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Blogger versus Wordpress

7 October 2007 17 comments

I have two blogs with Blogspot....and I thought that I might try Wordpress for my new blog called get painted!!!!

I found the set up fairly easy and after selecting a template from the great range available.... I designed the title page about page......and added four pages..

I'm rather pleased with the result....and I'm looking forward to using it as my online showcase about 40 of my artworks.....


17 comments: to “ Blogger versus Wordpress so far...

  • Anonymous 7.10.07

    As a Wordpress blogger myself, I am looking forward to seeing your new blog, Kim....although how you find the time to maintain three blogs is amazing and should be applauded!

  • Anonymous 7.10.07

    Awesome Kim! I can't wait to see what you do with it. Nice layout.

  • Kim 8.10.07

    hopefully this one will look after itself Diane.....
    actually Wordpress was a lot simpler than I thought.....

    hi Boyd
    thanks ....Wordpress certainly have a bigger range of templates to choose from.....

  • Anonymous 8.10.07

    Congrats on your venturing away from Blogger, Kim. I just now learned about this website that has WP skins on it. See for yourself. There are free themes as well as some that have a price tag on them.

  • Snoskred 8.10.07

    I'm in the middle of doing this myself. ;)

    It was easier - and yet more difficult - than I thought. Plugins was the hard part for me..


  • Anonymous 9.10.07

    I love Wordpress. Blogger has too much problems as I see it, both for the blog owner and the visitor.

    Very nice layouts and paintings!!! Love the Dancer most, but the others are goood too :-D

    Thanks for your nice birthday wishes, I really appreciated it.

  • Kim 9.10.07

    thanks MA
    I'll check that out....
    it's great to have so many themes to choose from....though I don't know whether it's a good I will want to try all of them haha

    I haven't even looked at plugins does sound more complicated.....
    good luck with yours Snoskred :)

    thanks Captain
    blogger has been a lot of it will be interesting to see if Wordpress is easier to manage.......
    thanks for visiting my gallery :)

  • Anonymous 9.10.07

    Hey Kim... are you moving to hosted free service or wordpress on a host different than wordpress (some other hosting service)? Last time I was on wordpress - a few months ago, you couldn't use plugins - which could have changed though...

    (wrote to you on mybloglog)

  • Kim 9.10.07

    hi Pearl...
    my new blog is on it's the free host....I have a domain name that I may get around to using one of these days...LOL....when I work up the courage to move the lot...lock ...stock and barrel hah !!

  • Sueblimely 11.10.07

    I thought I had posted on here but maybe it was on your wordpress page. I think you and I should take the plunge and move to Wordpress on our servers - I have been talking about it for long enough.Other life tends to get in the way of blogging life lately :-(

  • Kim 11.10.07

    hmmmm yes life has a tendency to do that ...especially in school holidays...
    I think you commented on your blog....but you're right Sue...I will wait to see how you manage and hopefully....I can follow your lead....

  • Anonymous 11.10.07

    Blogger and Wordpress is really different in many ways. Its just up to you what to choose.

  • Anonymous 11.10.07

    I just started my blog using Blogger. Though my friends told me that there are a lot more available templates in Wordpress still I choose Blogger. Maybe because I'm only newbie and I feel Blogger fit my needs. Maybe soon I'll try Wordpress for more wider range of choices.

  • Kim 11.10.07

    I have found them quite different Nanny...and I think blogger is fine once you get the hang of it :)

    that's a good idea Blogberry Mom...
    there are a wider range of templates at Wordpress...I suppose it depends on how creative you are :)

  • Anonymous 14.10.07

    I found this very interesting, and I've been seeing alot about Wordpress, but didn't really know what the differences were. I've only been blogging a couple months, and am just getting the hang of Blogger, but Wordpress definitely sounds intriguing.

  • Kim 14.10.07

    hi Chris...
    I'm still finding my way around the tracks at Wordpress....but it looks like it has lots of possibilities.. :)
    thanks for dropping by ....

  • Anonymous 15.1.09

    wordpress gives you flexibility only when you have your own domain and host

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