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Which artwork is your favourite ?

19 July 2007 47 comments

I am entering an artwork in an upcoming art competition.

Which one is YOUR favourite?.....# 1 (top) # 2 (middle) or # 3 (bottom)

click on the image for a larger view


47 comments: to “ Which artwork is your favourite ? so far...

  • Anonymous 19.7.07

    2,1,3 because I like the soft subtle simplicity of #2. Number one I like the reds. You have an awesome site and I'll come back to read more later. Thank you for your support.

  • Kim 19.7.07

    thanks for your choices Boyd.....I just wish I could draw roses like you THEY are awesome !!!!

  • Anonymous 20.7.07

    #2 was my very first choice at a glance yet I'm really into bold colors. Ok, so I'm relatively useless at this point, ya say? ^5

    I died laughing when I discovered 12 posts of yours in me Google reader. I just came in from outside, too, so I thought I'd drop in and have a look see, Woman. And, ya know what? I see that you're rearranging this gallery of yours just like ya said.

    Now if I could only be as industrious as you. I almost have a complex now.

    Did I say that I almost have a complex now?


  • Anonymous 20.7.07

    I like #1. I think the balance of colours are better.

  • Kim 20.7.07

    haha JB
    I was confusing myself...and still have a few nips and tucks to go....
    thanks for your selection...looks like the top two are in....

    hi April...thanks for your selection....I like the balance of colours in # 1 too :)

  • Johann The Dog 20.7.07

    #1 is my choice. Beautiful!!!!!

  • Kim 20.7.07

    thank you very much Johann The Dog...:) :)

  • eagerblogger 20.7.07

    I prefer number 1. I like number 2 too but after a while it becomes sort of gloomy. :)

  • Kim 20.7.07

    thanks Eagerblogger.....
    I have # 1 hanging in my loungeroom and it does add a spot of colour to the neutral colour scheme......

  • Anonymous 20.7.07

    I like the first one the best!

  • Kim 20.7.07

    thanks Ben
    looks like # 1 is proving the most popular........

  • Anonymous 20.7.07

    2 is my pick. The color choice just sets it apart, in my opinion.

  • Kim 20.7.07

    thanks for your opinion Morriconei......
    have a great day :):)

  • Lisa Lorenz 20.7.07

    Hi Kim, Oh i love them all...beautiful series and set. So If i have to choose, I vote for no. 1. It's fun to see everyone's vote. Big hugs to you Kim xoxoxo

  • Kim 20.7.07

    how did I know that you would go for the colour hope your holiday was great....:) :)

  • Anonymous 20.7.07

    top one is good..its nice

  • Kim 20.7.07

    thanks very much Corg..:)

  • Anita 21.7.07

    I like 1 and 3 best - not sure which order though. I'm probably too late to be of influence here!

  • Anonymous 21.7.07

    Sorry for being late my Queen, but the top most is my choice - you could've guessed that one couldn't you? :) I LOVE reds .. and the balance is pleasing in #1... how have you been?

  • Anonymous 21.7.07

    Hi Kim,
    It would have to be 1 because it shows brightness in what is a pretty troubled world. Vibrant choice of colours inspire people more....that's just my opinion lol.
    Have a great weekend

  • Kim 21.7.07

    no ...not too late Anita :)
    thanks for your picks......

    haha Princess...the top one of course.....bright like you and your lovely avatar ;)'s a shame your avatar doesn't show up in your comment...must be a technical reason for it...:)

    thanks Colin.....that's a pretty good reason for your preference...... you have a good weekend too....:)

  • Anonymous 21.7.07

    I'd go with #1. But that's me!
    Good luck at the competition!


  • Kim 21.7.07

    thanks Anna...
    it looks like # 1 is the most popular.....thanks for your support :) :)

  • Anonymous 21.7.07

    Ok, I just have to be different don't I?

    It must be my monitor, cuz the reds appear orange to me, my most unfavorite color. I do love red tho. Because of that, my choice was #2.

    The only thing is, this is a competition, and #2 is serene and doesn't stand out like you might weant it to. So with that in mind, I vote for #3. I prefer the general design overall in #3, but it's the red that's appearing orange to me once more.

    How's that for confusing things up? Haha.

    They're all great tho!

  • Kim 21.7.07

    thanks Deborah
    the reds are really red does look more orange in my it isn't your monitor....glad you chose poor old # I think it was starting to get a complex....#1 and #3 are a diptych....but I have hung them individually in the loungeroom and one in the dining room....

  • Anonymous 21.7.07

    Hey JB..!

    I see in IE that you finally got your matching scroll bar. Woot!

  • Kim 21.7.07

    yes finally JB !!!!!...and now I have to get the right colour working on the scrollbar at Poeartica.....never ending :)

  • Anonymous 22.7.07

    I use Firefox as I've shared with you before and the matching scroll bars are invisible in it so I forget the scroller matches.

    I'm a bit upset with IE. I'm unable to get Maryannaville to look right in IE she looks great in Netscape, FF, and Opera. Dunno what I did for it to be messed up. The issue is that the sidebar is too wide and the posts run into it.

  • Anonymous 22.7.07

    I am drawn to #2

  • Kim 22.7.07

    I have IE 7.... MA and it looks fine to me.....the side bar doesn't look too wide and I can't see the posts running into it....I will double check today :)

    thanks for dropping in and for your opinion....Jani
    have a lovely day ..:)

  • Unknown 22.7.07

    HIya Kim I like #1 & #3 the best
    you can't loose with anything yu choose!
    hb christina

  • Kim 22.7.07

    hi Christina
    thanks for your vote of support and for your selection...:))
    have a great day !!!!

  • Loz 22.7.07

    No question Kim - number 1 for me :)

  • Kim 22.7.07

    thanks Loz
    hope you are having a relaxing Sunday :)

  • Anonymous 22.7.07

    Ohhh My pic doesn't show here?

    Now I feel like that adopted princess!!


  • Anonymous 23.7.07

    Number three was my favorite as it seems to be a side or straight-on view.
    One was a view from above and
    Two was a moonlight view from above.

    Well done.

  • Anonymous 23.7.07

    I like number 3 the best, followed by 1 then 2. I have a thing for yellow :)

  • Kim 23.7.07

    haha Pearl
    I think it may have to do with your blog being on wordpress....but...I could be wrong......
    adopted Princess?....yes by the elves and fairies..:]

    thank you for your interpretations inspiration for these works was the city landscape...and the motifs?.....heavily influenced by the art of Klimt

    thanks for your preferences Jessica
    .....I have a thing for yellow too..:] :]

  • Anonymous 23.7.07

    thanks for the lovely comment! I enjoy your blog as well :)

  • Kim 23.7.07

    you are very welcome bella Jessica

  • Anonymous 25.7.07

    I'd normally be drawn to number 2 as blues are more my colour, but I actually prefer the first one with more contrast. ood luck.

  • Kim 25.7.07

    thanks Chamonix
    I think I will be going with # 1 and thanks for your good wishes :)

  • Anonymous 26.7.07

    number 1 is bright and engaging without being over the top.

    Good luck with your entry!

  • One Wacky Mom 26.7.07

    My vote is in this eye was first drawn to #2. But as I looked at them, my eye then went to #1. So I'd say #1, #2, and #3 just in the order you have them placed!

  • Kim 26.7.07

    thanks Andy....
    like your description.....and thanks for the good wishes..:)

    hi Ev
    thanks for your choices.......
    ....... looks like #1 is it..:]

  • Dunn 26.7.07

    I like #1.

  • Kim 27.7.07

    thanks for your choice Dunn..:)
    have a lovely day !!!

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