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"In The Spotlight"

9 May 2007 7 comments

Over at Christy's Coffee Break Christy has created a meme where everyone can be "In The Spotlight". All you need to do is pop over to Christy's Coffee Break and answer her interview questions then tag 5 more bloggers on your blog...have fun!!!!!!

Here are the Questions and Answers for my Interview
1. Are you a spiritual person?
Yes....very much so.
2. What makes your blog unique?
My blog is an ongoing journal of my artwork and works in progress.
3. If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want to have with you?
Unlimited canvases, a cd player and a toothbrush.
4. What are your feelings on the "blog popularity" issue?
One comment is worth a thousand links to me.
5. When did you start blogging?
About 6 months ago.

Here are the great people and blogs that I am tagging
Lisa Lorenz Studio Blog
Super Artist who paints stunning colourful canvases
Skeet's Stuff
Life in Hawaii by a single-woman, small businees owner perspective. Frequent musings about home, family, firends and the clutter I don't want to live with anymore.
The Blond Leading The Blind
--tips for blogging dummies
The science of grasping life by the short hairs.
-holiday in the sun
Pastel and Paint: Lesly Finn's Art
A British artist living in New Zealand.


7 comments: to “ "In The Spotlight" so far...

  • kuanyin333 9.5.07

    Mahalo for the invite, and I'd love to play along! I've had fun checking out your site--LOVE your artwork! I can't seem to break the code on the sidebar where it writes: laketrees 1, about, etc. It doesn't wanna work for me! I'll let ya know when I've got my meme finished, and of course, I'll link back to you! I see you're on twitter...I'll add you to my Twitter friends...I only have one so far, and he's another Aussie, a sick one! :-(

  • Kim 9.5.07

    hi Kuanyin
    glad to hear that you're in...this is my first meme btw......
    thanks for the comment on my art
    the sidebar buttons are pop ups of my website at so maybe you have popups blocked....I am not an expert in this area though.....
    thanks for the twitter add...I hope your aussie friend is OK....

  • Anonymous 10.5.07

    Thanks for tagging me! I'm happy to join in -- and this meme's thankfully not as long as some I've been tagged to do. I appreciate that you stopped by!

  • Lisa Lorenz 10.5.07

    Hi Kim, so nice of you to mention me in the meme...I will have to go and check this out tomorrow with my coffee. I am off to bed, very tired. Have a great day! xoxox Lisa

  • Kim 10.5.07

    Hi Kelly
    thanks for participating....and yep I decided to make my meme short and sweet...
    Hi Lisa
    sweet dreams!!!!

  • Christy 10.5.07

    Thank you so much for participating, I appreciate it.

    The toothbrush would definitely be a good idea, lol.

    I love coming to your site, it's inspiring, you are so incredibly talented.

    Have a great night:)

  • Kim 10.5.07

    Hi Christy
    I really enjoyed doing my first meme..thanks to you....
    and thanks so much for your comments....

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