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Alexander and the Spider

16 May 2007 10 comments

I have been experimenting with cad red wash and ivory black wash.....I am planning to paint Alexander in a white suit with white background...and of course I am getting some help from the resident spider...


10 comments: to “ Alexander and the Spider so far...

  • Anonymous 17.5.07

    I'm watching with interest Kim! The red wash is really making the figure stand out a lot more I think (and it goes so well with your blog too!). Is it acrylic or oil?

  • Kim 17.5.07

    hi Kitty
    this is oil....but I am using thin washes as I am going for a smooth finish with this portrait.....I will probably scumble over the red with a white so that I will get a build up of colour....and the red came about...while watching an Indian dancer on the TV ...the stage was like a Rothko painting and hence the blog makeover!!!!

  • Anonymous 17.5.07

    This piece is really looking beautiful. I also love the self-portraits in your flickr box. Wow. Uhhh...I can bake a cake?

  • Kim 17.5.07

    hi Kelly
    lol....I absolutely cannot bake a cake to save my life.....not even packet ones....

  • Lisa Lorenz 17.5.07

    Hi Kim, Oh I am loving this portrait of your dashing son come alive! I love the softness in his eyes and face. THe pose is strong and wonderful! All your portraits have so much style and character. I like the spidey touch. Have a great day mate..xoxox Lisa

  • Kim 17.5.07

    thanks Lisa
    I'm taking my time with this....and working on two other portraits as well....every day it's eeney meeney miney mo....
    sadly the spider passed away last night.....poor thing!!!!I think it was a case of painting poisoning.......

  • Baby Stroller Reviews 19.5.07

    Hi Kim, I like your choice o colors with this painting, I'll be looking to see it finished. I also wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog at I also have an art blog at and if you are interested I would like to trade links with you. Let me know. Thanks

  • Kim 19.5.07

    hi Michael
    thanks for calling in.....a link trade would be great...I think your art is very exciting...I'm a Dali fan from way back...I read your comment on Deborah's blog at at Life in the Fast Lane....and just had to visit.....amazing series of comic heroes!!!!I will put your art site in my blogging buddies roll....

  • Anonymous 31.7.08

    Nice brushwork and impressive use of color, do you have a larger portfolio of work online? If so, send me a link, would be interested to see more.

    Also, let me know if you'd like me to post your Url on my website, I appreciate you may like the extra publicity.

  • Kim 31.7.08

    hi Jimi..
    you can see my portfolio if you click on the link "works" in my top tab menu...
    thanks for the offer to link..that would be great...
    I'll put your site in my links page too :)

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