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Alexander WIP

11 October 2007 18 comments

I have finally got back to working on Alexander's portrait......
and I've gone back to a white background !!!!
Still a long way to go !!!

Click here to view the full WIP


18 comments: to “ Alexander WIP so far...

  • Anonymous 11.10.07

    I had to think about this WIP. At first I thought your fingers were typing with a lisp or something.

    WIP means 'work in progress'? Can we claim that like Alex, we're all a WIP? :P

  • Kim 11.10.07

    hahaha Ma...
    "fingers typing with a lisp" ...good one !!!
    and you are spot on with the definition... :D
    in fact I know that I'm definitely a WIP...:0

  • Anonymous 11.10.07

    It always helps to ask for clarification, I understand, so, I thought I'd put it out there just in case I was gasp! incorrect.

    Yes, I truly believe that we're all a work in progress. I figure that I'll not know all of the answers to life until I begin pushing up daisies.

    A WIP

  • Kim 11.10.07

    you incorrect JB !!!!!!
    no !!!!! never !!!! not you !!!!!
    just another WIP :P

  • Anonymous 12.10.07

    Wow, this is incredible. I just stumbled across your blog and I am extremely impressed. I'm trying to picture what this must of looked like with a black background, and it just feels so much better with the white, nice touch. I feel like the black would take away from the nice shading work you've done on the face

  • Kim 12.10.07

    hi Johnny
    thanks for you kind comments and for visitng...
    you can click on the link at the bottom of the post to see the full WIP.... :)

  • Anonymous 12.10.07

    Wow, really like it.

    It looks awesome so far!

    - Andrew

  • Kim 12.10.07

    thanks Andrew.....
    have a great day :)

  • Anonymous 12.10.07

    I really appreciate both backgrounds as I'm a huge Rembrandt fan but as Johnny said I think the white works a little better with this portrait since it is your son. I think the black will have a great effect on the white. It is really coming along very well. I love how you have captured his hair and the shading is superb.

  • Kim 12.10.07

    thanks so much Boyd....
    the hair is not quite there yet but I'm happy so far and the new medium that I'm using is excellent (Liquin Original)..still quite a bit to do on the face.....

  • Anonymous 12.10.07

    WIP ... had to think about that one myself, haha!

    Gees Louise, I don't know what you would do to add to it, the painting is gorgeous, and looks complete to ME.

    I agree with Boyd, I was thinking these very things myself before reading the comments. I love the blend of white on black background, and love how you've painted his hair.

  • Kim 12.10.07

    ummm Deborahhhhh....
    Louise isn't here here at the moment BUT Kim is.....
    that's spelt with a capital K......
    you gotta get more sleep Mrs P....LOL.... :P :D
    PS thanks for the very nice comments on the portrait :)

  • Anonymous 12.10.07

    Hehehe, I wasn't calling you Louise, Kim. It's a saying here ... gees Louise. ;-)

    I hadn't even given it a second thought that it might not be a common saying. It's more of a rhyme if anything I guess.

  • Kim 12.10.07

    well stone the crows Deborah.....I haven't heard that one before..... learn something every day..... ;)

  • Anonymous 13.10.07

    Looks like the end results is going to be as wonderful as usual! Love the colors and the switch back to the white background :-)

    Feeling like having some scary fun?

    Welcome to our spooktacular blog warming party today - if you dare.... *giggles*

    Everybody is welcome :-)

  • Kim 13.10.07

    thanks for your comment and your kind invite Captain......
    I'm looking forward to seeing your new blog :)

  • Anonymous 14.10.07

    I red about your son: a champion swimmer and winning art awards... you've all the reasons to be proud of him and now wonder you like to paint him. So far the result is just breath taking.

  • Kim 14.10.07

    thanks Renny
    hopefully I will have it finished for his 18th birthday on the 30th December...
    have a great weekend.... :)

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