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Bogged down with blogging!!!!!

3 June 2007 11 comments

Today is clean up day!!!! After starting my new blog PoeARTica a week ago I realized that I have to clean up this blog and get back to the simple life.
I have really neglected my artwork over the last few weeks.....and probably wasted many precious hours at:

1. Technorati.....hmmmpf.....faved about 350 bloggers with 105 reciprocating....big thanks to those who faved me.......

2. Fuel my fire.....lost count of the bloggers that I have fueled there.....

3. Participated in the merry go rounds at Blog Log...Blog Catalog...and Bumpzee....where I have met some real quality bloggers and viewed some pretty spectacular sites.

4. Nominated over 50 blogs at Bloggers Choice...where I am not seems like a feeding frenzy over there....

6. Participated in 4 memes, which were fun, but really cannot replace my artwork

7. Have been caught up in The Blogging to Fame website the last few days and as a result have had very little sleep and lost a whole Sunday...

8. Alienated my entire family because joining digg, stumble whatsit, searching for my google ranking...who knows where that is....RSS feeds etc etc etc .... has been some sort of weird priority for me....

Anyway I could rave on forever but I will cut a long list short and get to work culling my site....getting back to the basics...and going for quality over quantity....and that is getting back to my passion which is painting and building my new baby blog in a minimalist mode (which means I have some culling over there as well)

Then I will phone up an expert in webstuff and domains so that he can put my 2 blogs on my already existing web domain...digg for me ....stumble for me.....make it a delicious...I follow...backtracking...pinged.......

paradise...... turn my blog into a 3 page whatever he quotes..(I don't care if I miss a whole year of facials to pay for it....I'd even consider selling the Porsche......) because for me time is more important than anything and hopefully my hours of time wasted trying to do all this very frustrating technical stuff will be over!


11 comments: to “ Bogged down with blogging!!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 3.6.07

    Kim the portrait of Alexander is gorgeous! I don't know if it is finished or not, but I don't think it needs a single thing more done to it!

    I know exactly what you mean about blogging taking over your life - I am taking some "time off" as well at the moment due to other more important things.

    Please don't stop altogether though! I really love visiting your blog and checking out your art.

  • Lisa Lorenz 3.6.07

    Hi Kim, Holy smokes - I just LOVE the painting of Alex so far..with the different tones for background in those rectangle shapes is just excellent - smashing, smashign..and the pink in his breathaking..the whole thing...

    mama mia...thats alot of blog things going on..Holy koalas..LOL..I have no idea about all these things...or even how to do them are a wiz...I love your blog...! have a great sunday..mate..xoxoxo

  • Kim 3.6.07

    hi Kitty
    thanks so much for your daughter thinks the same....I'm at the stage where I don't want to overwork but I would like to work on the hands some more without them becoming the focal point
    I sure am frazzled but feel so much better since I cleaned up the blog a bit
    have a lovely break and I'll pop over soon

    hi Lisa
    thanks heaps for your critique too..Al's shirt was red originally but too overpowering...and the background just happened...think I will call it The Young Artist...
    I can't wait to find a web expert to fix all the technical stuff for me....I'm sure there are people who can do all the tech stuff in a zillionth of the time that it takes me !!!
    hey you are really zooming up the ladder at BTF ....woo hoo front page when I last looked...
    you have a great Sunday too and happy painting

  • BenSpark 5.6.07

    Hi Kim, I dropped some fame on your blogs. Good stuff. Thanks for voting for me.

  • Kim 5.6.07

    thanks for taking the time Drew...
    all the best

  • Anonymous 7.6.07

    Yeah, sure understand about the keeping it simple-bit and urge you to rest yourself, go within for many moments during the day, and just have a nice cuppa when it gets too much! See ya! pp07

  • Kim 7.6.07

    hi Janina
    excellent advice !!!!
    have a wonderful day !!!!
    cheers Kim

  • Anita 9.6.07

    So different to the last portrait of Alexander!
    He looks so grown up now! Amazing how they change!

  • Anonymous 10.6.07

    Hey Kim,

    Still looking for Google ranking? Go to my blog and scroll all the way to the bottom. You will see a text link "Who links to me?" If you put in your web address, it will give you google ranking and number of links found by Yahoo ect.

    You should also be able to get widget to place on your own blog.

  • Kim 12.6.07

    Good to hear from you Anita...they certainly grow up fast don't they? ....

    hi Tricia
    thanks for your tip...I will get on to that asap....

  • Orlando Rubio 26.7.07

    Long time no see. Thanks for the comment. I am really busy these days. I like to fave you but the Technorati site is block here in Saudi Arabia, The holy land with the holy people hehehehe. Joke only. When I return to the Philippines I will fave your blog. Anyway you are right having a blog will drain your time in optimizing and all those stuffs and you will forget your priorities. Are you trying to improve your PR of Google too?

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