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19 July 2007 17 comments

Artists' Blogs
The Fine Art of Boyd Greene
David Cochran
DouDy Sketche
From Belgium with love
Jafabrit's Art
kitty art
Lisa Lorenz - Studio Blog
Non Linear Arts
Much of a muchness
PERIPHERAL VISION - Inner Sights by Lynda Lehmann
Improvising versatility
~Shoshana’s Diary Of A Dancer~

The Creative Butterfly
The Colorist
Painting a Day - Fine Art Watercolor Paintings

Artists Websites
laketrees 1
Ian Jones Gallery

Art Communities

Art Wanted


Links you to artists who like to blog about their art - Contemporary Artwork from Self-Representing Artists and Serious Art Galleries.

If you are interested in exchanging links please leave your comment and link in the comments box below......
If you have linked to me and you cannot find your link here....give me a shout and I will add you..... thank you Kim


17 comments: to “ Links so far...

  • Anonymous 21.7.07

    Thanks for the mention.


  • Kim 21.7.07

    you're welcome GoldCoaster.....

  • Anonymous 28.7.07

    Thanks for the link :)

  • Kim 29.7.07

    you're welcome Coach :)

  • IWS 12.7.08

    You haven't link me :(

  • Kim 12.7.08

    hi football
    your link is on my EC blogroll here
    have a great weekend :)

  • IWS 12.7.08

    I found my link on "Thanks to my Reciprocal Droppers at EC!!!" but dunno why i couldn't leave comments there. But thanks for the link anyway :) You have lot of blogroll ^^

  • Kim 12.7.08

    hi football
    glad you found it :)
    have a great day !!!

  • Anonymous 18.8.08

    Hi there.

    Linked you, please link me back.

    Have a good day :)

  • Kim 18.8.08

    will do Hitsu..
    will add you to my front page blogroll :)
    thanks for linking :)

  • Anonymous 19.8.08

    Thanks Kim..

    Have a great day ^^

  • Ukion 18.9.08

    Hi PoeARTica.

    I am Ukion from
    DetectorPro as

    Yes, I would like to exchange links with you.

    Best regards,

  • Kim 19.9.08

    hello Ukion...
    thanks :)
    I will add you to my front page blogroll :)

  • Anonymous 6.12.08

    I wonder if I can get a link to my artist's blog here?

    I can add your site to the blogroll in return, it would only be my second link there if you're interested?

  • Kim 7.12.08

    hi Paul
    I have been unable to access your site through any of the links I have to you including TAD and your entrecard...

  • Anonymous 5.2.09

    Would you like to link with my blog.Itis on wishing happy birthday.
    I would give you a link back in my links.
    You can copy paste the link code in my page.


  • John Paul Thornton 7.5.09

    Hello Kim,
    Congratulations on a successful blog!

    I'd like to add your link to my blog,

    I write about art and courage and am always looking for personal inspiration stories.

    Many thanks,
    John Paul Thornton

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