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Rankings and all things Aussie !!!!!!

28 October 2007 32 comments

Just recently I found out through the grapevine that laketrees is ranked
# 12 in the Top 50 Australian Women's Blogs

and # 70 in the top Top 100 Australian Blogs Index

This list of top Australian blogs was compiled by Meg Tsiamis,
who maintains Dipping into the Blogpond

The top 3 blogs on this list are:

# 2

# 23 on the list is
All for Women where I found the Top 50 Australian Women’s Blogs listed by Leigh (Founder/Owner/Admin/Blogger)

you can view the list here

The top 3 blogs on this list are:

# 1 iCiNG
# 2 Blogpond

I saw some familiar blogs that I subscribe to:

# 4 - skelliewag ( a marvellous blog about all things minimalist and a daily read for me !!!)

# 7 - Life in the Country

# 10 - The Life of Riley is the "blob" all about Olive... the delightful lady who is 108 years old.... Olive's writer friend, Mike writes about Olive and has compiled a wonderful collection of videos of Olive at You Tube !!!!

# 23 - Sueblimely a fabulous blog to visit for all kinds of help with blogger and very nice to look at too !!!!

# 29 - Joh Blogs

an added bonus
while I was meandering around the blogOsphere I came across Page Rank Checker which has a free tool to check Google™ page ranking of any web site pages easily and to display your site's PageRank™ value on your web pages....
it was here that I found that my Google page rank is 4/10..... for laketrees and 4/10 for PoeARTica

Linky Love Jos Joh Cooper TorAa Big Cat Saboma from Maryannaville™ Leigh Diane Colin Life cruiser Pearl Deborah Lynda Boyd Fruity Sue Mihaela Colin Kelly


32 comments: to “ Rankings and all things Aussie !!!!!! so far...

  • Jos 28.10.07

    Kim, that is great! Congratulations!

  • Kim 28.10.07

    thanks Jos !!!!
    I'm pretty pleased with the results.....
    have a great weekend :)

  • Unknown 28.10.07

    Great post, I'll have to check out some of those pages you mention. I reached a 4 too and am pleased about that.

  • Anonymous 28.10.07

    I'm fond of Australians.
    My father's best friend - my "non biological" uncle is from Australia. I lived in Sydney and Tasmania when younger as my father is an architect/engineer and we moved a lot for his career early on .

  • Kim 28.10.07

    that's great news Joh :)
    haha congratulations to you too !!!!!

    I'm fond of Australians.
    that's good to hear Cooper :D
    you're Dad couldn't have picked two better locations..... except for the Central Coast ...NSW of course...;)

  • TorAa 28.10.07

    You are something - better than any ranking ever can show

  • Kim 28.10.07

    ohhh TorAa
    I'm taking that as a grand compliment ....thank you :))
    enjoy your party !!! :0

  • Anonymous 28.10.07

    Congrats, Girly. Now you're up and running with the big puppies.

    I can sense your excitement. Bravo!

  • Kim 28.10.07

    haha JB...THANKS!!!!!
    ahhh yes it's a nice feeling :D
    LOL....'big puppies'.....
    so that means you would be one of the 'big cats' eh....being from the US of A...
    I know ....I know...I didn't last the self enforced ban.....I couldn't help it ...honest :D....I'm such a yabbermouth :D

  • Anonymous 28.10.07

    Congratulations on making both lists Kim :)

  • Anonymous 28.10.07

    We're not one of the biggies by a long shot but we're comfortable in the position we've maintained for a while now.

    Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay. PR5 will be more difficult to attain but it's reachable. PR4 is a very nice place to be.


  • Anonymous 28.10.07

    Congratulations to you... but I always knew you should be up with the big guys (and gals!)

    I never knew how to check page rank...and now I do - thanks for that too :-)

  • Kim 28.10.07

    thanks Leigh :)
    you have done a great job compiling the top 50 list *clappies*

    ah yes JB ....;)
    I think I'm in the best of company at PR4 :) and I quite like the altitude at this level Captain :D

    thanks Diane...
    glad to be of help :)
    have a great day :)

  • Anonymous 28.10.07

    Kim, Congratulations and well deserved results too.

    It's nice to have PR but it's the blog and the person behind it that is far more important that PR which Google likes to change at the drop of a hat :)

    My Life Blog is PR0, but my PC Security is PR5 and when others were complaining that they were being downgraded because of text ads etc, I managed to maintain my PR.

