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Spring is here...

8 September 2009 46 comments

thank goodness!!!

I found this photo on a recent catalogue and couldn't resist posting...
seems appropriate as I was in hospital for a couple of days last week...
I'm feeling a lot better today and the tests all came out fine...

because I missed posting for Fathers' Day on Sunday I'm posting a late video for Music Monday..
this song was one of my Dad's favourites...

found this wonderful video - Behind the scenes at MOMA well....

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46 comments: to “ Spring is here... so far...

  • mark 8.9.09

    wow! a nice song for youR dad..
    have a great day ahead!

  • John M. Mora 8.9.09

    yes, your spring will be our down best.

  • Speedcat Hollydale 8.9.09

    Love the music Kim ... and Spring was months ago!

    Ohhhh yes, You are hanging upside down on the other side of the planet


    I will never get used to being able to communicate across the globe. It seems smaller now ??

    CHOP ! ????

  • Speedcat Hollydale 8.9.09

    Happy week from Hollydale

  • Shez 8.9.09

    OMG......Girl!!! You must have been very sick for them to admit you!!.....Hope they found out what was wrong, and you're on the road to recovery!!! Lots of rest, good food and luvin coming your way (heart):)

  • Admin T.H 8.9.09

    afternoon kim :)

  • Admin T.H 8.9.09

    son prefer orange color but dont have that size.

  • TH 8.9.09

    tired today, :) happy tuesday!

  • TH 8.9.09

    wow nice photo love the bed :)

  • Mariuca 8.9.09

    Hey u changed ur EC location again lol! :)

  • Mariuca 8.9.09

    I'm sorry to hear u were in the hospital recently sweetie, is everything okay? :)

  • Mariuca 8.9.09

    I absolutely adore the beautiful back to nature green bed room YAY! :)

  • Mariuca 8.9.09

    Have a lovely night Kim, maybe u should rest more since u just left the hospital. Hugs! :)

  • Ayie 9.9.09

    Hi Kim! Glad to know you're ok so as all results.

    Belated happy father's day to your dad =)

  • Jackie 9.9.09

    Kim I do so hope you are okay!! I do not want to hear anymore really bad news for at least a decade or more!!
    Luv ya!!

  • Jackie 9.9.09

    I am on my slow satellite today and can't listen to any videos!

    But, I know they are fantastic and how wonderful of you to dedicate this to your dad!!

  • Jackie 9.9.09

    I am glad you are heading into Spring....we on this side of the world are looking at Old Man Winter!!

    Thanks for all of your support. It is difficult but today both Walter and I are piddling and trying to keep our minds occupied!!

    I hope you have a terrific day and a wonderful week!!

  • Jackie 9.9.09

    Ewwwww....yes you changed your blog and it looks great!! If you didn't change it then please let me know!!

    Because I may have more problems than I realize...LOL!!!:-))))

  • Amy Lilley Designs 9.9.09

    LOVELY Spring photo...I KNOW that you are feeling better and I'm so very, hugs, love hugs...:)))

  • Admin T.H 9.9.09

    hi kim :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 10.9.09

    Happy spring, Kim, though it is a bit strange to be wishing you that, as we are facing autumn!

    Sorry to hear you were ill, but so glad to hear all is okay. You have my empathy -- hospital tests are such a drag.

  • Admin T.H 10.9.09

    hi kim, how you doing? hows the weather there?

  • TH 10.9.09

    looks like grandpa will not be able gathering as uncle objection :(

  • Kim 11.9.09

    thanks Mark...happy MM :))

    lol..ah yes unfortunately so John

    we're all Mr Squiggles over here Speedy ;) have a geat weekend!!

    thanks Shez :)
    yeah cat scan and heart stress test not much fun :0
    feeling a lot better ... I'm taking medication for reflux (2 weeks)

    hi TH
    that's a shame about your Grandpa's reunion :(
    the weather here is lovely ...lots of sun but still cold at night...

    hi Mariuca..
    yeah the worst thing was the needles ..yuk...
    I have some awful bruises to show for it ..
    hey your portrait should be arriving any day ??

    thanks Ayie..
    me too :)
    my Dad passed away in 2002 but he is still here in spirit :)

    much better now ... thanks Jackie...
    my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family at this sad time
    yes changed my blog design again!!
    so you are not mad ;)

    thanks so much Amy...
    hope your trip weent well
    love and hugs to you :)))

    hi Lynda..
    yeah hospitals are not much fun...the best thing was getting out!!! lol..
    hope your Autumn days are being kind.. xxx

  • Jackie 11.9.09

    Hi Kim!:-)

  • Jackie 11.9.09

    I was so glad to see you drop by!!

  • Jackie 11.9.09

    You sounded cheery!! I do so hope that means you are feeling much better!!

    Thank you for reassuring me that I am not mad!! although I know a few people who would argue that point.

    My goodness it's 2am and I am suppose to be up at 5am to go out for some shoots.

    It's always crazy when Walter is home.

    I have got to get over to Lynda's too and see her new post.

    I am so so so far behind!! My SIL is supposed to be moved to Hospice today.

    Everything keeps changing from day to day and we haven't gotten to see her yet because we don;t know where to go.

    If she's not in hospice by Saturday then no matter what anyone says we are headed to Houston to the hospital!!

    I do so hope you have a great weekend. I better get to bed!!


  • TH 12.9.09

    hi kim, happy friday night :)

  • TH 12.9.09

    I just feel whats the use of scolding if it already happened.

  • TH 12.9.09

    scolding will just make the kids hate you. :(

  • TH 12.9.09

    patience is the key, sometimes I get impatient too! :(

  • TH 12.9.09

    about grandpa, uncle emailed says he and family care for him. he dont want anyone to disturb them.

  • TH 12.9.09

    they are someone at dad's side is talking so much about grandpa but no action. :( last time they were after grandpa's money.

  • TH 12.9.09

    I am sure parents will be say if know children eyeing on their money/wealth.

  • TH 12.9.09

    one lecturer taught at college, told me when his daughter turn 18 yrs old he ask her to work for money so she dont always ask money from home.

  • TH 12.9.09

    unlike my dad always give in my sister/bro/me. Bad.. turn out now sis keep ask my dad for money too :( I mean you work and you not give money home so you want take money from parent. :(

  • TH 12.9.09

    I dont want ask money from dad as he retired and we no make money for him. shouldn't take advantage.

  • TH 12.9.09

    one of my sis bf very bad curse my dad! coz he not wan give my sis money to do busines.

  • TH 12.9.09

    if comes to money always sensitive :(

    love and family are important you can never buy them. Happiness is from heart.

  • Admin T.H 14.9.09

    hi kim, just back from groceris shopping :)

  • Admin T.H 14.9.09

    now try cut down on spending sean dvd costly.. not realised that bought 3 DVD will cost RM120.

  • Admin T.H 14.9.09

    avoid let him see the DVD store, sure he will storm in.

  • Admin T.H 14.9.09

    so fast its another week :)

    do you eat supper at night?

  • Kim 14.9.09

    thanks for dropping by Jackie and TH...
    I'll be catching up with you today :))

  • TH 15.9.09

    hi kim, hows your day?

  • TH 15.9.09

    oh.. just saw tommy lee in the movie. not sure the name. its a comedy.

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