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Portrait of Deborah

27 June 2007 17 comments

A while back .......the wild, wacky and very artistic Deborah from Life in the Fast Lane posted a wonderful profile of me on her blog......this portrait is to say thanks Deborah !!!!!!!
click on image to see larger view

Medium: graphite, chalk and gouache on Arches paper

Size: 42cm x 60cm


17 comments: to “ Portrait of Deborah so far...

  • Anonymous 28.6.07

    Wowie, Kim. This is absolutely beautiful as well as such a wonderful gift.

    Hey, I sit up, fetch, and roll over really well. If I follow you home, will you keep me?


  • Kim 28.6.07

    haha Saboma
    you are tooooo cute !!!!
    thanks for the lovely comment....
    have a great day...or is it evening......I have just put a world clock at the bottom of my I have to work out how to use it.......

  • Anonymous 28.6.07

    Fantastic work, kim. I'm sure Deborah will love it.

    Have you been working on this in between other projects?

  • Anonymous 28.6.07


    Such an honor coming from your incredibly talented hands :-) You did such a wonderful job!

    Thank you SO much dawlin!!! I absolutely love it!!! And I will always cherish it, especially because you created it for me :-)

    I've been away most of the day and evening or I would have been here much sooner.

    Smooooooches again!!!

  • Kim 29.6.07

    hi Morriconei
    I have been working on the 2 oil portraits....and I'm procrastinating over the hands as usual.....I started Deborah's portrait 2 days ago after overworking the first one about a week ago...haha

    hi Deborah
    it was a pleasure....I will post today via Aussie express it should get to you next week ...hopefully

  • Anonymous 29.6.07

    Oh my god - this is such a beautiful portrait Kim? You are really gifted and of course all of us are too just knowing you :)

  • Kim 29.6.07

    thank you Pearl
    such a lovely comment.....(hug)
    have a wonderful weekend.....

  • Lisa Lorenz 29.6.07

    WOW, Kim, this is outstanding..Just gorgeous..Love how you did her hair too! As Pearl said you are SOOOOO talented. Have great weekend..big hugs to you..xoxox

  • Kim 30.6.07

    thanks Lisa
    I hope Deborah doesn't have the same problems that you had with your portraits getting through the postal sytem...over there in Denmark.....
    we will wait and see......Deborah's portrait was posted yesterday to Canada......I somehow think your home country is going to be a lot friendlier...haha
    have a great weekend too !!!!!

  • Anonymous 2.7.07

    Wow, what a great portrait. You have such a wonderful talent, Kim!

    Hope things are going well!

  • Kim 2.7.07

    hi Anna
    thanks for your kind comments.......

  • cosmicsurfer 5.7.07

    Wow, Wounderful job Kim !!!******

  • Kim 5.7.07

    thanks so much Greg !!!!

  • One Wacky Mom 6.7.07

    Wow............that's a gorgeous portrait!!! Really amazing!!!

  • Kim 6.7.07

    hey Ev
    thanks so much for your comment !!!!

  • Anonymous 23.7.07

    The likeness you captured is awesome. Lots of personality. I love it when an artist can capture the soul and spirit of their subjects. The life in the sitter. Nice work.

  • Kim 23.7.07

    thank you so much know your subject on the inside and to convey that in a portrait is the ultimate success for me.....and some models are easier to paint or draw.....(like Deborah)
    I have never painted a portrait of someone that I didn't like or admire .......

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