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Rockin' Girl Blogger Award !!!!!

12 July 2007 12 comments

I have just received another award from
Sylvie at A Glimpse on my life in La Rochelle

The Rockin' Girl Blogger Award was created by
Roberta Ferguson.

Wonder Woman who is also a rockin' blogger came across other versions of the award at

Oh, The Joys here....who has designed quite a zany collection of badges to choose from....

here are the rockin' gals who I think deserve this award !!!!!
Mary Ann at Maryannaville
Jani at .........Jackal
Rose DesRochers at.....
Lisa at .......Lisa Lorenz Studio
and Rachel ...An English Mum


12 comments: to “ Rockin' Girl Blogger Award !!!!! so far...

  • Anonymous 13.7.07

    Thank you!

  • Dunn 13.7.07

    Hi Kim! Thank's for including me in the list.

  • Kim 13.7.07

    hi Jani
    my pleasure and thanks so much for signing my art map...
    Hi Dunn
    you're welcome .......thanks for calling in....

  • Anonymous 13.7.07

    Wow, thank you for the award. What an honor.

  • Kim 13.7.07

    You're welcome Rose....and all the best to you........

  • Unknown 15.7.07

    right on Kim, again!
    wooohooo Ps hatin the GREY back ground loved the black its brings out your heart I mean Art lmao! well I go with both fropm the above hehehe

    PS I'm taggin you hehehe

  • Kim 15.7.07

    hi Christina...
    thanks for giving your opinion on my background.....ha ha art / that !!!
    I needed a change....goodness knows how long the grey will last.... :) :)

  • One Wacky Mom 16.7.07

    Congratulations Kim. Why did I think you already had this award? Probably because you rock!

  • One Wacky Mom 16.7.07

    Oh, by the way, I finally was able to get my award posted. Again, thank you for your kindness, thoughtfulness and inspiration.

    It's posted here:

  • Kim 16.7.07

    thank you Ev
    haha...when it rains it pours....and it so nice to be a rockin girl blogger....esp the 'girl' part...
    and YOU really fit the bill when it comes to being courageous, thoughtful and inspirational!!!!!

  • Anonymous 19.7.07

    Congratulation! This award is a sign for you to keep your blog in up to date! Keep it up!

  • Kim 19.7.07

    thanks very much Suray !!!!!

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