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An Interview Meme

18 July 2007 23 comments

I have been tagged by Harley Blues at Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest band purplemelon and Franco Yong at Mind Body Spirit And Fluttering Thoughts
The Instructions: Remove the blog from the top, move all blogs up one, and then add yourself to the bottom. What Floats My Boat, Homespun Honolulu, Who’s Yo Mama and Life in the Fast Lane, Sir Paul McCartney & The Beatles guest band purplemelon, Mind Body Spirit And Fluttering Thoughts, laketrees

What were you doing 10 years ago (5 Things):
1. teaching full time
2. tutoring part time
What were you doing 1 year ago (5 Things):
1. painting
Five Snacks You enjoy:
1. prunes with cream cheese
2. gobi berries
3. strawberries
4. dark chocolate
5. pavlova
Five Songs That You Know the Lyrics To:
1. jingle bells
2. row row row your boat
3. Advance Australia Fair
4. Jesus loves me
5. One Enchanted evening
Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire
(Only one for me)
1. Buy an island and share it
Five Bad Habits:
1. procrastinating
2. rambling
3. losing my focus
4. drinking too much coffee
5. postponing dental appointments
Five Things You like to do:
1. paint
2. watch movie marathons with my family
3. read interesting blogs!.....some of them are:
1. polyester
2. jewellery
3. hairnets and false eyelashes (ballet days)
4. nail polish
5. lurex
Five Favorite Toys:
1. my heat bag bear
2. barbie dolls
3. pogo stick
4. jigsaws
5. monopoly
Five things you hate to do:
1. go to the dentist
2. fly (I don’t mind flying in my dreams)
3. technical web stuff (see picture)
4. cook baked dinners
5. answer interview questions like these

I am not tagging anyone in particular....feel free to carry this on if you like


23 comments: to “ An Interview Meme so far...

  • Anonymous 18.7.07

    I couldn't pass by without saying anything Kim...:) a few things...1) I am so glad you are not tagging anyone :) these things get to be too much sometimes and take so much away from the real fun we all are here for...2) I LOVE all those bad habits you listed ...I do them all...Polyester made me laugh :) I still wear jewelery and nail polish though lol I wish you tons of success and will be praying you hit a lottery or something to buy that island ... AND I hate going to the dentist too darn it... I know we'd get along so well :)

  • Kim 18.7.07

    hi Pearl
    yeah went to the dentist yesterday.....don't like it ALL!!!
    and I have to go back again to have my wisdom teeth pulled out :(
    ha ha I'm glad it was only 5 bad I probably could have gone on for ever....
    and hey can come and share my island if I win the lottery !!!!:)

  • kellypea 18.7.07

    Thanks for the pleasant vote, Kim! I did have to wipe my brow in relief about not having to continue. It's amazing how many of these are swirling around right now. I do enjoy reading them, though. And thanks for wanting to share that desert island you'll own : )

  • kellypea 18.7.07

    P.S. Your Rockin' Blogger sticker is really great. You did it yourself, right? Excellent!

  • Kim 18.7.07

    I would have liked to have designed that great rockin girl badge Kelly but the credit belongs to "Oh, The Joys here"....who has designed quite a zany collection of badges to choose from....her link is on my rocking girl post...
    yeah it seems to be meme fever in the blogosphere doesn't it!!!!!and haha desert're invited !!!!

  • One Wacky Mom 18.7.07

    Kim, this was fascinating. Prune with cream cheese, eh? Well that's pretty wild!!! I should be eatin some of those! LOL. And that's so cool you would buy and an island and share are my pal. Ever read some of my older posts about my boyfriend Johnny Depp. You should read January's post. Three 3 date rule.

    And I love that you love to do "Movie marathons with your family".

    And One Enchanted Evening is one of my favorites too!

    And as my buddy Kellypea pointed out, I love that Rockin Girl Blogger you have on your site, I didn't know Oh The Joys did that one as well!

    Thank you so much for putting me on this list. That is so kind of you! What a great friend I have found in you! I'm truly blessed!

