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A Letter from André Rieu Productions

28 January 2008 34 comments

Last Week I received a letter from André Rieu Productions
with three photographs of the portrait that I presented to Mr Rieu...
They thanked me for the portrait and Mr Rieu very generously signed the photos that I had included with the painting.
I sent the letter and photos off to the framers and they did a wonderful job (in 2 days!)

I am going to give one of the photos to my Mum and the other one to my Sister (also big fans of the famous Musician)

View the Portrait of André Rieu here -
"The Flying Dutchman"

click on the images to zoom

As most Australians are aware Mr André Rieu is coming to Australia this year.

André - The official website: André Rieu

Andre Rieu Fans
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34 comments: to “ A Letter from André Rieu Productions so far...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 28.1.08

    Outstanding Kim. It must be so exciting to have your work so well recieved. I'm going to research André Rieu a bit!

    See you later,

  • Kim 28.1.08

    thanks Eric...
    it really is an honour and receiving the photos was very exciting :)
    a lovely start to 2008 !!!

  • Lynda Lehmann 28.1.08

    How exciting for you, Kim! Of course, the portrait is wonderful! I would expect nothing less of you. :)

  • Unknown 28.1.08

    I love the portrait!

    Now we have to wait until November for the real thing! :)

  • Kim 28.1.08

    thanks Lynda...
    the portrait is one of my favourites :) and very special too :)
    my Dear Dad was a very big fan of
    Andre Rieu and his wonderful music :)

    thanks Flirty...
    I'm sure the time will fly.. (hopefully !)

  • AndreRieuFans 28.1.08

    WoW Weee! It is great to know André appreciates the artistic work of your wonderful portrait of him.
    Trés Bon!

  • Kim 28.1.08

    thanks very much Sally...
    and great of you to drop by.... :)
    have a terrific week !!!

  • Anonymous 28.1.08

    That is awesome.
    I am very fond of violin playing men.

    I have a violin man so it goes without saying. ;)

    He should be kissing your feet for the portrait anyway.

  • Debbie Dolphin 28.1.08

    Hi Maestra Kim!

    Do you have a global gallery to display your artistic talent?

    Hopefully, Andre Rieu can find our secret novelist author partner and bring him to Sydney to do a Dutch waltz with you?

    Just in case Chief Technorati Inspector Jos sails by here:
    Speaking of "The Flying Dutchman," did Chief Technorati Inspector Jos jump onto this ghost ship doomed to sail the seven seas forever? Do you want to inform him that he has the next chapter to write in our secret novel or do we draw straws?

    Thanks to OpenID issues, my true virtual signature link is:

  • Kim 28.1.08

    lucky you Cooper !!!
    and how romantic to have your own violin playing man..;)
    ha I think Mr Rieu would have millions of women worldwide wanting to kiss his feet ...
    I wonder how Mrs Rieu feels about that :)

    ah yes Debbie I
    I have my Wordpress blog here and my website here ...
    LOL...I haven't seen Chief Technorati Inspector Jos in a while...
    I hope he not suffering from seasickness or writer's block :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 28.1.08

    An artist sincerely appreciating another artist's work is the most profoundly elating feeling of all. Congratulations Kim!

    From a non-artist's perspective, I can see that you've captured the intensity of his feelings and the joy of his chosen medium of in expressing and sharing his talents. Bravo Kim! --Durano, done!

  • Kim 28.1.08

    thank you very much Durano....
    I believe that most people love to have feedback on their work and of course when it is is simply wonderful !!

    of course I think that there are a lot of artists who are their own best (or worst) critics due to the isolated nature of their craft...
    whether it be the visual arts....

    the daily discipline and processes in all of these areas is mainly a solitary one....a constant striving for your own personal best and of course a passion to create something that is unique....

    I can see that in your writing Durano :)

  • Diane 28.1.08

    How exciting! It was a fantastic portrait (as they all are!)

    I'm going to check him out to see what we are missing in the UK.... :-)


  • Kim 28.1.08

    thanks so much Diane :)
    you must must ....
    I'm sure you will love Mr Rieu and his music ;)

  • Anonymous 29.1.08

    How exciting and lovely - Happy for you!

    Btw: I saw you where nominated for Santa's blog of the day - I've voted for you of course :-)

  • Jackie 29.1.08

    Oh Kim what an honor. You must be simply beside yourself with excitment. Of course after seeing your work that you have posted here I certainly am not surprised.

    You are so very,very talented. Oh I am so very,very happy for you.

    Congratulations 10 times over and then over again!!:)

  • jafabrit 29.1.08

    That is just really cool, no wonder you are excited :)

    I am really happy for you Kim.
    sending my best

  • John M. Mora 29.1.08

    Excellent portrait that captures his star charisma - I would love to see your work in person - you do bring out the essence of your subjects - very cool that he responded also. My best.

