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Charlotte's Review of Harry Potter

12 July 2007 11 comments

Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix was absolutely AWESOME !!!!!!! It was totally worth sitting in the queue, surrounded by hundreds of mini Harry Potters, to see what the fifth movie had in store. I was really at home amongst all the other Harry Potter fanatics! =) and it is one of THOSE movies you just have to see on the big screen! Its a bit of a tear jerker and although the movie was FANTASTIC, you really cant beat reading the book, because it has the details that really make Harry Potter. Thanks for those comments on my picture guys...


11 comments: to “ Charlotte's Review of Harry Potter so far...

  • Lisa Lorenz 12.7.07

    Hi Charlotte and Kim, Great review...I will have to go see it to. Just want to add.
    You look absoultely beautiful in this picture. Move over Australia's top model! Wishing you a great weekend! xoxoxo Lisa

  • Anonymous 12.7.07

    Lisa took the words right outta me mouth. Charlotte, you are absolutely gorgeous, Girl, and just as beautiful as yer Mum.

    I will bet that Harry Potter would be very pleased reading your review of his movie plus if he met the reviewer, he'd be saying wooo hoooo!

  • Kim 12.7.07

    hi Lisa
    Charlotte is blushing ha ha and says thankyou....have a great holiday in Germany you little jetsetter...xoxoxox

    we're BOTH blushing now MA...and thankyou....I think Charlotte would love to be an interviewer one day....and Harry Potter WOULD definitely be at the top.....though I think she has her eyes on Leonardo Di Caprio....if he ever becomes available.....that is....

  • Anonymous 12.7.07

    Howdy?? I'm still not watching H Potter 5 , but reading this makes me wanna watch it ASAP :D

    Anyway how with this final movie compared to the previouses???

    Best regards

  • Kim 13.7.07

    hi Forumer..
    Charlotte is at a sleepover tonight but I'm sure she will give you the movie comparisons tomorrow
    regards Kim

  • Anonymous 13.7.07

    Hi Charlie you can interview your Nan anyday You're just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. I've a date with 2 handsome guys tonight Alex and Bryson taking me out to see Harry Potter in the "Merc" Wooeeeeeeeeeee!!! I wonder if I'm shouting!!!!!! Love ya Nanxxxxxxxx
    PS: No popcorn for me tonight only the "Sweeties".

  • Anonymous 13.7.07

    hey forumer! movie number 5 is definitely the best! each movie just gets better and better, i cannot wait to read the final book which ive ordered and comes out in 8 days =D =D =D !!!

    nannnnnnnnnnny, are you my nanny? hahahahahahaha. have LOTS + LOTS of fun at harry potter. eat lots of Fantales and Choc Top ice creams for me <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • One Wacky Mom 16.7.07

    Kim, I just saw it last night with my 13 year old and he loved it too! Course it was nothing like going to the Premiere! I imagine you guys had a blast!

  • Kim 16.7.07

    hi Ev
    Charlotte went with her girlfriends....and my son went on Friday night with my Mum...I stayed home and painted !!!!

  • Connie T. 8.8.07

    Well thanks for the review. I love Harry Potter movies. I will have to see this one.

  • Kim 8.8.07

    you're welcome Connie..
    thanks for your comment :)

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