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Better than the Transformers Movie !!!!

10 August 2007 10 comments

I saw the Transformers movie recently ...which was pretty spectacular...but I think that my birthday present ........... a new easel is better.........and it transforms into a drawing table....I love it !!!!!. Now I don't have to lean my larger works against the walls......haha.......


10 comments: to “ Better than the Transformers Movie !!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 10.8.07

    You scored, Woman; yer bday gift is one fantastic and well thought out gift by that Mr LakeTrees of yours!

    In other words, too flippin' kewl, Sistah.

  • Kim 10.8.07

    Mr Lake Trees loves his new title.....
    It sure is cool..:D :D
    I'm too scared to use it in case I get paint on it !!!!

  • Lisa Lorenz 10.8.07

    WOW, Kim....the portrait of just Breathtaking. Just about fell of my chair now when I saw it...And I love your easel...Holy cow its awesome. What a wonderful bday pressie from Mr. Laketrees..LOL... It totally rocks..and a drawing table!!!

    I have to get one like that. Perhaps in Oct. when I turn the big 40..LOL...Hey when was your birthday????? I need to put that in my I know! Happy belated birthday wishes to you my dear friend! xoxoxo Lisa

  • Anonymous 11.8.07

    Hi Kim,
    Now that is a pretty wicked easel isn't? Transforms into a drawing table think, you also have a ready made zimmer frame on wheels to whizz along on hahaha...that's me dead LOL

    It really looks the part and the paintings I can see in there are awesome too. Hope you had a great day :o)

  • Anonymous 11.8.07

    This is cool - thanks for sharing! Actually reminds me of 'Scream', the famous painting of the Norwegian Edvard Munch:-)

  • Anonymous 11.8.07

    Congratulations on the new easel and happy birthday. I have to hand raise my paintings on my old homemade battle wagon.

    Do you start with the eyes when doing a portrait? I love your painting. How awesome for someone to have something so monumental of themselves to hang on the wall. Great job!

  • Anonymous 11.8.07

    hey that is so cool... dual purpose stuff is always better ;) wonderful painting there... how many hours a day you spend on these Kim? Very Impressive!

  • Kim 11.8.07

    haha Lisa
    Mr Laketrees likes his new name :)
    still have quite a few hours to go with this portrait....
    40 in October !!!!!how exciting!!!!what day???
    mine was on the 9th and Charlottes was on the the party is still happening for Charlotte with a sleepover for 8 tonight....

    now that's a very handy suggestion long as my son doesn't use it as a skate board...thanks for your good wishes :]

    That's interesting Renny....
    I actually painted two copies of the scream a couple of years ago
    ...and I can see a similarity with the colours...

    thanks Boyd
    I always start with the eyes and work outwards from there.....
    I am hoping to have this portrait finished before the end of this year.... is the second part of a diptych that I started last year......

    haha not enough hours the moment.....
    ....usually it would take me about 6 weeks working about 8 hours a day to paint an oil portrait this size....but because I am working on two big portraits together ...I have been procrastinating.....between the two...probably won't try this again...
    on the other hand it takes me under a week to paint an acrylic portait (faster drying times)

  • Anonymous 14.8.07

    wow.. that IS a long time :) proly requires patience of a saint :) hats off to you Kim...

  • Kim 14.8.07

    thanks Pearl....
    yep.......the three P's......patience ... perseverance....and persistence....:)

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