  • Speedcat Hollydale 29.1.08

    Kim, when at the André Rieu site, I noticed that he does not have a planned visit to Minnesota ... mabey you could nudge him this way. The only planned concert here is one "38 Special". I think their website is on myspace. (80's rockers)


  • Kim 29.1.08

    oh thanks Renny and many thanks for your vote at Santa's place...:)

    thanks Jackie...
    I do feel honoured...
    Mr Rieu is such a busy man and the letter and photos have taken pride of place :)

    thanks Corrine...
    I can count this as my 2008 highlight !!!
    thanks for calling by :)

    hi John...thank you
    it took me a day to find the best shot of Mr Rieu....
    and of course watching and listening to his DVDs is such a pleasure....his music transports you to a higher plane :)

    hi Eric...
    I'm not sure about the schedule for Mr Rieu in the US...and I haven't seen the 80's rockers website ...I'll have to take a look :)
    ahhh I don't think I would have much authority when it comes to Mr Rieu's performance schedule ;)....but I do know that he has a huge guestbook at André - The official website: André it would be worth while leaving a message there...
    I think that's what the people of Perth... Australia... did....and now he is performing there in 2008 :)

  • Anonymous 29.1.08

    thats so exciting Kim... Im sure you'll have a wonderful time :) and of course like everyone said, portrait is very beautiful indeed! but then thats no surprise coming from you :)

  • Kim 29.1.08

    thanks for calling in Pearl...
    your comments are much appreciated :)

  • Lynda 29.1.08

    How awesome for you Kim... I know how much that meant to you, especially since his music is the click to your stroke so to speak... wonderful! am so happy for you, that was your light in recent times, eh? I have listened to his performance on PBS before, I can see why you would work best to his music... hugs and smiles to you, take care and you go gurl...

  • Lisa Lorenz 29.1.08

    Hiya Kim, OH WOW. This is just fantastic. Looks just goregous framed and signed! You must be so excited. Mr. Rieu must be estactic with his Kim Barker Original painting! Bravo mate! I am so happy and proud! xoxo

  • Kim 29.1.08

    thanks so much Lyn..
    I have to be careful though as with Mr Rieu's DVDs I forget sometimes that I'm supposed to be painting ...his shows are so breathtaking aren't they...
    and I bet you have a dance to the music too....
    (hugs) and have a great week :)

  • Kim 29.1.08

    hi Lisa...
    thanks mate....I believe the actual painting is still in transit...
    I'm sure you know all about that considering what you and Andreas went through with your portraits ;)
    gosh it's not long now til you go home...woo hoo Canada look out !!!
    the Lorenzes are coming home ...:)
    hugs and xxxx to you both

  • Anonymous 30.1.08

    Hi Kim (and Debbie :)

    I am not yet completely lost on one of the Seven Sees, yet :)
    I have been busy battling on the haunted fields of MBL (and others) to clean up some security issues with regards to my latest time-killer Blue Ribbon Bloggers, Home of the Original Blue Ribbon Bloggers, where I have become "Admin". There have also been some security issues inside that community blog. All this has been time consuming enough to result in a writer's block for my own blogs, unfortunately... But even closer to the Horrible Truth is that my current Interim assignment at a small publishing co. is keeping my head busy 24/7...

    Congrats and my compliments on your Andre Rieu portrait!

    (I personally think the portrait is better than the original)

  • Lindsay 30.1.08

    Kim, sorry it took so long to post my thank you. But thanks for the award and I enjoyed looking at your evoloving work! THanks for the link

    here is the link to my blog

  • Kim 30.1.08

    ahhh Jos...
    I thought there was a good reason for your mysterious absence :)
    and of course your work would be a priority....
    writer's block ...hmmm
    I have a touch of that whenever I venture over to my Top 101 Artists' Blogs List (to be updated this week...hopefully before the first of the month)

    hi Lindsay
    no problems...
    I will pop over today..
    thanks for the link :)

  • Anonymous 21.2.08

    Our congratulations on your outstanding portrait of André, your portrayal of his charisma is commendable.

  • From Belgium with love 21.2.08

    Hi Kim,
    I've just perusing your blog. Super good portrait of André Rieu. I love his kind of music when painting, nice and soothing. He's quite succesfull in Belgium too as he is almost our neighbour.

    The portrait you're actually working on will be another smasher. Do I see a painting of Lisa's on the wall ? I guess so, she is ever so good in her style.
    Thanks for your kind words on my page. Yes, everything is okay.
    Ciao Bella !

  • Kim 21.2.08

    hi Jann...
    thanks very much for calling by and for your kind words :)

    hiya Gilberte
    great to hear that all is well over your way are lucky to have Andre such close proximity :)
    yes Lisa and I did a painting swap and I am very fortunate to have two of her wonderful paintings :)

    your latest portraits are lovely...

    wishing you a sunny weekend and thanks so much for calling in :)

  • kade 24.1.09

    hello i need to get in touch with Andre Rieu productions as soon as possible regarding his up coming Australian tour, could you tell me how i could make contact urgently please. my email is:
    thank you - kade jones

  • Anonymous 26.3.09

    This is a great post about Andre rieu, i like his music, his composing is awesome.

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