5 in a jiffy! Hugs! :):):)

  • Mariuca 2.6.09

    Yay to getting 2 entries for posting twice woo hoo! :)

  • Mariuca 2.6.09

    Dropping MD and MPG ec here Kim, be back later with Mariuca EC! ;)

  • Lisa Lorenz 3.6.09

    HI Kim, Oh wow, these are beautiful, just love the stylish and strong...I cant wait to see the next three. Congrats on being featured. This is a great contest....xoxo Owing a Kim Barker original is out of this world .... :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 3.6.09

    Kim, your portraits are wonderful. I like the one with her glasses on, the best, as it conveys a certain spontaneity and naturalness (is that a word?).

    CONGRATS on being featured at SLOGBITE! Looking forward to your new art site.

  • Mariuca 3.6.09

    Hola Kim! I have a cool personality tag for you, have fun! :)

  • TH 4.6.09

    hi kim,posted the souvenir shop of zoo at blog :)

  • TH 4.6.09

    stil need time to post up pics, as handfull sean is so active. he is school holiday for 2 wks.

  • TH 4.6.09

    yeah backpain.. as sean bounced on my back.. heavy boy!

  • Kim 4.6.09

    yes you can Speedy...
    you're still holding 3rd place so yeehaa to you ..
    ps I know what it's like to be busy ;0

    great John!
    do you have someone in mind ;)
    best of luck in the comp :))

    I'll check out your pics TH net has been very slow lately ...waiting for the start of the new download month in a couple of days :0

    that's ok Mariuca :)
    my new art portfolio is a 3 though and I haven't even finished the design hehe...
    I'll be over soon :)

    hi Lisa..thanks so much
    I haven't started the 4th one yet as I've been painting another prop...
    hehe my Lisa Lorenzes are keeping me smiling now that winter is here :))

    hi Lynda
    thanks very much :)
    yes Charlie has to wear glasses for seeing long distance and it is very Charlotte...
    hope the house building is going smoothly :))

  • John M. Mora 6.6.09

    Adding announcement in the am and using one pic - hope you do not mind.

    They are lovely minis of your lovely daughter..

  • Artist Boyd Greene 7.6.09

    Kim, I can't figure out which is more amazing you or your art! Both are incredibly amazing!!! Both are the same. I love your portraits as always. I love how you capture the person as none other. Genius to the nth degree.

  • Kim 7.6.09

    thank you John :)
    and thanks for your post .. good luck :) :)

    hi Boyd ..
    thanks :)
    been prop painting this week so still have 3 more to finish..

  • Max Coutinho 9.6.09


    These are very beautiful indeed!

    I just came to thank you for your amazing comment on my blog: loved it :D! Know that you are welcome there whenever you feel like it!

    Have a great week!


  • Kim 9.6.09

    thanks Max :)
    a very thought provoking topic!!
    have a great week too :)

  • TH 9.6.09

    hi ya doing? the kids are noisy.. and I am having haeadche. too.

  • TH 9.6.09

    other sister in law told hubby bro wife about $40K for college. so now they have to save for 4 kids! its each cost $40K here for college.

  • TH 9.6.09

    bro in law 3 kids here and the car not big enough so need to squeece .. hehe.. lucky me sit infront..

  • Kim 9.6.09

    hi TH ..
    education is so expensive nowadays...
    I hope your headache is better ..
    I've been very busy with stage props and planning murals for my sis's new ballet studios...3 weeks to opening and 5 murals to paint!!

  • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys 9.6.09

    Charlotte is beautiful and lucky to have such a talented and devoted mother ;) Kim.

  • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys 9.6.09

    Ps does commenting more earn you extra entries :)

  • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys 9.6.09

    I twittered your competition.

  • Kim 10.6.09

    thank you Trish...
    I hadn't thought about that....haha...I suppose extra entries for extra comments won't hurt :)

    I love your signature :)

  • Unknown 23.6.09

    Hi Kim!
    Okay I tweeted (via Amy Lilley's post)
    Then I blogged on Squarespace
    Then I blogged on my Blogger
    Then I Facebooked you
    Oh yeah, and I commented here AND on Amy's blog
    And then I tweeted my own blog about your blog.

    Damn it all I think that earns me roughly 100 entries, don't you?

  • Kim 25.6.09

    haha Christy...
    I'd say you will come close lol...
    thanks so much.... I've just got back on line after my net died on Monday... :0

  • Julie Caves 25.6.09

    Hi Kim!
    Your portraits are so beautiful!
    It would be amazing to win one!

    I have tweeted about the contest and will blog this evening as well.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Split Rock Ranch 26.6.09

    I'm leaving a comment for an entry and I will do a post about this contest on my blog tomorrow. I also signed up my email and will tweet about it, as well. What a great contest! Good luck everyone.

  • Split Rock Ranch 26.6.09

    I just tweeted about the contest on my Twitter page!

  • Split Rock Ranch 26.6.09

    I also added a post about the contest on my Facebook page:

  • Anonymous 27.6.09


    lsallen88 at yahoo dot com

  • Kim 27.6.09

    thanks very much Julie :)
    thanks so much Brenda :)
    thank you Isallen

  • Julie Caves 28.6.09

    Hi Kim!
    I said on Thursday in my comment that I would put a link on my blog and I have just done it.

    Will tweet a few more times as well.

    Can't wait until July 1st!

