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Artist's Magazine's 25th Annual Art Competition

27 April 2008 17 comments

More than $25,000 in prizes.
Compete and Win in 5 categories. Top Award Winners will be featured in The Artist's Magazine. The deadline is May 1, 2008. For details and an entry form visit
The Artist's Magazine

I am going to enter the portraits of
Tahlia and Tamika

triple j tv with The Doctor


Blog Travels

Eye Of The Beholder
The first finalist in the Inaugural triple j tv with The Doctor Blink And You Miss It Film Festival is 'Eye Of The Beholder'. A tragic yet humorous story of a woman who longs for youth, beauty and the love and affection of her uninterested husband.

15 Stylish Ways to Make Your Posts Stand Out

Would you die for your art?

Vanity Fair Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery
Celebrity portraits are a lesson in ego-tripping self-exposure. But do they teach us anything else?

Albert Kahn’s early colour snaps
Albert Kahn’s collection of early colour photographs started as a banker’s dream of putting an end to war. Almost 100 years on, they provide a unique portrait of a different world

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17 comments: to “ Artist's Magazine's 25th Annual Art Competition so far...

  • Anonymous 27.4.08

    I don't know if I would die for my art but I sure love doing it in my free time!! I adore your drawing of the little girl though! Good choice for your entry!

  • Anonymous 27.4.08

    I hope you win a First Place Award!

    After building the Doctor's Bed-side table, does the Doctor use Duct Tape to help with his Bedside manners? :-))

    Is Gregor Schneider serious??? The PUBLIC will view the dying "Art" in PRIVATE (Capitals used to emphasize the Oxymoron)?

  • Kim 27.4.08

    hi Diane..
    thanks....Tahlia's portrait is one of my favourites :)

    as for dying for one's art....
    it's rather extreme isn't it....I wonder whether he will get any volunteers....

    hi Miss MP...
    thanks...if only you were a judge..

    haha...he probably needs it....I hope his skills as a doctor are a lot better than his skills at making a bedside table...

    I agree it's quite the oxymoron isn't it...and who will be remembered most ...the artist...or the subject... :(

  • Anonymous 27.4.08

    I really hope you win, you certainly deserve to. Those portraits (my favourite is the one of Tamika) are so loving and full of warmth.

    Yup! That's what my DIY efforts would look like....

    I checked out some of the links -
    I bookmarked '15 ways to make your posts stand out' - really useful.

    The 'Would you die for your art?' reminds me of that chap who tied a dog up and let people watch it starve to death - all in the name of art. Not art at all in my book, I'm afraid. Call me old fashioned but I reckon art should involve some elements of skill and creativity.

    I love Albert Kahn's work. The use of colour in early photography succeeds in bringing a bye-gone era to life even more than black and white does. And his dream of putting an end to war? - now that is a worthy dream...

  • Lindsay 27.4.08

    Good luck on your portrait contest. I not only love seeing your work but you create the most interesting posts. I loved the Wolf book and the ways to make my blog look more professional. Thanks so much!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 28.4.08

    Kim, you will win for sure! You'll see :-)
    Ohh, and some artistic template work? Font color change? (ok, shade would be more acurate) Is that a new Java Header? Sweet!

    My "new calendar" says that May is almost here, but we had more snow today. It did not stick, but it made me salty none the less. I am ready for sun and rainbows.

    Happy week to you Kim!

  • Kim 28.4.08

    thanks Diane...
    that is so dreadful ...fancy doing that to a least humans have a choice....
    I'm with you on the DIY ...absolutely useless too
    glad to hear that you enjoyed the work of Albert Kahn....visionary works !!!

    thanks Lyndsay...
    tha 15 ways to make your blog stand out is excellent....I used some of the tips and hopefully use a few more of them when I have time :)

    thanks Speedy
    I have changed the header and fonts...very observant of you :
    we've had tons of rain here for any sunshine is nice...and the temps are getting colder brrrrr
    I don't know how you cope with snow !!
    glad to hear that your new calendar is keeping you up to date ;)
    a good week to you too :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 29.4.08

    Hello Kim,

    I am tempted to offer my congratulations on your expected win in this contest. Your entries are so full of warmth and affection. It's oozing out of their expressions.

    The care and attention given to these portraits are very evident.

    Much as I would like to celebrate your victory, I don't want to preempt a first and second place finish. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Lynda Lehmann 29.4.08

    Kim, it would take an artistic genious to surpass your genious at portraiture. It's my opinion that your odds of winning a prize are very good!

    On another note, I think I would die if I had to stop making art! :)

  • John M. Mora 29.4.08

    I commend you on the portraits you are entering - with the older girl you can sense her determination and intelligence in her eyes and mouth. I would be most happy with the unique quality of that portrait.

    The dieiug for art concept is idiotic and shows where too much art has gone - to sound bite conceptual, each more outrageous than the past. Beyond passive dieing his nextr work might be active killing - snuff films or capital punishment. Horrible.

    I watched the video - such is life sadly sometimes. Sad.

    Vanity Fair article was intersting - I have a travel magazine pushing DisneyWorld and they have a Scarlet/Annie portrait of Cinderela running down the stairs at a dash before midnight- more props in the shot than on a movie set.

    Thanks for all your kind words.

  • Kim 29.4.08

    thanks for your support and kind words Durano...
    your critique on my portraits is very much appreciated :)

    thanks Lynda...
    the entry fees for this competition are very reasonable and it's an added bonus to be able to enter the works on line...
    I can understand your need to create....a bit like breathing isn't it...

    thanks John...
    it's rather frightening when artists have to stoop to this level...
    sensationalism and horror is publicised more than the good art that is out there...

    the film certainly was poignant and I felt sad for the woman too...

  • Jackie 29.4.08

    I might not die for mine. But, I would die to preserve any and all art. Art is such an essential part of life. Art is expression and with expression comes hope, and with hope we can do anything!!

    I too love the little girl portrait. She is my favorite too. I hope you win it all!! you are just so gifted.

    Oh did I mention I am back? Well, I am. but, my oh my it is taking me ages to getting around to everyone.


  • Netster23 30.4.08

    Greeting hug hug

    how;s your shoulder? long time see you :) this year was my busiest year ever! couldn't find time to blog, simply too tired to write :(


  • Netster23 30.4.08

    Seriously, you will win :)

    all t he best to your contest!

  • Lisa Lorenz 30.4.08

    Hey Kim!!!! Finally I have time to be in the blogger world again...Phew it has been a crazy time moving in. Yes, these portraits are just smashing! I hope you also win first place. take care sweetie...xoxox Lisa

  • Kim 1.5.08

    yeee haaa Lisa :)
    great to see your wonderful smile !!!
    it's so good to hear that you are settled in....I'll be right over to read your latest news !!

  • Kim 1.5.08

    hi Jackie
    thanks so much for your kind comments...
    great to hear that you are back :) :)

    hi Netster
    I can understand how you feel ...blogging is such a big commitment...especially when you have a job as well ...
    the shoulder has its good days and not so good days ;)
    thanks for your concern :)

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