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Heath Ledger

23 January 2008 12 comments

Heath Ledger's brilliant career ends in tragedy

Artist captures three sides of Heath Ledger


12 comments: to “ Heath Ledger so far...

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 24.1.08

    This is really tragic. He's just 28and already its all over. I watched him in A Knights Tale, and The Patriot with Mel Gibson. His performances were very convincing and consistently executed. He was a naturally gifted actor.

    His performance in Brokeback Mountain gave him international acclaim, and even more admiration for the daring role he played with Jake Gyllenhall.

    Its very sad really, losing someone of great talent at a very young age. Much like James Dean in the 1950s, River Phoenix in the 1990's, Brad Renfro a few weeks ago.

    I wonder what Hollywood does to people or what fame does to an individual. Its difficult to pin down and what cause to attribute it to. --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 24.1.08

    That's terrible.

  • Diane 24.1.08

    So tragic, more so because he was so young and talented...

  • John M. Mora 24.1.08

    Very sad indeed - he was a gifted actor, charismatic, and took on roles that would have scared others off. He was smart and charming.

    One of a handfull that appealed both to men and women - very sad.

  • Anonymous 24.1.08

    Really tragic :(

  • Kim 24.1.08

    thanks for your comments..
    Brad...Pony...Diane... John and Caner....
    very very sad news....and I imagine a great loss to his family and those who were dear to him....

  • Lynda Lehmann 24.1.08

    How very sad and what a tragic waste. I think it's very tough for people to handle the stress of fame and fortune, particularly if they are young and haven't developed coping skills.


  • Lynda Lehmann 24.1.08

    Kim, I have something for you over at my site. When you have a chance...

    Lynda xxx

  • Kim 24.1.08

    thanks for your comment Lynda ...
    I will pop over ...

  • Anonymous 24.1.08

    I have been sad for days ever since this news became public. He was my favourite idol. I respected him so much. One of the worst days of my life, when i heard the news about him.

  • Kim 24.1.08

    very sad Andrew....I can understand your grief...
    take care....

  • Anonymous 24.6.08

    Its really sad.

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