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Irina Baronova Close-Up

13 July 2007 20 comments

I still have a long way to go yet....more work needed on the forehead ....hairline....and the lips are a touch too bright.....
will start on the hand next week.....
click on image to see larger view...


20 comments: to “ Irina Baronova Close-Up so far...

  • eagerblogger 13.7.07

    I hope to see this when it's completely done. I love doing portraits too but I'm not as good as you. I only use pencils and I haven't done anything for a long time :( I hope I'll still be able to draw.

  • Kim 13.7.07

    thanks for visiting Eagerblogger....drawing is like riding a never forget how to do it.......
    have a lovely day....

  • Anonymous 14.7.07

    I bet that you never fall off of your artwork as much as I fall off of my bike, do ya?

    I just hafta ask.

    I only wish my hands could do the woik of me outlandish thought processes when it comes to imagination and a canvas or even paper for that matter. I hafta keep a strong hold on these reins of mine or I would surely be in trouble, big time. snork!

  • Anonymous 14.7.07

    hey Kim.. thats looking marvelous already!! you changed your theme colors :) looking good....

  • Kim 14.7.07

    hi JB
    lol...oh yes I have !!!...I remember a couple of years ago I had a terrible experience with a self portrait...I nearly threw it over the balcony....and my family stayed away from me for weeks.....
    all you need is a camera to start you have a notebook of visual images to refer to...then it's all up to that wild imagination of yours......start with collage and experiment...experiment...
    experiment...or alternatively draw lots of pumpkins and apples...any way you with brushes...sticks.....hands now you don't have any excuse eh????

    hi Pearl
    I'm always changing the background to suit the model....the background is in the early stages here...and will (I imagine) be subject to many changes before I finish.....I think it may end up dark to enhance her balletic stature.......

  • Kim 14.7.07

    I'm a duffer Pearl...
    I just realized that you were referring to my blog colours !!!

  • mrsnesbitt 14.7.07

    Hi Kim, just popping by for a visit. Think this is really a picture with depth!
    I love colour and think you have really brought a new dimension to the subject!

    happy Saturday!

  • Anonymous 14.7.07

    Beautiful painting Kim!!! I'm sure she's going to love it :-)

    Your charcoal of her was absolutely stunning as well.

    I can't tell you how much I love the one you made for me :-) My very own 'Kim Barker'! So much detail is lost when you see photos on the net...if there was only a way to really capture the true beauty of your work!

  • Kim 14.7.07

    thanks Mrs Nesbitt
    the colours in Irina's shawl are beautiful aren't they?.....
    thanks for popping by...
    have a lovely weekend......

  • Kim 14.7.07

    thanks Deborah
    the two works will eventually hang together when I finish this one....
    you're right about viewing the works IRL.....there IS an added dimension...
    so glad you're happy with your portrait.....ha ha funny but I actually miss my works that go o/s .....leaving the nest and all that..blah..blah...blah :)

  • Mustafa Şenalp 15.7.07

    What a nice blog you have!

  • Kim 15.7.07

    thank you Mustafa
    and thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and comment :)
    have a great day !!!

  • Anonymous 15.7.07

    Kim, this is clearly a true portrait of a great lady. You show her strength but also the charisma and sparkle of a performer.

    I see you are still using the delicate flesh colours and values contrasted by the solid colours in her garment. I look forward to seeing that in the finished portrait. I often like to paint the lips a bright red as an underlayer.


  • Kim 16.7.07

    hi Mikey
    thanks so much for your comments......I'm happy with the contrast between the face and the shawl.....I will be working on the background and hand this week......

  • One Wacky Mom 16.7.07

    Wow, that is an awesome portrait Kim.

  • Kim 16.7.07

    thanks so much for your comment Ev....have a great day !!!! :)

  • Anonymous 17.7.07

    That's beautiful.

    Keep them coming. I'll check back!

  • Kim 18.7.07

    thanks very much Bryan !!

  • Lisa Lorenz 18.7.07

    Oh Kim, she is gorgeous! I love it! Smashing work...:) xoxoxo

  • Kim 18.7.07

    thanks so much Lisa :) :)

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