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Win a Free Portrait for Christmas # 2 !!!!!

22 October 2007 33 comments

In conjunction with Santa and Santa's Community blog my next competition will run until the 21st November....NOW EXTENDED TO THE 21ST DECEMBER !!!!

Here's what you need to do to win a portrait of your choice......

step 1

Enter Santa's competition called Christmas Past...
Santa' Elf Club Blog.

Email your photo and details to Santa here

don't forget to get all your friends to comment on your entry at Santa's blog

step 2

Pop back over here to tell me in 100 words or less your choice for the ...yourself...grandma....your child....great aunt Betty ....Fluffy the cat...etc...and why you deserve to need to post your blurb in the comments section of this post to be eligible...
note... the free portrait is for one subject only (valued at $400)

step 3

The judge (TBA) will choose the winning entry at Santas and the best story here.....

The winner will be announced on 21st November...

So start getting out your photos of Christmas Past (or stories).....and start thinking about who you are going to choose for your free portrait......

Entries to Christmas Past:

Competition Entry # 1 Sisters Aged 2

Competition Entry # 2 Cotojo

Portrait value $400
(Postage Paid)
42cm x 60cm on Arches Paper

A big thank you to Matt at CONTEST BEAT
for promoting our competition here

thanks to the following for promoting the competition !!!!

# It’s beginning to look a blog like Christmas
# Blog Contest Central
# Magical Golden Portrait Contest
# Contest currently going on
# Get a Free Portrait At Santa's Elf Club Blog

and vote on WTF at Technorati !!!!

Linky Love: Boyd Diane Renny Colin Matthew Anita Santa Lynda Contest Beat Deborah - Your online guide through a fun and easy to use resource to win cash and prizes.


33 comments: to “ Win a Free Portrait for Christmas # 2 !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 22.10.07

    Awesome Kim. The most amazing art contest on the internet. Your portraits are amazing. Fresh, crisp and full of original perspective by a master. I have to try and dream something up from Christmas past.

  • Anonymous 22.10.07

    First of all: thanks for your visit and comments with warm thoughts on my Love Story post.

    Santa is someone I'm familiar with - you know originally he came from Norway :-)

  • Anonymous 22.10.07

    Great idea as usual!
    You are so generous - and I am so greedy - I might just enter again....

  • Kim 22.10.07

    hi Boyd
    thanks ...I'm sure that you can come up with a story that is memorable...especially with your story telling skills :)

    hi Renny...
    your Love Story post was very romantic :)
    haha you're so lucky to have Santa over your way :)

    of course you can enter again Diane...LOL
    this ones a lot simpler than the last one and you have a whole write the 2 entries...

  • Anonymous 22.10.07

    Hi Kim,

    I already did a Christmas Past on Santa's blog.....but hell....I'll do another lol, after all I've had a few of them - well 1 or 2 anyway hahahaha because I'm still only a babe in arms :)

  • Kim 22.10.07

    I saw your post Colin...and I loved the photo of you as a baby're half way there already ...all you have to do now is post your reasons and choice for a free portrait here and you're in the competition :)

  • Anonymous 23.10.07

    this is a great seems only the most referred people through our history have portraits; nice to get a chance to get one ourselves.

  • Kim 23.10.07

    thanks Matthew...
    that does seem the case...and yes a portrait is something that can be passed down so it is part of a person's history :)

  • Anita 23.10.07

    WOW, what a prize! To win a Barker portrait - lucky whoever!

    PS You've been tagged - see my blog!

  • Kim 23.10.07

    thanks Anita
    will pop over and check it out :)

  • Unknown 24.10.07

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Everyone.

    I'm waiting for your photos and stories.

    Start sending and then get people to vote for you ☺

  • Kim 24.10.07

    hi Santa
    thanks for dropping by....
    I'm working on further promotion right now... :-X

  • Anonymous 25.10.07

    Hi Kim,

    I shall have to email Santa a pic, as long as Blog Elf doesn't get too caried away if he spots it!! You know what he's like lol.

    Why would I want to win a portrait? Well, I wouldn't go for one of me but one of my daughter so that she would have her own piece of history and see how she changes over the years. I have been taking photo's of her since her birth, almost 15 years ago, and they are all in albums which tell her life story. A portrait would be the ultimate picture which she would also be able to pass on to her children as part of history itself :)

    Good luck to everyone.


  • Kim 25.10.07

    haha Colin...
    I know what the blog Elf is like .....can you nail it down?