    But, essentially, it doesn't mean that much, it is all about providing what readers want and interacting with them :)


  • Anonymous 28.10.07

    Ah, congrats to that positions, but I'm not surprised at all, you have a wonderful blog and paintings :-)

    There are a lot of very nice bloggers among you Aussies!

    I'm not at all visiting Swedish blogs, since most of them seem to blog in Swedish and the few that blogs in English seem to be difficult to find... but I'm working on it!

  • Kim 28.10.07

    you are so right Colin....
    PR isn't the be all and end is about communicating and making friends....though have to say congratulations to ya for your ranking anyway...I hear that a PR5 is not easy :D

    thanks Captain :)..
    haha us Aussies like to party with the best of them....
    that's a shame there aren't more English speaking Swedish bloggers
    good luck in your search and if I meet any I'll send them your way :D

  • Anonymous 29.10.07

    wow Kim.. Congrats! those are some awesome results... Many of those blogs are on my favorites list as well...

    but like Colin said, Im not surprised either! your blog is marvelous, its enjoyable and fun to be around....and honestly, when I am too stressed out from blogging, I head over to this blog to relax!

    And more than PR, its the value and your voice, thats more dear to me and I am really happy to see you topping the list!

  • Anonymous 29.10.07

    BIG congrats Kim!!!! So glad to see you part of these lists of highly respectable blogs.

    The blogs you're in company with goes to show the great work you do. You're very much deserving of being listed as a part to them:-)

  • Lynda Lehmann 29.10.07

    Congrats, Kim! Soon you'll be No. One! Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous 29.10.07

    That is awesome Kim, you deserve it. Congratulations on the fruits of your labor! I always love how I have no clue as to what will be posted here though it always goes with the theme. Keep up the great work.

  • Fruity 29.10.07

    All the best. Maybe your blog is one of the top 'ART' blog' in Aussie :)

  • Kim 29.10.07

    oh thanks for the compliments Pearl :)
    yes it's an interesting list and I'll have to find the time to check them out....
    so glad that you find my blog relaxing haha

    thanks so much Deborah....yes it is good company....and I feel proud to be an Aussie...
    have a great day :)

    haha Lynda
    I think no 1 position would be a 24 an hour job.... :)
    when would I do my painting LOL ??

    ah yes Boyd
    half the time I haven't clue either as to what I will post about ...hehehe
    thanks for your good wishes :)

    you must be a mind reader Fruity I was wondering the same thing myself.....
    I wonder if there is a list of top art blogs ? :)

  • Sueblimely 29.10.07

    Well done Kim and thank you for the mention. This is a good list I think - it is not dominated by A List or professional bloggers but has an interesting mix of blogs and topics.

  • Kim 29.10.07

    so true Sue....
    maybe we can call it the 'down to earth list' :)

  • Anonymous 30.10.07

    Well done, girl. Congratulations for your achievements, which are more important than the Google PR. I hope next year I see you at the top of the lists.

  • Anonymous 30.10.07

    Hi Kim,

    Seems Google are playing silly sods again....I broke all of their rules about linking etc and today my Life blog has gone from PR0 to PR5 and my Free PC Security blog has remained steady at PR5.

    As far as I'm concerned, it is still more about the people you meet along the way and make new and wonderful friendships, read different points of view and the blogosphere isa generally happier place than the real world at times :)

    You also have an award to collect:

    Have a wonderful day :)

  • kellypea 30.10.07

    A hearty congrats to you! Well deserved -- your art is wonderful, Kim. Sorry I haven't visited lately. I'll have to shape up and see what you've been working on lately.

  • Kim 30.10.07

    thanks so much Mihaela :)
    have a great day :)

    thanks Colin rule breaker you...
    will pop over and pick it up :)

    hi Kelly
    thanks and ditto !!!'s a busy life this blogging :D

  • Lisa Lorenz 31.10.07

    Wow..Kim, thats great! So proud of you. I love your blog, cheers mate..xoxoxo Lisa

  • Kim 1.11.07

    thanks for your good wishes Lisa :)
    have a great day !!!!

  • Anonymous 25.11.07

    I just checked the lists. You are already #5 for top women blogs & #53 for top blogs. Congratulations for the success...

  • Kim 26.11.07

    thanks Laura....
    I have an update in my sidebar :)

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