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Awesome Guy Blogger Awards

27 July 2007 22 comments

My fantastic friend Deborah @ Life in the Fast Lane gave me a Rockin' Girl Award....thanks heaps Deborah......that makes 2 Rockin' Girl awards....I feel very privileged.........

Then Mark over @ What's wrong with me ??? was awarded the Awesome Guy Blogger Award by Dunn @ Must Read Files

I am going to double up here and give out some Awesome Guy Blogger I have given out the Rockin' Girl Blogger award already....
The Rockin' Girl Blogger Award was created by Roberta Ferguson.
Oh, The Joys here.... has designed quite a zany collection of badges to choose from....

Here is my list of awesome guys who always have something interesting to contribute to the blogosphere.......

Manuel @ Bajaenergy

Morriconei @
Cracked Ego

Bluepanjeet @
On The Wings Of My Dream

Laurie @
Visions of Oz

Michael @

Dave @
Ride it like you stole it !

Colin @

Boyd @
Beautiful Explorations of Creative Passion

Franco @
Mind Body Spirit and Fluttering Thoughts

Edward @
Health And Wealth (topic)

I have also given out more awesome guy blogger awards at my other blog Poeartica.


22 comments: to “ Awesome Guy Blogger Awards so far...

  • Anonymous 28.7.07

    I'm amazed at your kindness. Thank you. It is an honor to receive this from a master artist. Sincerely, BoydGreeneArt!

  • Dave Dragon 28.7.07

    Kim, Thanks you so much for the honor, I really do appreciate it.

    "Ride it like you stole it"

  • Kim 28.7.07

    my pleasure Boyd
    it's great to support a fellow master artist...:)
    the honour is all mine....your blog is a real adventure !!!!

  • eagerblogger 28.7.07

    I think giving out these awards is really nice. It bolsters one's morale. :)

  • Kim 28.7.07

    you're so right Eager blogger !!!
    it's more fun giving them out ...than actually receiving them...:]

  • Orlando Rubio 28.7.07

    I would like to thanks all my fans all over the world hehehehe ,if there is any. I am just joking, I imagine myself on stage giving a speech.

    Thank you very much Kim for this award. It has been 15 years since I recieved my last award. it is an honor to be part of your list. You are not just a good artist but very kind too.

    Thank you once again.

  • Kim 28.7.07

    haha is MY privilege :)
    you have been a good friend .....ever since I first started blogging......
    have a great weekend.....

  • Loz 28.7.07

    Wow I don't even consider myself to be an artist so this is an honour coming from you Kim. Thankyou :)

  • Anonymous 28.7.07

    Wow Kim, Thank you so much for the award....although I have no idea what I have done to receive it.
    It's very kind and thoughtful of you.
    It's so nice to be a part of the blogosphere where we meet a diverse range of people and create friendships along the way, and with comments and interaction boost each others morale.
    For once...I am
    Thamk you Kim
    Have a great weekend.

  • Kim 29.7.07

    you're welcome Laurie !!!!
    your photos at Visions of Oz are awesome... :]

    Colin....your thoughtfulness for others and your sense of humour is inspiring....:]

  • Anonymous 30.7.07

    Congrats on the second award!

  • sadako 30.7.07

    wow i'm really surprised to see my blog up there. though i feel humbled and flattered at the same time, yet I feel I don't deserve this award coz I'm just blogging out of inspiration. but then again i'm so thankful for this (blush). it's really awesome. anyhow my new url (domain name) will be out soon. so I'll just drop by here again to inform you of my new home. God Bless ma' dear friend. :-)

  • Orlando Rubio 31.7.07

    Hello Kim,
    I have my top ten list now in my blog health and wealth.
    Come check it out. All of them are from the Philippines except you.

  • Kim 31.7.07

    thanks Bryan
    for your visit and good wishes :)

    all the best with your new domain Bluepanjeet....I'm looking forward to seeing it... :)

    thank you Edward
    so kind of you to include me in your top ten list....
    ......I am very honoured :] :]

  • Anonymous 1.8.07

    Congrats Kim. I still need to add the one that you gave me to my blog.

  • Kim 2.8.07

    thanks Rose
    when ever you have time...:)

  • Anonymous 3.8.07

    heyy how are you Kim?? I've been bogged down at work and home so haven't been travelling around blogs much :) email me....

  • P 4.8.07

    Now tell me what do I do to get an award?

  • Anonymous 4.8.07

    Congrats! Deborah is such a great blog friend.

    Here is another as I'm here to thank you for Faming me! I've returned your favor of course and also listed you on my BtF post.

  • Kim 4.8.07

    hi Pearl
    me too...except my offline time has been spent recovering from a wisdom tooth removal....:{

    you can grab the pink one from here Perspective Inc...;),,and I'll put you on my list if you like...:)

    hi Renny...
    yeah Deborah's great...:]
    thanks for your vote at BTF.....and thanks for dropping by...will check out your post....

  • Franco 21.8.07

    Dear Kim..thanks so much for the award. Truly truly appreciate it. You're awesome, yourself too.

    I wrote about your award on my latest posting today.


    Franco :-)

  • Kim 21.8.07

    you're more than welcome Franco and thankyou....:)

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