  • Netster23 28.6.09

    Hello Kim,

    I love Coldplay Fix you!

    Thanks hug hug

  • cynsheis 18.7.09

    cynsheis here...just love what you are doing and would be grateful to be in the contest

  • Kim 18.7.09

    thanks Julie
    I've postponed the closing date until the end of July ...good luck :))

    beautiful song Netster and Charlie's pick ;)) (hugs) to you too :)

    thanks Cynsheis
    you are now entered in the comp...good luck :))

  • Shez 18.7.09

    Fantastic portraits of your beautiful daughter Kim......I would love to enter your contest!!!! :)

  • Admin T.H 18.7.09

    hi Kim, blogged on other blog to inform newbie :)

  • Shez 18.7.09

    I've just posted a link back to here on my blog Kim.......good luck everyone!!!! :)

  • Kim 18.7.09

    hey Shez and TH
    thanks very much for your posts...and you also have extra entries for each comment too ... :))

  • GinaM 20.7.09

    I'm excited that I stumbled onto your blog through a Twitter #FollowFriday. I love your paintings and look forward to following your blog.

    Many thanks!
    Gina Murrow
    Silk Creek Studio
    Chugiak, Alaska

  • Kim 20.7.09

    hi Gina
    thanks very much :))
    good luck in the competition :)

  • Katie m. Berggren art & design 26.7.09

    Dear Kim,
    your new work looks great, so excited to see it when completed!
    I just posted your TAD for May (my feature) to my blog and mentioned your Free Mini Portrait Competition with a link back to your site, how exciting! Now I'm in the running to win, eh? :)
    Have a great day and thanks again!
    Katie m. Berggren

  • Kim 26.7.09

    oh thanks Katie...
    you sure are in the running have 11 entries :))
    good luck!!!

  • Unknown 30.7.09

    Love your minis of Charlotte, she's about to blow kisses in one, right? I love the idea of multiple minis since we all have so many facets to our personality and appearance. Just popped over from Katie's site. Kathleen

  • Kim 30.7.09

    thanks Kathleen :)
    you're right about the multiple personalities and yes it does look like she's blowing kisses :) ...I have 3 more to do before the 15th of August for Charlotte's 18th birthday ..
    thanks for dropping by and you are now entered in the competition ..good luck :)

  • Admin T.H 30.7.09

    hey kim, blogged

  • Kim 31.7.09

    thanks very much TH :)
    I'll put you down for another 11 entries :)

  • Split Rock Ranch 31.7.09

    I just did a blog post about this contest. Hope it wasn't too late!

    Here is a link to the post:

    Best wishes to everyone - can't wait to see who the winner is!!

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    oh boy I am going to need a lot of luck!

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Getting a late start here!! Is it too late? It's not the 31st here yet.

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    I already am subscribed via email!!

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    I twitted and tweetered!!

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Now I am headed to make a post...if it's not too late!!

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Please pop over and let me know if it's too late.

    I'm off to make a post!

    Big hugs!!:-)

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Okay I have my post up Kim!


  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Did you get it Kim? It didn't give me a comment moderation message.

    So here it is again!

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Good luck everyone....I am also going to link to this post!!

    I hope it is just a problem with my browser. because it is still not showing that it saved the comment.

    Big hugs Kim!!:-)

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Oh good idea to FB it!! Going now but have to change satellites!!:-)

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Rofl...I was trying to get a counter from that site....I had two contacts within minutes from two women!!

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Lord I don't need a date....and I live in such a small community...gosh I hope no one saw me there.

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Walter would never understand why I was looking for a woman to date.

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    DUH...I thought you could just sign up and be friends....I didn't know it was for dating only!!..LOL!!!...I think I am tired!!:-))))

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    So i guess i won't be adding the count down to my post!! sorry...I tried!!

    Still laughing here!!:-))))

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Back link posted. now I have to work on Marzie's meme!!

  • Jackie 31.7.09

    Forgot to say how very beautiful your daughter is!!

    I'm off now..have a great day!! I know you will be super busy!!

    Hugs again:-)

  • Kim 31.7.09

    hi Brenda
    thanks for the post :)
    you have another 11 entries :)
    best of luck :)

    lol Jackie
    you should be a writer :D
    hehe I don't think Walter would be pleased at all lol
    goodness two ladies!!!
    thanks for the post and tweets and comments :))
    you have 35 entries
    good luck!!!

  • Pblacksaw 31.7.09

    Wow what great portraits.. I guess I missed out.. I just found out about this today.. I would have had my husband painted I think.. Too Many kids.. one might get antsy if another was chosen.. Or maybe My Mama.. Great talent!

  • Split Rock Ranch 1.8.09

    I just Tweeted again about this contest!

  • Split Rock Ranch 1.8.09

    Also posted again to my Facebook page!

  • Jackie 1.8.09

    I tweeted and here I am commenting again!!

  • Jackie 1.8.09

    I'm so excited that I just can't hide it!!

  • Jackie 1.8.09

    Yes 2 ladies and they live some where in my wittle bitty community!!

    I hope they don't know me or find me!!

  • Jackie 1.8.09

    Nap time...big hugs!!:-)

  • Kim 1.8.09

    hi Patsy
    thank you :))
    you have one entry for your comment :))

    hi Brenda
    thanks :))
    you have another 13 entries :)

    hi Jackie
    thanks :))
    you have another 5 entries :)

    competition is now closed

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