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Portrait of Alexander

8 May 2007 13 comments

Finally started painting the portrait of Alexander, my son. Thin wash of viridian green on face and hands..titanium white, raw sienna, burnt umber, cad red with lean medium on Belgian Linen.
This took about 2 hours while watching Andre Rieu on DVD......
The Flying Dutchman....great music to paint to.


13 comments: to “ Portrait of Alexander so far...

  • Orlando Rubio 9.5.07

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  • Anonymous 9.5.07

    Oh to be able to paint. How lovely your work is.

  • Kim 9.5.07

    Thanks for visiting and the new info Edward....will do

    Thanks for the visit and gracious comment Kelly
    Painting is a passion for me and it helps when my son is the model....

  • Anonymous 9.5.07

    This looks great Kim. I wish I could do something like this in 2 hours! Maybe in another 2 lifetimes...

  • Kim 9.5.07

    thanks Kitty
    lol.....every time I start a new portrait... I learn how to speed up the process in some way...each work is a learning curve...and it's funny how you learn to never make the same mistake you probably know with your landscapes too...

  • Susan Borgas 9.5.07

    Kim I just wanted to thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I also would like to say that the portrait of your son just blows me away. Lots of clappies from me!

  • Kim 9.5.07

    hi Susan
    thank you...I had a great time browsing your blog and viewing your wonderful artworks.

  • Lisa Lorenz 10.5.07

    Hi Kim, WOW, this is truly amazing...I just love it. Alexander looks so great, what a handsome young man. He gets his great looks from his beautiful mum! I am just back from a trip to Berlin. I have not been on line much as my in laws are here visiting. I am very time to paint or blog. But I just dropped by tonight to see what my favourite gal was up to! You have been a busy beaver. Big hugs xoxox Lisa

  • Kim 10.5.07

    Hi Lisa!!!!
    so glad to see you are back...Berlin? you are a busy traveller!!!!
    Thanks so much for your comments....still waiting for the paint to have been busily blogging
    I'm really looking forward to seeing some of your travel pics..
    Have a great day!!!

  • P 10.5.07

    wow!!!! if only I could be even a fraction of as talented as you are....

  • Kim 10.5.07

    thanks perspective
    I'm very happy with the start on this and my son is a willing model (which

  • Unikversiti 2.7.07

    Peace n howdy??

    All of your artworks are lovely!! Nice job. It's remind me when i was active drawing long time ago :)

    Best regards

  • Kim 3.7.07

    hi Forumer
    thanks for your comment.....
    have a great day !!!!!
    and peace to you too.....

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