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23 July 2007 17 comments

The movie has beaten Titanic in ticket sales at a cinema on Sydney's North Shore, the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace. Titanic raked in $380 000 whilst As It Is in Heaven has pulled in over $400 000, and has been screening for 32 weeks as of 7 July 2007.



17 comments: to “ KAY POLLACK interview: "AS IT IS IN HEAVEN" so far...

  • Anonymous 23.7.07

    As it was written in your Christian bible, Jesus stated that "the kingdom of God is at hand" and not once did he never say that it was elsewhere like I hear believing creationists taut.

  • Kim 23.7.07

    Ah yes MA... religious alive and well!!!!

  • Anonymous 23.7.07

    as a child, that statement seemed to drill a hole in my soul. my life has been influence by many christian beliefs yet many of the christian actions were incongruent but that is their journey.

    I got over it. I am agnostic in that I have personal reasons for believing in a greater source. my life is about live and let live as long as one is responsible and accountable for their lives and for the trickle down effect that occurs by either activity or inactivity.

  • Kim 23.7.07

    we are all ultimately responsible for our choices and actions...and I believe when people try to push their beliefs and actions on to you......then you become brainwashed......or very very angry.....

  • Anonymous 24.7.07

    I agree although I can't say that I'm either one. I've benefited from childhood teachings plus my personal belief system got me through some pretty harsh times.

    I'm still unsure how I've made it this far in spite of the obstacles I've had to climb. Overall, it has been worth every bit of exhaustive heartache and grief.

    I'm a happy camper but it wasn't an easy task getting here. I'm sure there will be even more mountains to climb yet I'm not worried because I'm now a well seasoned mountain climber.

    I bet that you are too, JB!

  • Kim 24.7.07

    haha...still getting there.... MA....I think there is a saying....when you accept that life IS suffering....then you can be free

  • Anonymous 25.7.07

    I haven't heard of the movie, but it appears to be very powerful and thought provoking.

    So many ways to interpret the writings of the scriptures, and so many different forms of belief, who's to say what's right.

    Be pure in heart towards others, and don't push your own beliefs onto others just because they're yours. It works for me, anyways.

  • Kim 25.7.07

    true Deborah...:)
    this movie is a "must see"....we seem to be in the dark ages here as this film was nominated for the best foreign film in 2005.....and it's finally in movie theatres in Oz now !!!!seems to me this one slipped under the film on human nature since "The Unbelievable Lightness of Being"...IMO....

  • Anonymous 25.7.07

    look at the trinity discussing humans here!! If I may please, my ladies? :) I think we should all rent this movie - I don't think its gonna be in theaters in our part of the world Kim!! So thanks for the recommendation... looks like a powerful message there.... how is everyone here?? :) just checking in!! I better go over to them too, what dyu say my queen?

  • Kim 25.7.07

    haha Pearl
    welcome to the mini forum...:]
    definitely a movie to rent...(I should be on commission)....
    I'm sure that you will enjoy it....
    and I'm expecting a mini review of the film from you :] :] your RH.....

  • Lisa Lorenz 25.7.07

    Oh Kim, Just watched the movie preview..It looks so amazing..I will have to get this one...Had tears in my eyes...powerful! First time I see and hear about it xoxox lisa ps..I am totally in teh dark..LOL Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention!

  • Kim 26.7.07

    hiya Lisa
    you're right it is a powerful film.....
    I was in the dark about the film too....until Mum brought it to my attention......
    amazing when you think that the film was released in 2005.......
    have a great day...Lisa.....:-x

  • One Wacky Mom 26.7.07

    This looks pretty interesting. When is it coming to the states?

  • One Wacky Mom 26.7.07

    Kim, I just watched it again and this looks awesome. Truly. This is one film I would not WANT to miss

  • Kim 26.7.07

    I don't know has just been released recently here in Oz.....the film was nominated for best foreign film in you would imagine that it would be available on DVD over your way now.......the film IS awesome and you will love it !!!!!!

  • Alban Fenle 26.7.07

    Hi Kim,
    Thanks for this video. I loved the film. I think I saw it twice, and it is really a great film, stirring up a lot of emotions.

    There is no sin, because there is no world. What a message...

  • Kim 27.7.07

    hi Alban
    thanks for your comments...
    definitely a film that you could watch again.....
    true.....a very powerful message !!!

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