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Free Print of my Artwork !!!

4 August 2007 11 comments

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Recently I asked everyone to choose their favourite artwork
I am giving away a framed print of one of these artworks to the reader who can guess the subject of my latest drawing......
I will be posting the drawing in 4 sections next week and the first reader who can put the sections together and guess what the subject of the work is will receive a free framed print...(postage included to anywhere in the world)


11 comments: to “ Free Print of my Artwork !!! so far...

  • Anonymous 5.8.07

    An awesome gift. The print looks great framed. It is so amazing to see what the right frame can do for an artwork. Good choice.

  • Anonymous 5.8.07

    I've already clued you in about my knowledge with art. I'm absolutely worthless although I enjoy attending art shows. Instead of studying art history, I was busy with music history, the actors voice, body movements and musical theatre. It's just my calling, Girlykins.

    on cue to the music 'Little Egypt'
    She walks; She talks; She crawlllls like a reptile...

  • Anonymous 5.8.07

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for your comment on my Portrait! I hope to be finished it real soon. Your positive encouragement throughout the process has been so nice!

  • eagerblogger 5.8.07

    Oh this is great! I hope I'll get the chance to have one of your works.

  • Lisa Lorenz 5.8.07

    WOW..Kim what an awesome gift! This sounds so cool this idea, I hope I can figure out what it is and win this beauty! have a great weekend..big hugs to you xoxoxo

  • Kim 5.8.07

    thanks Boyd
    this is a ready made frame with it was a reasonable price too....:)

    haha MA
    you might be the right gal to guess this it does have an abstract quality to it...:0 ;)

    you're welcome Kitty.....
    you're doing a great job with your first portrait...:)

    thanks Eagerblogger
    I will probably post the first section tomorrow....and the following three sections...Tuesday...Wednesday and I can get it to the framers on Friday....:)

    thanks Lisa
    haha...still have a few finishing touches to the drawing tonight.....
    have a great Sunday

  • Anonymous 5.8.07

    Wow, someone's gonna be one lucky dawg!

    I'm much the same as Saboma, although I have a genuine appreciation for art, my knowledge base is shamefully limited.

    I know the Impressionists, and my all-time favorite artists are Picasso, De Simone, and Vincent Van Gogh. (hangs head in shame)

  • Anonymous 6.8.07

    Oh My Lord!!! I majored in bio and never even studied art :) I'm totally clueless ;) and Deb, I can't even dare to look up :D

    but I am just glad to see my queen re-appear!! how are you Kim my lady queen? blogging hasn't been fun without you :) hope you are feeling betta....

  • Kim 6.8.07

    lol Deborah
    for one so artistically are too modest :)
    still have a couple of hours work to finish it :)

    thanks Princess Pearl.....
    feeling much that the tooth is out and I've finished the antibiotics :}
    if you can do a jigsaw puzzle then you won't have any problems working this out :)

  • Anonymous 8.8.07

    wow, what a great prize. let me guess , is the subject related to terrorism / shooting? I know, I have to learn a lot about art appreciation. :>

  • Kim 8.8.07

    no Thiru.....not related to terrorism or fact the subject is rather peace-loving :)
    if you know how to work out a jigsaw then you shouldn't have a problem putting the pieces together....
    ps last piece...Thursday

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