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Winter In June

9 June 2009 23 comments

proposed murals

looks like June is going to be a rather busy month as I'll be painting a number of murals and friezes for my Sister's new Baby Ballerinas Studio which is opening next month...
as you can see I intend to paint three Degas works in one of the studios...

I'm still painting stage props too so Charlotte's remaining three mini portraits are on hold for the time being...
still plenty of time to enter my June competition to win your own mini portrait


I'm offering my readers the opportunity to win a Free Mini Portrait this month..
# the Mini Portrait is 25cm x 25cm (10" x 10") - acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas..
# free postage
# value: $250 (au)
# one person/subject of the winner's choice
# winner will be selected from a random generator at the end of this month

What you can do:
1. leave a comment here =1 entry per comment
2. post about the competition at your blog with a link back to laketrees = 10 entries
3. RETWEET this post on twitter = 1 entry per tweet
4. Subscribe to laketrees by Email = 5 entries

I will announce the winner on the 1st July 2009 1st August 2009
Good luck everyone!!!

..and because it's the start of winter here in Oz I thought this piece of music would be appropriate for Music Monday ...

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.


23 comments: to “ Winter In June so far...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 10.6.09

    Template tweeking again I see ... you must be a coding genius by now :-)


    Seems you have a full plate too (very busy, yes). Better than the opposite tho - Big Howdy Doo from Hollydale Central

    (((smile, wink, and a hug)))


  • Speedcat Hollydale 10.6.09

    ... one more comment to compete with the ladies ;-)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 10.6.09



  • Kim 10.6.09

    and first commenter too Speedy...yaaa hooo
    you have won the 500 ecs...
    yeah keeping busy :))
    hopefully I won't be making changes to my blog for a while ;)
    not with all this painting !!

  • Gregorio 10.6.09

    Hi Kim
    I am no longer with Ecard so I don't see so many of the old faces and decided to drop in on you.It looks as if you'll be busy for quite some time.I'm glad you are doing well.Take care.

  • John M. Mora 10.6.09

    great space...good look on the Degas...his ocmpositions were often influenced by photography ya know...

  • Diane 10.6.09

    I love the new look, Kim! And it looks great on my Mac too.

    Gosh, you are busy. It's difficult to keep the blogging going when real life intrudes isn't it? The Degas works look stunning and so appropriate for the Baby Ballerinas to look at and inspire them.

    The mini portrait competition sounds amazing. Even though I have one of your wonderful portraits, I would love to win a canvas to add to my collection...

  • Kim 10.6.09

    thanks Gregorio
    it's certainly a busy time :)
    thanks for dropping by and I'll be sure to pop over and check out your blog too :)

    ahh yes John
    Degas is one of my favourite painters...I love his style and I have copied several of his would never guess that he was influenced by his photos ..his work is so impressionistic :)

    hi Diane.. all started when you told me that the side bar was off so I'm glad that you pointed that out ....
    I see you have been super busy..I popped over to your blog today...
    you're becoming quite the celebrity gadabout...what with Cannes and another holiday pending :)
    and after that....hollywood perhaps ??

  • Lisa Lorenz 10.6.09

    WOWZA Kim! I cant wait to see the paintings of the degas ballerinas..I know how amazing you do ballereinas..I remember your last one...Your sister's studio is going to be the most beautiful studio in the world....xoxo Lisa

  • Amy Lilley Designs 11.6.09

    You and me too..VERY busy this month...I'm almost finished w/ all the preparations for the show on, 270 cards, matted and framed photos...I'll take some pics to post...AND I'll been using the cross stitch tablecloths made by my Mom and Great-Aunt...looks like the weather will be cooperating...WHEW!!! big hugs...:)))

  • Kim 11.6.09

    oh thanks Lisa..
    I agree..the studio is going to look marvellous!! Karen said she will be getting mirrors and furniture to match the paintings too... :)
    have a terrific weekend xoxoxox

    gee Amy ...that has come around fast.... it seems like only yesterday when you posted about it ....hope the weather stays fine and have a smashing Saturday..
    looking forward to seeing the cross stitches :)

  • TH 13.6.09

    hi Kim, kids are busy playing games.

  • TH 13.6.09

    we going back hometown tomorrow.

  • TH 13.6.09

    try looking for working top for hubby very hard. the neck tie usually 17inch not 19. he cannot tied tie.

  • TH 13.6.09

    having stiff neck now.. , hows your day?

  • TH 13.6.09

    I hardly listen to music as I need to listen to sean voice.

  • Kim 13.6.09

    hi TH
    ah so Sean is musical..that's lovely!!
    I hope your neck is better ..I have a stiff neck and shoulder from lifting the painting boards :0
    have a safe trip to your hometown :))

  • TH 15.6.09

    hi going off to bed soon :) still having stiff neck.

  • Admin T.H 15.6.09

    hope your neck is okay now :)

  • Admin T.H 15.6.09

    need go sleep as sean not want sleep if everyone awake.

  • Admin T.H 15.6.09

    haha.. everyday sean sing happy birthday

  • Lynda Lehmann 15.6.09

    You sure are busy, Lady, but it's all good stuff! Good thing to shed some load and put the rest of the portraits on hold. I'm sure Charlotte understands!

    I'd love to have one of your beautiful portraits, Kim, but we're so busy with the house that I have barely the time to post for myself!

  • Lily Arbee 18.6.09

    Hi Kim,
    Happy Music Monday, hope it is still not too late to wish you. I love faries images and the song is good, it blend well with the title.

    Have a beautiful day. Cheers!

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