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Abstract Procrastination

14 April 2008 24 comments

Abstract 1

Abstract 2

Although I don't do much abstract painting I have been procrastinating lately with a blank canvas....two different versions....
Abstract 2 was painted over Abstract 1....
sounds a bit like eggs sunny side over...


Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

Mel from Monday Morning Power has launched 2 new sites that are "link-love" based, but emphasize quality over quantity.

Mel believes that to achieve and maintain happiness we need to, actively, be able to do two things:
Complain and then let go (Dump the baggage, the roadblocks to happiness.)
Express Gratitude (The open expression of gratitude promotes happiness.)

Mel believes that everyone has something to be grateful for and/or something to complain about. If you would like to participate in what could eventually be bigger than the Big Bang, please follow the appropriate link:

"Are You Grateful?"

"Complain Complain Complain."

You you can submit multiple entries. Those who have not participated, please consider doing so. Tagging is completely optional.


Starlight Day


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The artist's survival kit

How to feel miserable as an artist

Online image editing options

color vision
Vision and color are at the heart of painting. Here is the most comprehensive discussion for artists of color perception, color psychology, "color theory" and color mixing available online, and one of the most comprehensive available anywhere in any format

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24 comments: to “ Abstract Procrastination so far...

  • Anonymous 14.4.08

    Hello Kim, glad to see you back blogging-you have been missed! I'm sending my response to your painting separately.

    Thanks for all the other useful links - I shall check them out right now! That should keep me busy!


  • anandi 15.4.08

    Hey Kim,
    check out the monalisa on my blog and let me know your comments.

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 15.4.08

    Hello Kim,

    Intriguing title. I favor the first one , the one that was painted over. But it's too late now, isn't it? LOL!

    The other thing is that the Abstract II had a more pronounced dramatic impact with the chair slightly angled on the right side towards the left of the photo. Oh, that was not part of the abstract? :-)

    I'm kidding. I don't know what I'm talking about. Just came from a two day hike in a mid-sized mountain. I just couldn't get my eyes off the computer since I had missed it for 2 days.

    Have a clear and non-abstract vision of the day, and no procrastination. Or are you won't to post a complaint? Got to get some sleep. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Genxster 15.4.08

    Hi Kim,

    I like the abstract#2. I get a cityscape feel from it.

    I also want to thank you for sharing the links for Love the Artists Survival Kit and love her approach to living.

    I love this blog so much!


  • Anonymous 15.4.08

    Hi Kimberly Artious Barker!

    Did Pablo Artious Picasso move through space and time to inspire your Picasso Procrastination Masterpiece? ;-)

  • Kim 15.4.08

    hi Diane :)
    have fun checking out the links :)
    and thanks so much for your terrific response to the painting ;)

    hi Durano
    I agree the first one seems to have more oomph :)
    I think the placement of the chair makes all the difference ;)
    hiking!! goodness!!
    have a good rest deserve it :) :)

    hi Mellanie...
    I suspect abstract 2 will soon become abstract 3 :)
    glad you enjoyed the links....Kerismith has some great ideas and thoughts doesn't she....quite irresistible!!
    reminds me in some ways of SARK ...

    hello Debbie if only my Picasso Procrastination Masterpiece was worth as much that would be nice eh :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 15.4.08

    First let me say, Kim, that it's great to see you! I hope your recent trip was fun and interesting.

    Your post is chock full of goodies for us artists--lots of links to check out. I'm grateful to you for offering up so many neat resources and don't know WHERE you find the time.

    If you're like me, you may paint over your current abstract several more times before you "find" the composition that works best for you. They are both powerful and strong, and I have more observations for you, upon request! :)

    Hope you are feeling sunny and spreading your wings!

  • Lynda Lehmann 15.4.08

    It's me again, Lynda. Just want to say the "Starlight" video makes me cry. It's very effective.

  • Kim 15.4.08

    hi Lynda :)
    you're right...I think this abstract will go through a few transformations....before I can say it's finished...
    the starlight video is very very moving isn't it...
    thanks for your kind wishes :) :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 15.4.08

    Kim, I see the abstract as a black Grand Piano in the middle of an orchestra. The paintings are the of the same place, just a different song is playing. Of course, this affects emotion, and ultimately perception.
    You Tube I can't see :( / ... but I think there is an Upright Grand in there somewhere!



  • Speedcat Hollydale 15.4.08

    LOL @ Debbie D

    Space n Time??? Picasso?? Willy Wonka ???

    Ha haaaa!!

  • Kim 15.4.08

    hi Speedy..
    thanks for your insight.... :)
    I attended piano lessons when I was a little girl and I can see the analogy....
    abstract 1 has writing on the grand piano :)
    the video is to promote the Starlight Charity and you can view it at:
    goodnight to you too :)

  • John M. Mora 16.4.08

    I really like abstarct two - excellent composition and movement (full of live) - good to have you back - even if it on the day americans file their federal taxes.

  • Kim 16.4.08

    thanks John
    good luck with your tax :)

  • Lindsay 16.4.08

    Kim, lovely post today.Abstraction is hard....but def worth the effort.And I loved the starlight clip. Hope you are feeling well.
    I love Keri Smith's site. So much fun and useful stuff.

  • Anonymous 17.4.08

    You never stop amazing me - so collar ful and well composted - both of them!

    Talking about it: I've just been at Collin and saw his post with picture of his daughter and your portrait. Have seen it before of course (at your blog) but nice to see it has arrived safe and sound!

  • Kim 17.4.08

    thanks Lindsay...
    pleased to hear that you checked out Kerismith's site too !!!
    it's a treasure trove !!!

    hi Renny
    yes it was great to see the photos of Laura unwrapping the portrait...
    very exciting stuff...
    thanks for calling by and for your thoughts on my abstract...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 17.4.08

    I Took Piano Lessons Too ... I Can Play Chopsticks And That Knuckle Song.

  • Kim 18.4.08

    ah yes Eric..that's about my limit too :)
    and I can't remember the name of that knuckle song but I know which one you mean :)

  • DubLiMan 20.4.08

    The abstracts are great.

    BTW, thanks for the link-love. Are you ready yet to submit a "Gratitude Statement?"

    I trust that things are either going your way, and/or you realize that life goes on despite the distractions of life. Now, that's something to be grateful for.

  • Kim 20.4.08

    thanks Mel...
    I will probably get onto the gratitude site this week..
    thanks for your visit :)

  • Michelle B. Hendry 22.4.08

    I find abstracts challenging in their play of simple design and colour. I like both versions!

    I also love the cartoon! Scary when these things hit home... LOL!

  • Kim 22.4.08

    thanks Michelle :)
    Dave Walker's cartoons are really brilliant in revealing universal issues that lie beneath the surface :)
    I'm a big fan of his work !!

  • Anonymous 26.4.08

    Great subject. I am glad i found your blog. Would you mind sometime maybe adding an
    article to my website so that others may read this too? I think that my visitors would really enjoy the stuff i found here. Thanks and I will visit often.

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