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Disaster Zone

12 June 2007 9 comments

The Sunday Telegraph June 10 2007

Photos taken from our balcony before and after the storms

Since last Friday our region, the Central Coast, and further up the East Coast of NSW Australia have seen the worst storms and flooding in 30 years.

Tragically 9 lives have been lost.
Many thousands have lost their homes and possessions due to the heavy rain and flooding... and thousands are still without power....
Damages are in the tens of millions.


9 comments: to “ Disaster Zone so far...

  • Anonymous 13.6.07

    I was just reading about how people came home and found their places looted.

    Horrible story. Hope your family and friends are safe.

  • Kim 13.6.07

    thanks Morriconei
    it was a long weekend in the true sense of the word (Queen's Birthday) and thanks very much for your concern.....we were luckier than most.....and it is terrible about the looting....same thing happened in the earthquake of '89...just terrible...

  • Anonymous 13.6.07

    I am so sorry to hear all that people have had to endure Kim.... Im glad you and your family are safe!

    you have a very beautiful site and of course your art work is really awesome!

    im glad you like my avatar..:) may be it is me in digital form ?!? I wonder..

    thanks for stopping by and commenting... :) please visit again...

  • Lisa Lorenz 13.6.07

    Hi Kim, oh no what a disaster is right, I have been reading on line and saw it on the news. Just terrible what has happened and the devastation that it caused. I cant believe the before and after pics. I am so happy you are all safe and back on line! Big hugs xoxox

  • Kim 14.6.07

    thanks for stopping by Pearl...
    and I thought so are really an elf...or is it a fairy????
    hi Lisa
    we just got our landline phone back and then the net went down again yesterday....we are really grateful that we have power as thousands in this area do not.....that's the good thing about living in these apartments as they have had back up power....

  • Anonymous 14.6.07

    Hi Kim, I hope things are getting better and that the rain that is forecast doesn't make things worse. Perhaps it will do a U-turn and head up to Brissy! Fingers crossed for both of us!

  • Kim 14.6.07

    hi Kitty
    we haven't had any more rain yet...and many thousands are trying to get their homes covered...before it hits...
    it could definitely head up your way...I hope you don't get the really heavy storms though....
    Queensland has had more than its fair share of cyclonic weather....

  • Anonymous 15.6.07

    How sad. We so rarely get rain here in So Cal that this often happens to us as well. We just aren't prepared. And the looters, how pathetic.

  • Kim 15.6.07

    Yes the weather has been extreme's freezing for us east coasters at present....12 degrees....and getting wonder people move North......maybe all the looters could move south !!!

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