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Dreaming of red tutus..

21 September 2009 16 comments

started this drawing while waiting for the oils to dry on that never ending WIP of Alexander and Kelly..

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Music Monday
inspired by Cooper the story behind Australia's unofficial national anthem....

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

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16 comments: to “ Dreaming of red tutus.. so far...

  • Cooper 21.9.09

    I love the way the light enters that room too kim. Nice work.

  • Kim 21.9.09

    thanks Cooper :)
    yeah the sun was streaming in yesterday morning...
    hey I like your avatar ... very stylish :)

  • Marites 21.9.09

    interesting intro to the song:) I've heard of this song before but with different version.

    My MM is up too.

  • Kim 21.9.09

    hi Marites...
    I think Rolf Harris describes the story behind the song so well..
    happy MM to you and thanks for your comment :)

  • Admin T.H 21.9.09

    hi kim, about the games, I cant buy them online as the game player its modified version.

  • Kim 21.9.09

    that's a shame TH... :( perhaps you can find a store that sells them ...

  • Jackie 22.9.09

    Hello Kim! I am back finally!!

  • Jackie 22.9.09

    You were the only one to guess it right about my back!! I don;t think I said anything. But, yes this weekend was bad again!!

    Today is a little better!!

  • Jackie 22.9.09

    But my satellite isn't. I have one completely down that will most likely take weeks to regain my fair share.

    I don't really think it is fair share. If it were fair share, wouldn't it be more fair, if we didn't have to pay the bill in full when they shut me down?

  • Jackie 22.9.09

    Well, I do and even though it will be a futile exercise I am going to call.

    Okay so I understand they are governed by the FCC. But, so was Hughesnet when it was still American owned and they refresh me every 24 hours.

    If I get to 100% with WildBlue, I must stay off a full 30 days to get my speed back.

    Now, that is just not right. I think everyone should be reset back to zero, regardless of usage, every time we send them our payment.

    That seems much more like fair share to me!! But, some times I forget this is America!!

    Only the rich shall survive!!...Okay everyone ....just joking here!! I love America just as much as all other Americans!!

  • Jackie 22.9.09

    I'm working on getting caught up on my comments can you tell?

  • Jackie 22.9.09

    Waltzing Matilda! I have always loved this tune.

    I don;t exactly remember or understand but we had to learn it in elementary school.

    Alas, as I have already explained to you about my satellite situation, I cannot listen to this version!!:-(

    But, your artwork looks great, I love your apartment and I hope you have a grand day when you wake up!!

  • Jackie 22.9.09

    Oh I forgot make sure next week if you haven't done it already to add your little mention about the contest.

    I hinted but didn't make an official announcement, but, as of this week, I most likely will be cut back to Monday post only for a while.

    And next Monday will be the last post before I draw!!

    Good luck and big hugs!!:-)

  • John M. Mora 22.9.09

    Wow - the view asd curious regarding the drawing - the space and proportions look so solid. It already has mass.

    Yes, you will rock us.

    Amazed by the new header - I stayed there at watched it scroll portrait by expressive collection of work.

  • TH 22.9.09

    hi kim :)

    come by :)

  • Kim 23.9.09

    hi Jackie :))
    sounds like your internet provider is a real hassle ...
    thanks for your comments :))
    I'll be over soon to get the details of the comp :)

    thanks John..
    so much for the blue sky and water...looking rather red over here today with the big dust storm :0... red week with red tutus and red blog....weird :))

    hi TH ..
    will pop over soon :)

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