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Portrait of Diane

16 October 2007 29 comments

Graphite. Gouache, Pastel and Charcoal on Arches Paper
42cm x 60 cm


One of the winners of my last competition -
Win a Free Portrait for Christmas...was
Diane @ Much of a muchness
I had quite a range of photos to choose from ...thanks Diane......
I decided to go for a serious look because it emphasised her beautiful eyes....

click on the image to see a larger version

Win a Free Portrait for Christmas !!!!

Linky Love: Diane Pearl Loz Canucklehead Sue Kuanyin, Chessnoid Deborah Renny Lisa Boyd Ev Cooper Lynda Speedcat


29 comments: to “ Portrait of Diane so far...

  • Diane 16.10.07

    Aw shucks, I'm blushing now...

    Thanks so much, Kim, I can't say it's beautiful, can I? But it is beautifully drawn, very accomplished and skillful. My son says it makes me look more cheerful than the original photograph (wretched boy!), he really likes it!

    I can't wait to see the actual drawing, thank you again :-)
    (I wish I could make the grin emoticon thingie larger, I am beaming!)

  • Kim 16.10.07

    hi Diane
    yes I did make you a little less serious than the photo....but hey that's artistic licence.. :)
    I'm glad that you are pleased with it...... :)

  • Anonymous 16.10.07

    Oh My, that IS beautiful!! How fortunate Diane.....We are all so fortunate having found such a precious gem as you Kim!

  • Kim 16.10.07

    thanks Pearl...
    you are too I'm blushing hehe :)

  • Loz 16.10.07

    Kim - I am in awe of that sort of talent. You should be very happy Diane :)

  • Kim 16.10.07

    thanks Loz.....
    Diane was my first ever "brunette" it was a new experience interpreting dark hair.....hence the touch of colour :)

  • Canucklehead 16.10.07

    Your work is stunning Kim - I an in awe as wll! Beautiful work and I will be checking back often. In fact, I'm tempted to have you do a portait of my son. All the best!

  • Sueblimely 16.10.07

    Sorry Kim, I have not got any photos to you. Can't find any of me that I like without your artistic license being total fantasy :-). Your portrait of Diane is wonderful.

  • Kim 16.10.07

    I'm glad you like my work...
    have a terrific day :)

  • Kim 16.10.07

    haha Sue
    I think you are probably your own worst critic....I'm sure you will find some suitable photos...your avatar is lovely...why not send a bigger version of it...
    I know with my self portraits.....I tend to make them that realistic that they actually scare people... :D

  • kuanyin333 16.10.07

    Gorgeous portrait!

  • Kim 16.10.07

    thanks Kuanyin...
    have a lovely day.. :)

  • CHESSNOID 16.10.07

    That was very nice. Lovely composition.

  • Kim 16.10.07

    thanks Chessnoid...
    I'm happy with the compostion too..
    thanks for visiting :)

  • Anonymous 16.10.07

    Another fantastic piece of work from you Kim, it's gorgeous! You had a lovely subject to work with as well :-)

    Not only are you remarkably talented at capturing faces, I love how you work with hair of your subjects.

  • Anonymous 16.10.07

    Congrats to Diane!

    You've chosen right, it was a beautiful portrait Kim :-)

  • Kim 16.10.07

    ahhh yes Deborah...
    both you and Diane had the long lustrous locks which were fun to work with.....
    oops.... I didn't mean to just happened :0

    hi Renny
    thanks so much....
    and thanks for visiting :)

  • Lisa Lorenz 16.10.07

    Kim! What a Stunning portrait of Diane! Yes, I agree with Pearl, we are so lucky to have a gem like you! Kim! xoxox

  • Kim 16.10.07

    thanks so much Lisa :)
    great to see you back online....
    I have missed ya :) and your beautiful artworks :)

  • Anonymous 16.10.07

    Brilliant job Kim. Your tones are marvelously beautiful.

  • Kim 17.10.07

    thanks so much Boyd....
    I used 'nu pastels' very sparingly for the colour and I was very pleased with the result.. :)

  • One Wacky Mom 17.10.07

    Is this another contest? Another one? Seriously?

    Kim, the portrait of your son is incredible. Just amazing.

  • Kim 17.10.07

    thanks Ev....
    Alexander's portrait still has a long way to go yet... :D
    Diane and Sue were the winners of the competition that finished last month.....
    I haven't started the next competition I'll keep you posted... :)

  • Cooper 17.10.07

    That's beautiful.

    Diane is very lucky.

  • Kim 17.10.07

    thanks for your comment Cooper...
    have a great day ...:)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 17.10.07

    I am so very impressed! Very talented work :-)

  • Kim 17.10.07

    thanks Speedcat....
    I am working on your award as we speak...LOL...
    have a great day :)

  • Anonymous 4.7.08

    very interesting blog. I am impressed

  • Anonymous 11.8.08

    Nice, interesting.

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