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Birthday Greetings !!!!!!

20 October 2007 18 comments

Olive Riley is having her 108th Birthday today!!!!
You can read Olive's remarkable stories and hear her singing her wonderful songs at her blog The Life of Riley

One of Olive's YouTube Videos

Olive Riley sings Smile, smile, smile

other videos of Olive:
Olive riley eats oysters with friend, Eric Shackle (From: Mike Rubbo)
The horse who drank beer (From: Mike Rubbo)
Olive Riley talks about fishing (From: Mike Rubbo)
Olive Riley admits not being computer literate (From: Mike Rubbo)
Olive sings Happy days (From: Mike Rubbo)

Portrait of Olive
by Vladimir Sobolev, a talented Russian portrait painter, known for his brilliant formal portraits.
see the full length portrait at Olive's blog

Wishing you the happiest of days today on your 108th birthday Olive.....

Message to my Canadian Readers....
Mike is looking for the kids doing kids’ movies in Canada in the late eighties with Rock Demers.
The kids who tried out for the movies are all grown up now. Mike is trying to find them, and give them a copy of their audition from long ago.
Mike's friend, Lois Siegel, who helped at the time, is standing by in Ottawa, ready to help.
You can see the photos at The Life of pop over there and see if you can help out with the search....
and wish Olive a Happy Birthday......

Further Reading (Archives)

This documentary tells the story of 105-year-old Olive Riley, who has extraordinary vitality. Read more here

The world's oldest blogger
Olive Riley is 107 years old and could well be the oldest blogger in the world. Mike Rubbo is recording her stories and posting them on a web log........
read more here

Granny, 107, takes web by storm
AT 107 she is probably the world's older blogger and cyber granny Olive Riley may also lay claim to being the oldest YouTube user.
From her home on the Central Coast, the great-grandmother of seven files her The Life of Riley blog (or blob as she calls it), which has won her thousands of fans across the more here

Olive Riley hits the web
AT 107 Olive Riley is probably the world's older blogger and YouTube user. Now the the Central Coast great-gran has thousands of fans across the more here

You can view more Birthday Wishes for Olive at:

Wilson's Blogmanac
GO! Smell the flowers
Semantically driven
Life in the Fast Lane

Linky Love: Saboma Colin Adam Lynda Captain Lifecruiser Boyd Renny Jen Deborah Peter Christina Fruity


18 comments: to “ Birthday Greetings !!!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Happy Birthday, Olive!
    You're one special kind of gal.

    (__)> Cheers to Olive!

  • Kim 20.10.07

    good evening MA...
    thanks so much for your special wishes for Olive...((hugs))

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Wishing Olive a very Happy Birthday...... absolutely amazing isn't she?

    I guess if I get to that age I'll still be blogging lol

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Wow, that is soo cool, there is hope for my Gram. I wonder how Olive got into blogging? Are there any interviews with her anywhere/

  • Lynda Lehmann 20.10.07

    Happy Birthday, dear Olive! Wish I could sing as well as you do!

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Truly wonderful she is!!! Happy Birthday x millions to Olive. Still so beautiful and smiling :-)

    We have a lot to learn from her!

    ...though I'm not really sure that I would want to be 108 years....

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Olive, an incredible lady with incredible resiliency! Happy birthday Olive!

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Woow Kim - this is great and a good example of that blogging is not a matter of age but spirit! Thanks for letting the world know - I'll be right over of course.

    While I'm at it: Wishing you a great end to your week. Welcome over if you like to get into a romantic mood :-)

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Great post about Miss Olive, what a wonderful lady!

  • Kim 20.10.07

    hi everyone...
    thanks so much for dropping by to wish Olive a happy birthday today :) :-X

    hey Colin..
    I'm sure you will be blogging at 108 too...thanks for the good wishes :)

    hi Adam
    there are lots of interviews of Olive at YouTube...and here are the links to the latest news reports:
    and another one at:

    ah yes me too Lynda...
    have a lovely weekend :)

    hi Captain..
    thanks for your good wishes :)
    and to think that you and Olive both have your birthday in October :)

    thanks Boyd....
    I thought you would enjoy reading this post....
    have a great weekend...:)

    hello Renny...
    you're so right about the blogging have a lovely weekend too :)

    thanks for your comment Jen...
    have a great weekend :)

  • Anonymous 20.10.07

    Best wishes for the biggest and baddest birthday you've ever had to date Olive!

    So cool to see someone at 108 years old to be puter savvy and blogging :-)

    Some of my friends in their 40's barely know how to use a computer. Boy, will I be able to shame them into it now ;-)

  • Kim 20.10.07

    great birthday wishes Deborah...I'm sure you could help Olive and Mike find those kids too...
    have a great Saturday :)

  • Peter @ Enviroman 21.10.07


    Thanks for leaving a comment in my post What to do with comment spams and for your kind words. I have responded to your comment.

    You mentioned something about an award. That would be nice as I have grown to love awards, but I don't see any award anywhere? I did see link's to Chuck's "Real Blogger Status" and Amanda's "Blogger Buster" though.

    Anyway, thanks for the thought.

    BTW there is something wrong with your main web ?????. I see only something at the left and the rest of the page is blank.

    Peter (Blog*Star)
    What a grateful blogger did for me
    BTW that is an Australian male nurse (another Peter by coincidence). However, I am not suggesting you do the same thing as I am not doing things just for awards and gratitude. If they come, I am happy. If not, I am still happy.

  • Kim 21.10.07

    thanks for stopping by Peter...
    I'm sorry ..I wasn't very specific....I have left a comment at your site..... :)

  • Unknown 21.10.07

    wow 108! whew I just had a bday too happy bday to Olive!

  • Kim 21.10.07

    hi Christina
    belated birthday wishes to you ...
    I'm sure it was a blast !!!
    thanks for popping in to leave your birthday wishes for Olive :)
    have a great weekend....

  • Fruity 22.10.07

    Still blogging at that age is something to be admired! Wonder where we will be at that age! Hopefully our eyes are still strong enough to see the screen. Wait, am I still around at that age ??? :)

  • Kim 22.10.07

    I wonder too Fruity...:D
    thanks for stopping by and btw have an award to collect at

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