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Laketrees has been reviewed !!!!!!

16 August 2007 14 comments

your relevant feature

I came across "YOUR RELEVANT" authored by Matson over at BlogCatalog recently and he kindly reviewed my site in exchange for a blogger's choice vote.

Here is Matson's review:

We describe Kim's blog as a free spirit. Fun to read. The writing leaves you happy and relaxed.

Movie reviews, web stuff, a great technorati article and just an all around pleasure.
We spent a fair amount of time there just looking through old posts and we found some hidden treasure.

What we liked about this site:

1. The artwork
2. The movie reviews
3. The balance between content and art

Thanks so much Matson.

Please visit YOUR RELEVANT........there are lots of great reviews on a terrific variety of blogs.... where the focus is on bringing people together with blogs.
Just take a look at their mission statement:

"To bring people and blogs together. There are so many good blogs out there that no one knows about. We here at "your relevant" think that people should know about your blog.

We will be surfing the web and going through many topics of blogs in hopes of bringing people together with blogs."


14 comments: to “ Laketrees has been reviewed !!!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 16.8.07

    Congrats Kim, it is an honor you justly deserve as your blog is a pleasure to trove through looking for treasures.

  • Kim 17.8.07

    thanks for your kind comment Boyd :)
    have a great day !!!!!

  • Anonymous 17.8.07

    That was a very nice write-up.

    Well deserved indeed :-)

  • Anonymous 17.8.07

    This stuff gives the real information one needs. One can feel like reaching the destination.

    I have a query though – Usual sites like and declare “spam” when I try bookmarking there.

    I don’t have any spam pages or websites.

    Can you help me regarding this matter?


  • Anonymous 17.8.07

    Mow I absolutely hafta have your autograph.

    Congratulations, Kim! The review is all that and more if I don't say so me self.


  • Kim 18.8.07

    thanks for your help with the spam......Mary Ann and Deborah !!!!!
    I really can't help you on this matter as I am not too familiar with those sites :)

  • Anonymous 18.8.07

    Well done, Kim! Keep it up!

  • Anonymous 19.8.07

    Congrats Kim and really: your worth all the good things they say about you and your blog! Thats one of the reasons you are on my blogroll you know and also why you are listed on my BtF post:-)

  • Kim 19.8.07

    thanks Oom :)

    thanks Renny :)

  • Anonymous 19.8.07

    Congrats Kim..... awesome review and well deserved :)

  • Kim 19.8.07

    thanks Pearl.....and glad to hear that your print arrived....under a week !!!!!Australia Post have outdone themselves :) :0

  • Lakshmi Mareddy 19.8.07

    Kim, Way to go... Thats awesome... And I like the premise of Blog Relevant too...

  • Anonymous 20.8.07

    Congratulations Kim,
    It's a well deserved honour for such a wonderful blog which is brimming with colour, passion and enthusiasm.

    Thank you for the wonderful calendar which was waiting for me on my return from my sisters. It's absolutely wonderful, and will have pride of place on my desktop as a permanent reminder :o)

  • Kim 20.8.07

    thanks Lakshmi...
    your poem has been published at PoeARTica... :)

    wow !!!!
    Australia Post have outdone themselves.....less than a week....!!
    thanks for your glowing compliments Colin :)

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