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Alexander WIP....2 WEEKS TO FINISH !!!

14 January 2008 25 comments

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I still have a lot of work on this portrait....face, hair, suit (which will probably be white) and hands.....
It's a slow process (couple of hours a day) as I don't want to wreck my good arm...
more x rays and ultrasound on the 22nd January....
so until then I'm having to be careful with my shoulder...

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I have been thinking about redesigning my blog so...
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25 comments: to “ Alexander WIP....2 WEEKS TO FINISH !!! so far...

  • Carol 14.1.08

    Thanks Kim for being a good sport and completeing this Meme. The Pic actually goes with it. Great job!

  • Kim 14.1.08

    it does too Carol....
    I'll try to get it looking more like a Cd COVER ....I'm sure my daughter can be bribed to help out :)

  • Anonymous 14.1.08

    Hi Kim,
    Hey that's not bad at all...might even outsell mine hahaha
    I just cropped and squared my pic then added text..gets me out of Mimi's dungeon for a few minutes lol

  • Kim 14.1.08

    hah Colin ...
    now I know you're joking....yours is a professional job !!!!
    gee Mimi's dungeon must be pretty scary....
    I'm glad I modified mine :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 15.1.08

    Hi Kim, is the 2-week deadline non-negotiable? Perhaps you can suspend other activities to have more time to rest your arm rather than post a blog!

    I remember when I had that trouble with my arm and couldn't help but use it, until it really snapped. And that was the end of my pitching career at age 22.

    I hope nothing like this happens. I was just throwing balls, you are creating something that will last a lifetime.

    Take care and I will pray you heal fast and well. --Durano, done!

  • Debbie Dolphin 15.1.08

    Hi Kim OMG!

    Is Dr. Alexander in private practice?
    A very impressive Portrait!

    I hope you are taking good care of your health and arms, my friend?

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:
    Barely Escaping the Viral Void in the Black Hole

  • Kim 15.1.08

    hi Brad
    thanks for your timely advice :)
    I tried giving up the washing but it sort of piled up in the laundry....
    I'm sure the family thinks that it washes itself more often than not...
    as for the's not negotiable....31st January is the date but I do have another painting as back up....still it would be nice to enter I'll keep plodding along....
    I imagine having to give up your baseball would have been pretty devastating too !!
    thanks for your kind words :)

    hi Debbie of the Black Hole Virus LOL....
    your impression of Alexander as a Doctor is pretty intuitive as I have been thinking about a title for this portrait and "intern" came to mind simply because he has just turned 18 and basically has just began his internship for life...
    my Mum has been suggesting titles too "youth" "fresh" are two other titles ...perhaps I should have a "suggest a title" competition and ask the admin at Technorati to be the judges....;)
    look after that flu of yours and don't go swimming around any of those lighthouses this week :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 15.1.08

    Kim, your portrait is going to be just gorgeous! I love how you've handled the hair, capturing its "character" without having it becoming too dominant.

    I have to tell you--I think I already mentioned it once--that my left elbow tendinitis that lasted over two years, didn't get better until I finally gave in and absolutely babied it! So take care, be careful, and don't set yourself back. I'm glad you got the bromelain and hope it helps.

    Thanks for the site recommendations!

    I LIKE your site design. It's clean, smart looking, and I totally associate it with you at this point. But of course, you will do what you feel a need to do, and you'll do it well. :)

  • Kim 15.1.08

    thanks for your critique on the portrait Lynda's great !
    I am about to start the hands today...
    I had my first Bromelain this morning as well as a spray on my right arm..
    I am trying very hard to be careful with the left one....
    2 years...goodness...
    my Mum and my sister have both had their shoulders go on them and recovery time was 12 months and 6 months respectively...
    ah yes design might end up like a reshuffle to make for quicker page loading...
    thanks very much for your complimentary's very much appreciated :)

  • John M. Mora 15.1.08

    Thank you, Kim, for visiting my site and your kind comments. The portrait is so promising - there is great command and I sense the subject's young sauve as yet untrampled determination.

    Will visit. Hope your shoulder gets better.

  • Kim 15.1.08

    thank you John...
    I like that interpretation :)
    he certainly is a determined teenager....
    I like to think of him as suave too (being his Mum) :)

    thanks for your good wishes ...

  • Diane 15.1.08

    Every time I came here to write a comment I got sidetracked following links but I am now finally back and can say that I love the portrait. The love for the subject and the bond between you both shines through. It's a wonderful portrait.

    I hope if you do push ahead to finish this you can then spend some time nursing your shoulder, it's very precious!

    And as for laundry - having no clean clothes is a wonderful incentive to getting the kids to help out....

  • Kim 16.1.08

    ha Diane
    thanks for your comments on Alexander's Portrait...
    I'm still trying to get him to to stand still long enough to finish those hands !!

    "having no clean clothes"
    I didn't think of that :)
    perhaps they have too many !!!
    everytime I show the kids how to wash ...they "forget" how to do it...
    especially the sorting....turning the clothes inside out...emptying pockets and most of all placing them in the machine...
    it's one of those skills that I doubt they will ever acquire...
    and believe me I have tried...
    just putting the clothes in their laundry baskets is a challenge for them.....:0

  • jafabrit 16.1.08

    Painting is really looking good, and enjoyed the links :)

    Sending healing vibes.

  • Kim 16.1.08

    thanks Corrine :)
    and ta for the vibes too :)
    one of those weeks where you go forward one step and back two...

  • Kris Cahill 16.1.08

    Hi Kim,
    The portrait looks wonderful! You have captured this lad's spirit. I hope your injury heals quickly so you can be back up and running.

    Loved the album cover meme. I'll try it myself and send it along sometime.

  • Kim 16.1.08

    hi Kris..
    thanks for your comment...
    and thanks for your good wishes re my shoulder...
    the meme was fun and certainly random....
    I'll be interested to see what you come up with :)

  • Cooper 16.1.08

    Love the portrait Kim. It's hard to catch up with those memes sometimes.

    I hope the healing is going well.

  • Kim 16.1.08

    thanks Cooper
    I think I have taken care of the new year memes backlog....and now hopefully I'll be able to keep up to date....
    thanks re the shoulder...
    hopefully next Tuesday's scans will reveal the extent of the problem :)

  • BoydGreeneArt 17.1.08

    Kim, I'm loving the portrait and I hope your check-up is goodnews. It is amazing to watch you paint. Such strong structure. I can't wait to see it finished.

    Nice links.

  • Kim 17.1.08

    thanks very much Boyd...
    your opinions are always appreciated....
    thanks for the good wishes re my arm too.. :)
    have a terrific Wednesday !!

  • Lisa Lorenz 17.1.08

    Absolutely Gorgeous, gorgeous! Looks finished to me! Anxious to see the wonderful finishes! hope your shoulder is better...big hugs

  • Kim 17.1.08

    thanks and thanks Lisa for dropping by...
    I know how busy you are going to be over the next couple of weeks...
    I hope everything is "smooth as sailing" for you both :) :)
    hugs and xxxxxxx

  • MYM 20.1.08

    beautiful portrait!

  • Kim 20.1.08

    thanks very much Drowsey Monkey :)

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