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Harry Potter Fever at our House!!!

7 July 2007 13 comments

My daughter, Charlotte, is going to the premiere of the next Harry Potter film on Wednesday July you can see she is totally prepared .......this is her latest My Space profile pic!!!!!!!


13 comments: to “ Harry Potter Fever at our House!!! so far...

  • Lisa Lorenz 7.7.07

    Oh Kim, she looks adorable! I love it. Hope the movie is great! have a great weekend! big hugs xox

  • Kim 7.7.07

    hi Lisa
    thanks for dropping by....
    Charlotte had fun doing it in photoshop.....and now she is rereading the last book to prepare for Wednesday....ha ha
    have a great Sunday

  • Anonymous 8.7.07

    Harry Potter rocks!

  • Kim 8.7.07

    hi Saboma
    another Harry Potter fan !!!!!...we will have to compare notes ...haha...

  • Anonymous 9.7.07

    hey - she really does look adorable.. good luck at the premiere ..

    have a nice sunday .. I'll be partying tonite with other elves ;)

  • Kim 9.7.07

    hi pearl
    thanks ..haha.....have a great party.....

  • One Wacky Mom 10.7.07

    Well heck isn't that the most fun thing in the world??? She's got to be out of her mind with excitement!!!

    How fabulous is that? You should see my youngest all dressed up Like Harry Potter!! And my middle one? He re-read the last book just so he could remember everything for the new book!

    This is what I love about J.K. Rollins...she has these children reading...and you know funniest thing of all??? The writing critics? The pooh pooh her. Now what I would like to know is exactly what these critics are pooh poohing...she has children and adults reading about the same subject and material!

    You'll have to post all about the premiere!!!

  • Anonymous 10.7.07

    Your daughter looks like you take away the hat, glasses and broom.

  • Anonymous 10.7.07

    Alright, that picture just broke the adorable meter.

    I have never read/seen any of the Harry Potter books/movies. *runs and hides*

    Hope she has fun at the premiere.

  • Kim 10.7.07

    hi Ev
    yes it's so nice to see your kids growing up with Harry Potter.....isn't it...and both sexes son gets caught up with it too...and he's hanging out for the next book as much as Charlotte.....JK Rollins certainly is a winner...when it comes to the imagination.....and the critics..ha...these who can DO...and those who can't...CRITICIZE.!!!!

    thanks Rose..
    I would love to be as tall as Charlotte...don't think I could cope with being 15 again though....
    Charlotte is 5'10" with size 10 feet...ha ha compared to me at 5' 4" and size 7 feet.....however we do have the same smile...and we are alike.....both being Leos .....Charlotte's birthday is the day after mine....

    hi Morriconei
    ha ha where are you hiding.....You're not a Harry Potter fan?????'t tell haven't seen the movies either???...thanks for the good wishes.....she has one more sleep to go !!!and she's having a Harry Potter movie marathon re-run tonight with her girlfriend......

  • Thereyoucome 12.7.07

    how lovely and confident, enoy the flying, hah

  • Kim 12.7.07

    hi Thereyoucome
    thanks for calling in...Charlotte was certainly high yesterday when she saw THE movie ha ha

  • praveenboss 1.8.08

    good work ... great goin... visit mine

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