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Random Picks !!

21 January 2008 20 comments

cartoon from

Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

On my blog travels via
Sue @ Blogging Sueblimely
I came across this beaut site
We Blog Cartoons. and had a good laugh at the witty cartoons there...
I posted one at PoeARTica too !!
I was motivated to take a look at my own desk IRL....
what a mess ....because of my arm status my desk looks like a jungle...

click here to see a really tidy desk !!

A big big thank you to Sue @ Blogging Sueblimely who has handed this award on to me from Sandy of Writing in Faith
Sue gave me the award for
The 101 Top Artists' List ...thank you Sue !!
I am also taking this opportunity to thank Sue for nominating laketrees in 3 categories for the Blogger's Choice Awards, the most popular user-generated blog voting site on the planet!

Sue has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things blogging as well as being a professional web designer !!..she certainly has a passion for helping bloggers enjoy their blogging and to get the very most out of it.
It doesn't surprise me that
Sue has been nominated in 4 categories
Check out Bloggers Choice ...who knows your blog could already be nominated for the 2008 awards...
It's easy, just click the link, signup, and vote or nominate your favorite sites.

Another site worth checking out is...

  • Should Be Famous

  • thank you to the secret squirrel who nominated me there !!
    this site features a fascinating array of blogs and well worth visiting ...
    the slide show collection of photographic headers is excellent !!

    I have been doing my fair share of blog reading lately (due to my armless state) and I have decided to pick one Artist from the Top 101 Artists' Blogs List each week
    my first Random Pick from the Top 101 Artists' List is: # 9 (my lucky number)
    Diane @ Much of a Muchness
    If you haven't taken a look at Diane's very cool site where she features her extraordinary books and book designs........ pop over and have a look right now....

    ps the first person to give me their lucky number in a comment on this post will be my Random Pick for next week ...

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    20 comments: to “ Random Picks !! so far...

    • Deborah Paris 21.1.08

      What gorgeous books! Well, not sure I qualify as I am only on the new listings...but, just in case-my lucky number is 3!

      Deborah Paris

    • Kim 21.1.08

      hi Deborah
      you sure do qualify and your lucky number will be the random pick for next week ...thanks for calling in and have a great day :)

      ummm actually ..# 3 is my blog...haha do you have another lucky number Deborah?

    • Anita 21.1.08

      I tidied my desk at work the other day and when I came in yesterday I thought how did it get to be so messy again - especially as I had a week when I literally did not get into the office. I'm sure someone comes and messes it for me!

      My lucky number is 26!

    • Speedcat Hollydale 21.1.08


    • Kim 21.1.08

      hi Anita
      ok ...looks like moi will have to make a list here...seeing I'm an obsessive listmaker ...soooo # 26 has been noted...
      I'm sure there are gremlins out there just waiting to mess up desks....because I'm sure yours would be a tidy one 99% of the time :)

      hey Speedy # 7 has been filed...:)
      ps ..that was my Dad's lucky number....he called it his lucky walking stick !!

    • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 21.1.08

      If your on Bloggers Choice Awards, I'm definitely going there to vote for you; and would ask others I know to do the same.

      Your "armless state" evoked images of Venus in me. That's going to be messy. Put it right back on! Cmon! LOL! --Durano, done!

    • Kim 21.1.08

      thank you very much Brad are very kind...
      ah yes Venus....I can picture her !!
      I don't think she would be the same with LOL...

    • John M. Mora 21.1.08

      Great post, Kim - I relly liked the dichotomy of your desk - wireless router and turpentine.

      It is so refreshing that you write so much about others.

      Any treats handed out for unlucky number? You know, I never thought of it but I do not have an unlucky number.

    • Kim 21.1.08

      thanks John :)
      oh I wonder if that would be classified as unsafe....having turps next to electrical appliances....:0
      I think I had better tidy up in case I blow myself up !!!
      nice to know that you don't have any unlucky numbers...
      I'm a little wary of #13 :0

    • Deborah Paris 22.1.08

      how about 6?

    • Diane 22.1.08

      Thank you so much for featuring my books! You really are a star!

      The cartoon web site is great - I found my procrastination cartoon there the other day! He seems to hit the nail on the head every time :)

      Voted for you, my dear, of course!
      Diane@Much of a Muchness

    • Kim 22.1.08

      thanks Deborah ...
      #6 will be next weeks random pick :)

      hi Diane..
      it's a pleasure to feature your books....

      and you're so right about the cartoons.... T think he has one for every occasion....
      a bit like your books eh ?

      thanks for your vote too :)

    • One Wacky Mom 22.1.08

      Very cool. I like this one my friend. How I organize my desk...

    • Debbie Dolphin 22.1.08

      Hi H.M. Scribal Skipper!

      Out of the electronic jungle on your desk rose the Tower Of Technorati blinking and winking at you through the Portal Screen of their digital Black Hole. Except for the painting equipment, our desks look alike - the blogging barracks needed for posting our blogs!

      Hilarious Cartoon, too! Looks like another Computer Desk Organizer may be required to clean the desk in the Cartoon.

      Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

    • Anonymous 22.1.08

      The picture on how to arrange the desk really complicated.. hahahha

    • Kim 22.1.08

      it's good isn't it Ev...
      is yours a tidy one or a messy one ?

      I'm so glad your barracks look like mine and we can always blame technorati Debbie....
      I wonder if we could put technorati and their team in one of your disused lighthouses.....
      you now the one that is the most isolated....forgotten....and oh ...haunted could be good too:)

      it is Keeyit...
      you would need a very large desk to fit all of that stuff on it !!!

    • Kris Cahill 22.1.08

      I am relieved to see your desk, but it still doesn't mean I will ever show anyone a picture of mine. I know it's getting bad when it spills over onto the kitchen table. :)

      Congratulations on being nominated, I'll go and vote for you!

      May you have two arms again soon.

    • Kim 22.1.08

      ah the creeping overloaded desk syndrome Kris :)
      I think that is the same as creeping dust syndrome....the more you try to get rid of it the more it spreads...
      thanks for the bloggers choice support :)
      my results of the scan today were "frozen shoulder" so will be of to my GP tomorrow with the results...
      I'm just about to look it up on the net....

    • Anonymous 23.1.08

      I suffer from CODS too (creeping overload desk syndrome)
      . Disorganization
      . Feeling there is something you have forgotten to do.
      . Buying more pens than you need

      Severe symptoms:
      . Hearing ringing noises - am I mistaken or is there a telephone here somewhere?
      . Knowing there is something to do but not being able to remember what.
      . Sight problems - you can't find your glasses.

      Thanks for you kind words Kim and for the mention of the Bloggers Choice awards - my partner nominated me and he is biased - I wish he had not logged in with my account though, looks as if I nominated myself!

      I have an award for you which I am just about to post.

    • Kim 23.1.08

      LOL Sue...
      I suffer from all of those symptoms especially the telephone fact...the intercom buzzer buzzed the other day and I ignored it thinking it was one of the many mobiles that live at our house....
      drat it was a parcel from the Nederlands and I had to wait until the following day for them to deliver it !!!
      your partner nominated you cool...
      another award !!! thanks Sue....will pop over :)

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