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Rainbows and Rain

22 April 2008 26 comments

Lots of rain lately though I did manage to catch this rainbow the other day...

I have been doing a little work on Alexander's Portrait...hopefully I will finish it before the end of the year...


A very inspiring story !!!
Click on the image to read the full story...


Arte y pico Award

Corrine @ Jafabrit's Art received this award twice!!
one from Margaret at Mop Heads Unite,and one from Original Art by Lynette Clay

She kindly passed this beautiful award on to me ..thank you so much Corrine..
Other recipients: MadSilence, Casey Klahn, pollocksthebollocks,margot potter, and jean yates


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I found this at Speedy's place ....
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* Kind people are more likely than mean people to yawn when someone near them does.

* The most frequently shoplifted book in America is the Bible. [More]

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26 comments: to “ Rainbows and Rain so far...

  • John M. Mora 22.4.08

    I have never stolen a Bible...I have never been 95, I have never painted a portrait like you do....oh, well - but, I do apprecioate your kind comments and objective feedback.

    Hope you are well. My best.

  • Kim 22.4.08

    ha John..
    I'm not guilty of the first two either... :)
    and I cannot create abstracts like you do and absolutely certainly not one a day...gulp... ;)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 22.4.08

    Hello Kim,

    That was a very fitting rainbow... you should've caught it. Anyway, I feel it's a sign of better things to come.:-)

    What an inspiring woman that is, who might yet complete her PhD at almost a hundred.

    If I would ever steal, it certainly wouldn't be a bible. A painting perhaps, or an art piece.:-)

    At least you're back on the blog scene and working on a portrait, which are both well suited to your elements and talents. Perhaps when I'm 95 I would take medicine - it won't be in school nor a hospital - but from a medicine cabinet. :-) I don't even know if I want to live that long! Have a pleasant day! :-) --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 22.4.08

    Gorgeous rainbow photograph.

    Alex's portrait is wonderful - can't be much more to do on it? How will you know when it is finished?

    My Lord! 95! I don't have that much energy now!

    Congrats on your well-deserved award...

    There are 2 of me in the USA (if you see what I mean)

    Nope, never stolen a bible either!

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 23.4.08

    Hello Kim,

    You did catch the rainbow.How silly of me, I misread it. Getting old eh? :-) --Durano, done!

  • MadSilence 23.4.08

    Congratulations on winning the Arte y Pico Award.


  • Kim 23.4.08

    rainbows are pretty common over here and usually they are very close...
    but I haven't really caught one yet Durano :)
    95 is a wonderful age to reach especially with such mental faculties...
    obviously there is a need for free bibles if people have to steal them...I definitely think stealing an art work...especially a famous one would be more publicised :):)

    only two of you that makes you rare :)
    I have a feeling that Alexander's Portrait will go through a few changes yet ;)
    glad to hear that you are not a bible thief !!

  • Kim 23.4.08

    thanks Mad Silence :)

  • Anonymous 23.4.08

    Hi Mrs Pablo Picasso,

    Someone has been posting magical Covert Comical Comments for the chickens! :-)

    Nice capture of the rainbow, mother nature's artwork!

    You may have found the perfect running mate for John McCain. At McCain's age, he will need the Medical Science expertise of Phyllis! ;-)

    Congratulations on your well deserved award!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 23.4.08

    I love rainbows, and often stop what I am doing to just take them in. Two double rainbows are first to mind. One time while golfing (hard to believe) I was caught between two large powerful storms. I was in a patch of sun. The double rainbow stood out brightly ... vibrantly against a backdrop of dark purples. It was so increadible that I sat down on the grass for about 7 minutes until they dispersed.
    They say there's a Pot O Gold at the end, but I prefer to see the promise of the Lord.

    Ok, I am very novice with art, but the portrait seems pretty complete. I guess from past experience, your end results are always breathtaking. It would be fun to watch you working. Maybe someday you could do a short video blog showing your skills in action. That would be very interesting!!!

    Have a super week my friend. I am meeting with all of the "Kim Barkers" in America (USA) tomorrow. I might even shave .... nahhh, that's crazy talk (smile)

  • Kim 24.4.08

    thanks Miss MP :)
    Phylls would be an asset just about anywhere....the world definitely needs more brainpower like hers !!

    I once drove under a double rainbow Speedy...
    it was a magical experience :)
    Alexander is now wearing a black suit with a black background...
    a video is a great idea....
    I will keep that in mind ;)

  • Lynda Lehmann 24.4.08

    I see the stormy skies you've been having, Kim, but that rainbow is quite a consolation prize!

    Alex's portrait is looking great. I fancy that I can see some of your character in his face. Am I right?

    Congrats on your award!

    As for the "did you know" stuff, truth is stranger than fiction. Imagine one who feels him or herself to be religious, stealing the Bible! "Tsk, tsk," is all I have to say.

    xxx Lynda

  • Lindsay 24.4.08

    congrats on your award!! and the rain. I know that must be very welcome in your part of the world.
    Your painting is really beautiful.
    Hum...the bible? interesting.

  • Kim 24.4.08

    lol Lynda...
    you're right ...the truth is stranger than fiction !!!
    Alexander has a bit of me in him...but I suppose that's to be expected seeing I'm his Mum ..haha...:)
    the rainbows here are beautiful especially when you get the double that is a bonus with the rain :)

    hi Lyndsay ..
    and thanks :)
    the rain seems to be coming down in bucket definitely has been raining cats and dogs over here as they say...
    I just hope it clears for Anzac Day tomorrow :)

  • Frances 24.4.08

    Do they steal the Bible to check the Ten Commandments?

  • Kim 24.4.08

    haha Frances...
    you could be right there :)
    I didn't think of that !!

  • anandi 25.4.08

    The portrait of Alexander looks awesome. Wish I could have a look upfront. :-D
    A good news though. My mathematical artwork FUSION has been selected for the prestigious Bridges Maths Arts Conference at Netherlands this year.

  • Kim 25.4.08

    thanks Anandi..
    I had a look at your work....big congratulations to you :)

  • Anonymous 25.4.08

    The portrait look might fine Kim, and I'm always up for an inspiring story.
    Nice work catching the rainbow.

  • Kim 26.4.08

    thanks Cooper..
    yes Phyllis is certainly an inspiration to us all :)

  • anandi 26.4.08

    Thanks KIM for the appreciation.

  • Anonymous 27.4.08

    What a lovely picture of the rainbow and a great start to the portrait too!

    I can't believe it: 0 people called Renny in Norway? I mean its not a Norwegian, but an Irish name ?

    Wishing you a wonderful end to your week Kim :-)

  • Anonymous 27.4.08

    Congratulation for the Award and thanks for sharing your portrait with us. Its really nice.

  • Kim 27.4.08

    you're welcome Anandi :)

    thanks Renny...
    I wouldn't have guessed that your name is Irish :)
    have a lovely weekend :)

    thanks Kostenlose Gewinnspiele :)

  • AscenderRisesAbove 28.4.08

    How in the world do you get any art done with all this research?
    I found that I am the only person with my name; I wonder if that ever happens for a guy?
    How is your shoulder coming along? I finally got my EMG/SER/VER/BAER testing done and get the results on the 7th. Did you get those tests too?

  • Kim 28.4.08

    I'm not getting a lot done at all Ascender....
    it must feel good to know that you are have a unique name....
    mine seems to be pretty common in the US :)
    that's a lot of tests...
    I had x rays and ultrasounds on both shoulders...
    your tests sound far more complicated.. :0
    I hope your results come back fine :)

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