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Alexander's Portrait at a standstill....

4 July 2007 23 comments

Alexander's portrait has been sitting untouched for a while now. I keep looking at it as a painting rather than a portrait. (when does a portrait become a painting or when does a painting become a portrait?)
I was counting on putting more work into the jacket and hands....but friends who have viewed it IRL have all expressed differing opinions....this is unusual for me as I usually "know" when a portrait is complete.....your comments are welcome....please feel free to say what you I am very open to suggestion........should I sign it?....or does it need more?
ps click on the image to see a larger view


23 comments: to “ Alexander's Portrait at a standstill.... so far...

  • Lisa Lorenz 4.7.07

    Hi Kim, I really LOVE this one. Alxe's face is perfect along with the pose, the jacket and shirt are wonderfully blendying with that marvelous background. There is a rural and masculine feel to it. Which I love and I would not change anything about it! About the hands, that is a tough call and I am unable to see it in real life so that makes it hard to say anything. From my screen they are a tad green. Oh how I would love to see this one with my own eyes. Kim, every wip I have ever seen of yours you always find the right thing to do. What do you feel? I often find it so difficult when I get so many comments. In your other posts you wanted to work on the hands and jacket a bit...go with your gut...I will be curious to see what you do. And Kim at the end of the day! Everything of yours if MAGIC! big hugs to you...xoxoxo

  • Lisa Lorenz 4.7.07

    geez...Kim..sorry for all my bad typos...LOL..half asleep this morning.

  • Kim 4.7.07

    thanks Lisa
    your comments are very much appreciated...haha typos and all
    ....his hands are a touch green and I am wondering whether they should be more flesh Alexander said to me...just the other day..."this aint no Paris and the Rabbits".....haha it isn't but Paris only took me 6 weeks and this is an epic....and I hope that it will have a contemporary feel to it in case Alexander ever takes it with him (when he leaves home that is)...of course I will enter it in the $1000,000.00 Moran Portrait Prize and there is no telling what they will go for haha
    have a great day and happy painting..

  • 5.7.07

    I like Alexander, he seems like a charming, playful character, full of mischief, yet there’s a youthful vulnerably there, that I think maybe the lack of detail in his hands help to suggest? I love your work, you’re incredibly talented and I’m glad you stopped by A Nice Place In The Sun.


  • Kim 5.7.07

    thanks for visiting my blog Ann... and for your insightful comments...Alexander is very much how you described.....
    have a great day !!!!

  • Anonymous 5.7.07

    It looks complete to me. The hands just work in light of the overall color scheme. Basically, it makes the painting more circular/whole in my eyes.

  • Kim 5.7.07

    Thanks Morriconei
    I will go and have another look at it IRL....for some reason my eye is being drawn to the his left hand...and I see what you mean ...the green behind his right shoulder is sweeping around to his hand....good point !!!

  • lalli 5.7.07

    Hi kim, I really love ur blogs.:)its enthralling n am sure i wud be making my visits hr often.:)well as for the portrait..hmmm little brownie wud look good on his hands na..?well,he seems like a charming and witty guy.!

  • Kim 5.7.07

    thanks Lalli
    yes I am starting to think that they are a bit
    thanks for visiting my blog....

  • Anonymous 5.7.07

    Of the many things I am guilty of being, Kim, an artist is not one of them. I'm simply an admirer. But you knew that, dincha, JB? ~:o)

    *Hugs Goily*

  • Kim 5.7.07

    haha JB
    I nearly x posted with you...
    thanks for dropping'm a guilty I??....I suppose that's better than being an innocent artist...
    have a good day....I hope you have recovered from July 4th !!!!

  • Lisa Lorenz 5.7.07

    Hi Kim, Ann describes Alex perfectly. That is how I see him too! I had to laugh at his comment to you about Paris and the Rabbits. He is so cute. (That portrait of Paris is a masterpiece)

    This portrait of Alex is so original in style, a true epic! It will kick some major a$$ at the competition. This is a strong, magnificent portrait and I would sign it! Alex will have this beautiful timeless portrait of him forever - so young, dashing and gorgeous!

  • Kim 6.7.07

    lol Lisa
    I had better not tell Alexander that or he might become vain ....
    he is certainly growing up now...with his first girlfriend and his driver's licence.....getting him to sit for portraits is not as easy
    thanks for your wonderful comments Lisa
    have a great day !!!

  • Anonymous 6.7.07

    I may not be artistically inclined but that Alexander is one handsome puppy, Kim.

    Please mention to him his name interpreted into Hungarian or Magyar is Shunny. I only know that tid bit of information because I had an Uncle Alex but he was called Shunny by all th adults, even his mum.

    His personality was every bit like Ann described your Alexander's.

    ^5 Alex! Got nuttin' but love fer ya, Dude.

  • Kim 6.7.07

    haha Saboma...Shunny that's cute.....actually Alexander is half Polish....that's his European heritage.....but he's half Australian and 1/4 Welsh too....ykykyky

  • Jaya 7.7.07

    Well, Kim, it could go either way-

    Leave it as is, and it's marvelous.

    Work on it a bit more and it will
    be a slightly changed and ALSO
    marvelous. One might not be better
    than the other, just a little
    different. What does your heart
    (your artist's heart) tell you to do?

  • Kim 8.7.07

    hi Jaya
    thanks for your comments....I have decided to develop Alexander's portrait I feel there are areas that look a little wishy washy....

  • KSHIPPYCHIC 9.7.07

    Hi! I really think it is a beautiful creation just as it is! (I only wish I could create such things) I suppose your heart will tell you when it is truly finished! :)

  • Kim 9.7.07

    thanks for your comments're will be a 'heart' decision....thanks for visiting ....

  • Anonymous 10.7.07

    Kim you are very talented. This is wonderful.

  • Kim 10.7.07

    thank you Rose !!!!!

  • Jaya 11.7.07

    Looking forward to seeing the 'finished' version of this creation, Kim!

  • Kim 11.7.07

    hi Jaya
    thanks for dropping by !!!!

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