  • Kim 18.7.07

    dried apricots and cream cheese are pretty good too...Ev....
    Johnny Depp is your boyfriend!!!!!.......very curious to read about that !!!!
    he is Charlotte's second favourite movie star :)
    "Oh the Joys here" also had a great rockin bat girl badge too in black and white....
    yeah we are real suckers for the movies.....especially the Harry Potter ...Lord of the Rings extended versions...
    One Enchanted Evening was the song that my dear Dad used to sing to my Mum all the time....after they went to see South Pacific (on their honeymoon)....
    an island like that one would be perfect ...if I win the lottery...;) we could all sit around in the sun and compare blog posts ha ha

  • Unknown 19.7.07

    lol Hiya Kim
    I got this as a google alert lmao oh I love the songs you know the words too hehehe thanx for fillin it out it was my FIRST one and I could not resist without taggin yuo after all you are the first blogger that I have met and have been so kind!
    hugs ps I hate the dentist false eyelashes are cool lol

  • Franco 19.7.07

    Dear Kim..thanks for the mention. I did the tags just to let others know that there are some good blogs to visit. That's not going to anymore for me of such things for sometime.

    Oh..I'll pray hard that you'll win the lottery. If you did, can I share the island too...?? :-)

    All the best,


  • Kim 19.7.07

    hi Christina
    I knew I should have kept my false they are very in now probably know a million more songs than me ...especially the Beatles !!!!!
    thanks for calling in.....hope you haven't had too many problems with your other meme...:)

  • Kim 19.7.07

    dear Franco you are more than welcome to share my island :) :)......and thanks for writing such nice things about me on your blog...
    have a lovely day !!!!!

  • Anonymous 19.7.07

    Hi Kim, As your Mum I can't resist correcting your memory lapse, "One Enchanted Evening" -South Pacific was on our 1st wedding anniversary, my Mister Wonderful took me to see Kiss Me Kate - "So in Love", on our Honeymoon. I have no trouble with these memories. Love BB

  • Kim 19.7.07

    haha Mum
    thanks....your memory's better than mine.....but......hey....YOU were there .......and I DO remember that they were stage plays :) :)

  • Anonymous 19.7.07

    Oh, Dear Kim,
    They were musicals not're so talented I don't often get this opportunity to correct you. Love you. BB.

  • Kim 19.7.07

    lol Mum....I've got it now......musicals on stage....haha

  • Anonymous 21.7.07

    Well I've gotta say that the one thing that surprises me the most is that one of your favorite toys is a pogo stick. I can't imagine you jumping around on it, kee.

    Your pic of the guy at the puter going crazy is hilarious! Reminds me of myself, haha!

    Thanks for mentioning me in your list of blogs :-)

  • Kim 21.7.07

    haha Deborah
    I was quite an expert on the old pogo stick...but only on the grass.....I borrowed that little computer guy from Alexander's my space blog.....too cute....and you did come to mind haha.....I know quite a few people who can relate to it!!!!!!!......

  • Anonymous 23.7.07

    you know its the conversations in the comments that become more and more interesting sometimes..:) I just read through all of the comments and really enjoyed myself...Just imagining all of us comparing our That would be the real International Meet of Woman Bloggers :)

    And as hard as these memes are to do, they are always enjoyable to read!! thank you so much for mentioning me in your esteemed blogs list :)

    Oh is that really your mom Kim?? :) thats so wonderful!!!! My regards to her :)

  • Kim 23.7.07

    you're so right Pearl....
    it's like a mini chat.....I wonder if Franco feels comfortable surrounded by all us rambling females...haha...
    yes my Mum (Mom)....pops in every now and then to check if my spelling and other things are right :] :0..hence the conversation...
    and memes true.....bit like mini

  • One Wacky Mom 27.7.07

    Kim, I love this post...and thanks for including me in it!!! You are a least I think you did. My brain's a little wacked these days!!

  • Kim 27.7.07

    haha Ev.....I know the feeling.....I included you in this meme....but I didn't tag any one....

  • Joanna 8.5.09

    Nice idea and thing to get started, helps build trust on your blog if your reader ship knows you better, good tactic.

  • Jerry 31.5.09

    Being a blogger is a bit like being a politician. You have to build a fan base and get support built up to be successful, your efforts are akin to politics :)

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