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2008 - a year for short term goals !!!

9 January 2008 25 comments

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my priorities for January have changed because of my shoulder...
it will probably take me 3 weeks to complete the WIP of Alexander (for the 2008 Moran Portrait Prize) - closing date 31st January - as my right arm is starting to feel the strain as well ...
so my other plans including the WIP of Africa and Colin @ Life 's portrait of his beautiful daughter (winner of the Win a Free Portrait for Christmas Competition) will be on temporary hold until next month...
thank you to all who have tagged me as well ...I have not forgotten...
Jos @ NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection) Netster @ oOo netster oOo Sue @ Blogging Sueblimely Lyn @ lynda's loft (love, baby, all love) and Shoshana @ The ARTisT iN YOU Museletter.....
March could well and truly be my Meme month.....
had a little help from my daughter Charlotte

My top picks for 2008 Calendars

Last year my Artist friend Lisa from Copenhagen sent me a calendar for 2008....

here are my picks if you are looking for an Arty Calendar for 2008 ....

Wonderful Calendar Proofs from Zazzle

Artist - Lisa Lorenz

Back by popular demand

Artist - del4yo

Local Calendar
Photographer Steve Parish

I would also like extend a big thank you to all of the artists who are promoting and using the 101 Top Artists' Blogs Badge on their sites....

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25 comments: to “ 2008 - a year for short term goals !!! so far...

  • Cooper 8.1.08

    I'm sorry to hear about you shoulder Kim. I hope it heals in a timely fashion.

    Happy New Year to you.

    Great Calenders.

  • Kim 8.1.08

    thanks Cooper...
    I think the hardest thing is being careful with it...grrrr
    I am usually such a gestural person....
    Happy New Year to you too and I
    hope your trip to the snow was fun :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 8.1.08

    Ooo ... sholders are tough. I broke my shoulder blade once, and had the hardest time trying NOT to gesture or move my right arm. Hopefully you will be back on track soon. I would help you paint, but I don't think you do any stick figures!
    You have the LINK widget - keep in mind that they don't show up anywhere except for your blog. I made the mistake of copy and paste post linking ALL of them every week and then finding out many were not real "broken" links. My favorite was Smootches for Speedcat http://i-have-a crush-on you ... what the heck???
    Good luck with meme March. I hear that will be one barn-burner :-)

    Take care, and try the arm sling.

  • Kim 8.1.08

    LOL Eric
    I'm trying to bribe my daughter atm to help me out with the memes...
    I think I've nearly succeeded :)
    as for the stick figure help....could be a possibility if my right arm seizes up too!
    who knows I might end up painting with my feet or mouth...
    thanks for the heads up on the link widget as my first one was a broken link ...but I fixed it it was real...
    lucky you to have a secret smootching admirer :)
    sling hah....I gave it it was more of a hindrance than a help :)

  • Lisa Lorenz 8.1.08

    Hi Kim, Oh lots of projects going on. Cant wait to see all your beautiful paintings finished
    and wow, what a lovely surprise to see that you recommend my calendar as one of top picks...thanks so much mate, big hugs, really appreicate it! :) Lisa
    PS..Hope you shoulder gets better soon...

  • Kim 8.1.08

    thanks Lisa ...
    and your lovely calendar has pride of place in our breakfast room....
    have a terrific day .... :)

  • jafabrit 9.1.08

    Do you have a widget for the top 100 blogs? If you do I would be glad to put it on my blog :)

    ugh, how frustrating when health issues interfere with our artwork. Hope you shoulder heals soon.

  • Kim 9.1.08

    thanks Corrine...
    the code for the badge is on the last update post right at the bottom...
    yeah the shoulder is a pain literally....and it's not worth taking the medication as it is not helping the mobility...grrr

  • jafabrit 9.1.08

    I took meds yestereday for my back/neck pain and ended up sleeping the whole day lol! so, I know what you mean about meds.

    okay, will check out the widget :)

  • Kim 9.1.08

    oooh I don't envy your back/neck pain...
    I had to counteract the medication with a fresh beetroot cabbage garlic celery and carrot juice yesterday morning....and it worked...bit like putting premium petrol in the tank if you know what I mean :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 9.1.08

    Looks like your son's portrait will be gorgeous. But it's best to put it on hold as you've done, to not make matters worse. Bromelain is much more potent, Kim, in supplement form than in plain pineapple, if you want to try it. But if you're taking RX drugs for your shoulder, you might want to ask your doctor first.

  • Kim 9.1.08

    hi Lynda
    thanks for that ...:)
    I haven't had a chance to get the Bromelain...but I'll certainly ask my Doctor tomorrow...
    I haven't taken anything since Saturday....and it took until yesterday to get some energy back..

  • jafabrit 10.1.08

    only wore the neck brace for two days so I would be careful moving.

    I put the badge and link on my blog kim :)

    Hope you are feeling better.

  • Kim 10.1.08

    thanks Corrine..
    I have a Doctor's appointment today :)
    thanks for adding the badges too :)

  • Anonymous 11.1.08

    Great calenders - thats for sure but no surplice!

    Get well soon - the world need your inspiring contributions!

  • Kim 11.1.08

    thanks very much Renny !
    Have a great weekend :)

  • Noelevz 12.1.08

    I was just passing by and I must commend you for a very amazing site! keep it up!

  • Kim 12.1.08

    thanks very much Noelevz...
    I really enjoyed visiting your site....some great reading and your artist interviews are fascinating :)

  • Fruity 13.1.08

    That sunflower painting is nice. Looks familiar :)

    Sunshine on my shoulder, makes me happy. Hope you will heal soon

  • Kim 13.1.08

    hi Fruity
    it is lovely isn't it...
    these sunflowers are the original work of Lisa Lorenz.. :)
    thanks for dropping by and for your get well wishes :)

  • Carol 13.1.08

    Hey Kim,
    I was just tagged from the Queen of Memes and do not want to go to the dungeon for all bleternity so I have passed it on to you. Hey what's another tag (sigh)

  • Netster23 13.1.08

    Hello Kim,

    Sorry for not visiting often.. very busy.

    Speedy :) you link every one without checking? hahahhaa hope you had fun with the house keeping thing :)

    Cheers all...

  • Kim 14.1.08

    thanks Carol
    will check it out this week :)

    hi Netster...
    no worries :)
    I have been visiting less too due to my shoulder and portrait commitments :0

  • Speedcat Hollydale 14.1.08

    Hi Kim ... and Netster?? ha haa!! I guess I link in Old Wild West fasion. Fire away, and see if the Sherriff comes :-)

    The internet is a wild place on it's own it seems Kim. Strange things with Technorati, small battles between bloggers, blog hijackers .... I hope the dust settles soon.
    Sorry for an Off-Topic comment here. My mind has been busy today. (that's what I'll use for an excuse)
    Hope your weekend was a good one. See you on the trail!


  • Kim 14.1.08

    I agree Eric...ummm I mean Sherriff
    I'm picking up quite a lot of rumblings in the blogosphere....
    I feel that I have missed a couple of major disasters due to being off line lately due to my shoulder..

    we really need a detective to reveal all of the mysteries....
    hint hint...
    Technorati is really proving to be unreliable and their methods in dealing with their clients is very unsatisfactory...
    I had better stop there as I am prone to ramble on that topic ;)
    and end up right back at the beginning :)

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