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Mini Portrait of Mariana finished!

31 August 2009 33 comments

Mariana's Dad, John was the winner of the Win a Free Mini Portrait last month....

this weeks music is a beautiful video of stunning dancing and choreography..
Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. One simple rule, leave ONLY the actual post link here. You can grab this code at LJL Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

PS: Because of spamming purposes, the linky will be closed on Thursday of each week at midnight, Malaysian Time. Thank you!

looks like September will be another busy month as I have two more mini portraits to paint..a clown stage prop and five studio signs for my Sister's Ballet Studios... and I really need to finish that never ending portrait of Alexander and Kelly


33 comments: to “ Mini Portrait of Mariana finished! so far...

  • Mariuca 31.8.09

    Ohhhhh I see who is Mariana now he he, she's adorable and I'm sure her dad will love this portrait Kim! :):):)

  • Mariuca 31.8.09

    Have a terrific week Kim, am watching Frasier now lol.. ;)

  • The Artful Eye 31.8.09

    This portrait of Mariana is fantastic.
    You really captured the likeness of this lovely child. John is lucky to have you as a friend.

    Thank you for the beautiful dance video.

  • John M. Mora 31.8.09

    Kim, it is beautiful. You captured her eyes and in there her spirit - there is insight emerging from your canvas. It is just beautiful; - the slight hint of a smile...She will love it.

    My deepest thanks.

  • Admin T.H 31.8.09


  • Admin T.H 31.8.09

    so pretty

  • TH 31.8.09

    31 aug today

  • TH 31.8.09

    the bicycle.. sitting broke as bigger kid sat on it.

  • Kim 31.8.09

    chop Mariuca..
    FC again!!!!
    that was quick :))
    have a happy Monday...
    I love your picks for MM this week :)

    thanks for dropping by to comment Andrea :)
    glad you liked the video too..
    it's impressive eh :)

    hi John...
    so glad you like Mariana's portrait and thanks for your address ...will post this week :)
    have a great week off :)

    hi TH..
    last day of the month already!!
    where did August go???
    it will xmas before we know it ...

  • Jackie 31.8.09

    Good morning Kim,
    How are you? The portrait is marvelous!! Congratulations on another wonderful project completed!!

  • Jackie 31.8.09

    I've missed quite a few days due to some technical problems with my satellites.

    So I have been up all night trying to catch up but I don't think I am going to make it.

    I am asleep at the PC.!!!!

  • Jackie 31.8.09

    I'll have to listen to your video later on. My satellite, the only one currently at top speed is slowing down and I haven't hit 10 drops.

    I know it will be beautiful though. you always pick out the most elegant videos of us all.

    Happy MM and big hugs!!:-)

  • Amy Lilley Designs 1.9.09

    Mariana is just an angel...John has a priceless treasure coming to him from you...and the dancing, well, if any body was made to dance, it is the young lady in your chosen video...simply beautiful...grace grace a swan...:)))

    Hope you are feeling much much better...have a wonderful week dear Gal...:))) hugs

  • TH 1.9.09

    hehe.. so blurr..sept now

  • Lynda Lehmann 2.9.09

    Kim, BRAVO! She is just exquisite, bursts to life off the canvas!!! Kudos to you!

    And a great big HUG!!!

  • Ayie 2.9.09

    what a pretty girl! lovely portrait! she'll be so happy to have this!

  • Jackie 2.9.09

    Kim, I am so pleased and excited that you have signed up. I will add you to tomorrow's post as one of the contestants!!

    Thanks so much and good luck!!

  • Jackie 2.9.09

    Oh yes thank you for email also with the link.

    As you can tell I am winging this. It is another learning curve but I am having fun!!

    I hope you have a terrific day and the portrait turned out simply marvelous!!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 3.9.09

    Art, music, dancing .... Wonderful!

    Hello Kim, Seems we are both up at the same time today :-) Although you are in tomorrow and I am still in today ... night, or is it vice versa?? LOLOL

    CHOP ??

    Big hugs from Hollydale

  • John M. Mora 3.9.09

    tghankls again, Kim.

    That first word is a badly typed thanks...

  • Terry Banderas 3.9.09

    Nicely done. Looks very real.

  • RennyBA's Terella 4.9.09

    How nice of Mariana's Dad wanting a portrait of his daughter and it was just a piece of great art - as always from you!

    Thanks for the good music too :-)

  • Admin T.H 5.9.09

    hi Kim, :)

  • Admin T.H 5.9.09

    its sunny here :) but will rain in the evening.

  • Admin T.H 5.9.09

    its going to be noon still thinking what to eat.

  • TH 5.9.09

    have a nice weekend :)

  • dibujandoarte 6.9.09

    This portrait is wonderful Kim! Good work!!

  • Shez 7.9.09

    Oh Kim this is gorgeous! I love your work!!
    Hope all is well. Sorry to read that you were down with the flu.....
    Luv ya!!!

  • Antonio Estevez 8.9.09

    wonderful work dear! thanks for following my blog. mucho amor, para kim!

  • Kim 8.9.09

    thanks for your visits and comments everyone :) :) :)

  • Lynne the Pencil 8.9.09

    What a lovely portrait. Very natural.

  • gh 9.9.09

    Beautiful and rich work, Kim. Her dad should surely love this. I'm happy to have found your great blog.
    soon again.

  • Kim 15.9.09

    thanks for your comments Lynne and Gary :)

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