    I couldn't think of a nicer reason for wanting a portrait.....your pretty daughter would make a lovely portrait.... :)

  • Anonymous 26.10.07

    Don't forget to post your blog contest information at let more people know it.

  • Kim 26.10.07

    hi Blog Contest...I'm having problems viewing your site IE keeps shutting down !!!!

  • Anonymous 26.10.07

    Hi there

    All we do is write about contests in the blogosphere so hopefully we can send you a few more entries too!

    Regards, Matt.

  • Lynda Lehmann 27.10.07

    Kim, I'm in awe of how beautiful your portraits are! Great work!

    I'm curious, what is "linky love"?

  • Kim 27.10.07

    thanks very much Lynda,,,
    have emailed you re: Linky Love :)
    have a great day :)

  • Kim 27.10.07

    Thanks so much Matt.....
    you are doing a great job in keeping everyone up to date on the competitions out there ...
    have a terrific weekend :)

  • Anonymous 29.10.07

    What more could anyone even wish for than one of your beautimous paintings for Xmas Kim! I cherish the painting you gave me :-)

    Lots of work that you put into these competitions in addition to your artwork as well.

    My best wishes to the entrants :-)

  • Kim 29.10.07

    LOL Deborah...
    I love that word... 'beautimous'
    it's another 'Deborah' word !!!!

  • Anonymous 2.11.07

    Just dropping you a line to let you know that I have added your contest to several related categories in our directory.

    Please feel free to keep me up to date on future listings. Have a great day!

  • Kim 2.11.07

    thanks so much Mr Prizes
    I will put your site in my blogroll :)
    have a great day too :)

  • Unknown 12.11.07

    oh boy I donot know where to post this Kim I sent the letter but donot know where to go now? I keep getting error messages on your blog abort messages

  • Kim 12.11.07

    hi Christina
    you can leave the comment/reason here in this comments section...
    I have no idea what the error message could be .....were you sending it to

  • Unknown 14.11.07

    Hiya Kim!
    no when I enter your site here I get an awful error message than I hit back space,

    anyways on My Santa entry as you know I have no chrstmas piccies to post as you know from my letter to Sannaaaa!
    anyways I suppose the best memory I have is The Beatles thats what I would like the painting to be if I won. Cuz the Beatles and their music is the only thing that have been there since my family was not~ The Beatles music carried me thru such horrible awful times as a young girl and past that even being homeless as a kid and a couple times as an adult. some things just happen in life. I have saved money for years just to follow Paul McCartney to 4 coutries to date quite a feat from all the mess that I came from. The Beatles are so magical I wish I could thank Paul McCartney & Ringo personally for being the faraway family I never had.

  • Kim 14.11.07

    hi Christina....
    I have no idea what the error is....
    I might have to do a poll on it to see if anyone else is getting the same error.....

    this is a great reason Christina.....
    obviously the Beatles were and are your heroes...
    thanks for submiting your choice and best of luck :)
    have a terrific evening... :)

  • Unknown 20.11.07

    the picture would be of my 3 kids..i live for them even though they drive me nuts...we have through alot this year like losing the house,no work coming in for sometimes weeks or months at a husband started a new job to become a truckdiver,right now the pay is lousy cause he is in training..But at least currently we are staying with my mother in law till we get off our feet and start all over again hopefully next year we will get our own place again one day..

  • Kim 20.11.07

    hi Kimmy....
    I do hope your family situation gets better.....I am so sorry ....
    thanks for your choice and reasons.....wishing you the best of luck in the competition ...
    have a peaceful day :)

  • lilyruth 15.12.07

    Colins daughter should be the winner of the Christmas Portrait for Colins is a very special person who is always giving of himself and never asking for a thing in return and he really wants his daughter to win so he can keep this treasure always to cherish and admire. As she grows older through the years,it will not matter for her portrait will capture the magic and excitement of her youth and her beauty will be frozen in time. Colin will be able to look at that beautiful portrait and remember the good times, shared together as she was growing up. Memories forever captured in this portrait where his daughter will always look and remain as she is now." Daddy's little girl...................... ( This is my story why I feel Colin daughter should win)

  • Kim 15.12.07

    a lovely, thoughtful piece of writing Lilyruth...
    thank you for taking th etime to comment here and for showing your support for Colin and his daughter :)

  • Anonymous 28.10.08

    Ah man, thought this offer was for October 2008. I got all excited! :-(

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