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Next Showdown at Saatchi Gallery

10 May 2007 11 comments

Title: Tahlia - my niece (the little girl in the previous post)
Year: 2006
Medium: Graphite/Acrylic/Gouache on Arches Paper
Dimensions: 42cm x 60cm
Artwork Description: Drawing
This artwork has been loaded for the SHOWDOWN round between
14-05-2007 and 21-05-2007.
Your rating/vote after 15-05-2007 would be very much appreciated.....
The direct link to this artwork for voting is HERE
thank you
tally at 18/05/07....Overall rating: 5.60 Rated: 35 time(s)


11 comments: to “ Next Showdown at Saatchi Gallery so far...

  • Orlando Rubio 13.5.07

    thanks for visiting my blog. Your are beautiful. Are you an artist?
    By the way I choose you out from my blogroll to do this task because I considered you as my friend from Down Under. I choose four from around the world.
    Visit my link : health and wealth

  • Anonymous 13.5.07

    Hi Kim ... this is a beautiful portrait. Stunning, in fact.

    And I have tagged you HEREfor the In the Spotlight meme.

    love your art!

    P.S. your mini bio seems to slow up the ability to post a comment very easily ... at least it does on this old tortoise of a PC!

  • Anonymous 13.5.07

    Kim this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the lighting. I read your review at Life in the Fast Lane - it was very well written and the paintings are beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Kim 13.5.07

    Thank you Edward...
    Yes,I have created most of the art works on this site.....

    Hi Lesley
    I wrote a comment on your meme but it has not appeared.... I will put you on my list too....
    I have quite a few rock you slideshows on my site as well as a lot of side bar will look at paring it down...thanks for the tip
    have a great Mother's Day

  • Kim 13.5.07

    Thanks Kitty
    Deborah is certainly talented in this area (as well as a million other areas...her garden art designs and ornamental furniture is a must see!!)
    I hope you have a lovely day up there in sunny Queensland!!! I'm off to a day spa for a desperately needed facial (thanks to my family for the pressie!!!) and then out to dinner with my Mum and the family...

  • Anonymous 13.5.07

    Kim, I hope you have a fabulous time at the day spa - I'm insanely jealous. It's not so sunny today, but I'm stuck inside working on my final uni assignment for the sememster so that's probably a good thing.

    Thanks for the tag BTW - I'll try not to stuff it up.

  • Lisa Lorenz 21.5.07

    Beautiful portrait of your very beautiful niece! A big 10 from me Kim!

  • Kim 21.5.07

    Thanks so much Lisa!!!
    Have a great day!!!!

  • Anonymous 26.7.07

    No portrait is harder than that of a child and you have excelled in this one. Those late in years have lines but only he or she that can sculpt a cylinder well can do the child well. I love the personality you captured too. I always start with the eyes, do you?

  • Kim 26.7.07

    thank you Boyd.... my niece has a big personality for one so young......
    I have two children that I have drawn many many times over the I have had a lot of practice drawing children......
    I always start with the eyes too.....I suppose because they are the windows of the soul....

  • Anonymous 19.4.08

    The portrait is beautiful... i am drawing a little myself (pencil), but never can achieve this feeling of "presence"... life in her eyes... oh, my, i'd wish to be able to draw like you do one day...

    will bookmark the page to follow your future work. thanks for creating beauty...

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