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HSC time...

5 October 2007 12 comments

My son Alexander...has completed two landscapes for his year 12 major work.....
this is the first one......


12 comments: to “ HSC time... so far...

  • Anonymous 5.10.07

    Congratulation, Alexander!
    It looks like an enlarged photo.

    Congrats, Mum
    I can see that you are very pleased as well as very proud of his work as a Mum can be of her progeny.

    Heck, I'm proud of him, too, Mum, if I may say so.

  • Anonymous 5.10.07

    Wow. That is a beautiful painting. You must be so proud of him. Talent is obviously flowing down through the generations!

  • Kim 5.10.07

    oh thanks MA :)
    it does look like a photo haha
    he's quite the expert at whipping up these landscapes.....
    I will post his other one next week ..... with a photo taken of his LAST day at school...ever...

    as for his Mum...TOTALLY useless in that area but we can both be very proud of him.... eh?

    haha Diane
    I don't get to see a lot of his most of it is at school..I think one of his self portraits (life-size) is hanging in the office area of the school campus....
    now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he passes his HSC... Alexander is a boy who does not study AT ALL ...LOL

  • Mhrmz 5.10.07

    Beautiful panting... love it

  • Anonymous 5.10.07

    Amazing. I love his conception and storyline. Beautiful and thought provoking.

  • Lisa Lorenz 6.10.07

    wow...Kim. Alexander's paitning is totally out of this world. He is so talented like his wonderful mom. I just love the colors he has used. He is on way to a smashing career in the art world. Bravo Alex. So anxious to see more. Big hugs to you all. xoxoxo Lisa

  • Anonymous 6.10.07

    Wow! That's one amazing painting!
    You must be really proud Kim. Congrats to Alexander. ^_^

  • One Wacky Mom 6.10.07

    That is amazing Kim...truly! What an artist. #2 is artist, musician, composer, athlete...but he doesn't work on the art.

    He's Mozart. Mathematician genius.

    Who knows what he'll end up doing. I'm convinced he'll end up on drugs...on the streets...with my luck! Nevermind. Scratch that...

    If I put it out might happen. OK...I better start praying now!!!!

  • Kim 6.10.07

    hi Mhrmz ...thank you and thanks for calling in :)

    thanks Boyd
    Alexander loves the water and this is his interpretation of one of the many sunsets that we see here on our beautiful Lake Macquarie....:)
    have a great weekend ...

    hiya Lisa....
    thank you......yeah Alexander tends to think of his art as more of a pastime rather than a passion....haha
    looking forward to seeing all your pics from your trip away..... :)

    thanks Bambi...
    yes I am a proud Mum hehe.....thanks for dropping by.. :)

  • Kim 6.10.07

    haha x-posted with you Ev :)
    the drugs are a terrible worry.....I know I'm the biggest nag when it comes to those things...haha....
    yeah it's different nowadays....all that natural talent and they don't know what they are going to do with it......
    still I suppose they can blame us for giving them the opportunity to be so talented and accomplished...:D

  • Anonymous 12.10.07

    Beautiful painting Alex!

    The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, doesn it mom ;-)

  • Kim 12.10.07

    hi Denise...oops Deborah.....
    I'm not going to let you forget this ...haha.....
    yeah Alexander whipped this up along with another one that I will post next week.. :)

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