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Archibald Winner - 2008

7 March 2008 17 comments

Breaking News

Who is Australia's Top Portrait Painter?

Del Kathryn Barton
You are what is most beautiful about me, a self portrait with Kell and Arella

Archibald Wynne & Sulman Prizes 08
8 March - 18 May 2008
Lower Level 1

The Archibald Prize is one of Australia's oldest and most prestigious art awards. JF Archibald's primary aims were to foster portraiture, support artists and perpetuate the memory of great Australians. Since its inception in 1921 the prize has been awarded to some of Australia's most important artists, including George Lambert, William Dobell and Brett Whiteley.
The Wynne Prize is awarded to the best landscape painting of Australian scenery in oils or watercolours or for the best example of figure sculpture, by an Australian artist.
The Sir John Sulman Prize is awarded for the best subject painting or genre painting or mural project by an Australian artist.
Visit the website to view the finalists: HERE

One of the 40 Finalists
Do you think this qualifies as a Portrait??

Leslie Rice
Quartered, drawn and hung: Adam Cullen on public display

Runner Up
Vincent Fantauzzo 'Heath'
Heath Ledger makes striking image for Archibald Prize
This was my pick

Image Source:
The History of the Archibald Prize

Author: Peter Ross, 1932-

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17 comments: to “ Archibald Winner - 2008 so far...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 7.3.08

    I like Paul Ryan Peter Booth, "Study with Cuban" ... not just because of the cigar, but because this work just begs to be looked at.
    Your pick, Vincent Fantauzzo "Heath" is unbelievably realistic, and shows great talent.
    - The winners name is oddly similar to yours...

    Leslie Rice
    Quartered, drawn and hung: Adam Cullen on public display
    I am no expert on art, and this peice may have some geometric significance, but what that is will be a mystery to me...
    Is this art Kim?? I might be crazy (don't answer that), but I do believe this looks simplistic.

    The board of "words" was interesting and humorous as well. If too many like it - throw it away!! This could work to my advantage in many of life's aspects (wink)

    The website was sharp, and easy to load ... proof that you do not need 10 Meg of flash / video to have a decent page.

    Lot's of Diggs so far ... I still know nothing about Digg - maybe I should??? Great post Kim, yours always are.... a special lady with lots to share, in so many ways. To say that I have enjoyed your page and communcations back and forth would be an understatment. Thanks, - for everything :-)


  • Kim 7.3.08

    hey Speedy
    I think you should pop over here and put your name down for next years judging panel....
    Interesting pick and certainly many layers below the surface..looks like the artist has used a palette knife in some areas of
    "Study with Cuban"

    KB...yes popular Dad's too ;)....

    I looked very hard at the Rice portrait as I thought there might have been some figurative element...but no's a mystery to me too ..

    the words are from my very well worn book that I own and have read from cover to cover a million times..

    gotta join Digg's a bonus when it comes to traffic..
    I'm only a beginner there...
    but I still think one comment is worth a thousand diggs...

    and because you are my first commentator here you have won a special mystery prize :))
    send me your address and I will mail it to you next week....:)

    ps sorry but it's NOT a chicken :D

  • Anonymous 7.3.08

    The portrait of Del Kathryn Barton was outstanding Kim - thanks for sharing (and of course I've digged this lookable and interesting post too!)

    Wishing you a great weekend my friend!

  • Kim 7.3.08

    thanks very much for your vote and wonderful comment at Digg Renny..:)
    have a lovely weekend !!

  • Anonymous 7.3.08

    Kim, Dugg your beautiful post.
    I like the look/feel of laketrees now, to what it was a lil while back.. You are getting there KIM!
    A neat post as always.

  • Kim 7.3.08

    thanks Lakshmi...
    I'm getting more familiar with the blogger template finally...
    I hope you are feeling better this week and thanks for your Digg :)

  • John M. Mora 8.3.08

    "Quartered, drawn and hung: Adam Cullen on public display" - size is small b ut there is contrast in the dark sections - much of art today is concep[t over execution - started big time with pop art.

    Would need to see work better/bigger (, in camera review, ) to make a determination. Apparently enough jurists thought it was.

    Is art wbhat the art establishment defiones as art? Like a commodity market to the extreme.

  • Lynda Lehmann 8.3.08

    hi kim--i have dugg it. i'm with you on the ledger portrait--so absolutely powerful and compelling to look at. i think the "Rice" piece is taking a concept too far, to the point where it feels like a gimmick to me. as for the winner, i think it's pretty and decorative, but nowhere as potent as your pick.

  • Lindsay 8.3.08

    Thanks so much for posting this. I LOVE her work!! I would never have known about her State side without reading it here!

  • Kim 8.3.08

    We are in an age of abstraction John....and I think Realism is not favoured by the art establishment...
    I enjoy the works of Rothko as well as the best Realist Portraits...
    I think when it comes to the public and portraiture though ...I get the message that most prefer to see a portrait that has a fairly good physical resemblance to the sitter....

    hi Lynda
    I agree and I suppose it always comes back to personal choice....and I suppose the definition of what makes a portrait is constantly changing and evolving...
    I'm sure there wouldn't be many who could pick Adam Cullen in Rice's portrait except for the title...very obscure :)
    thanks for the Digg ...

    hi Lindsay..
    thanks for calling by and I'm glad that you enjoyed the post :)

  • anandi 8.3.08

    "Artists today can never get rid of their paranoia." Very true!

  • Kim 9.3.08

    hi Anand
    this was a quote made by Keith Looby who won the Prize in 1984...with a portrait of Max Gilles ...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 9.3.08

    Included my "TOP 10" favorite things in life is the Special Mystery Prize :-)

    Thanks for the comment - I was worried that an adware page was popping up.

    Sure! I would like to be judge ... you would win!! and no entries of black boxes

  • John M. Mora 9.3.08

    Modern dance, danced.

    I have looked at other finalists and they are very solid group.

    Who is that dancer you linked me to?

  • Kim 9.3.08

    haha Speedy..
    I will let you know if I enter and you can definitely be a judge...
    your mystery prize is leaving OZ tomorrow ..that will be Monday here ;)

    hi John
    the dancer is Rose who is an ex Australian Ballet School student and a guest dancer at my sister's Ballet School Concerts..every year..
    a very photogenic and lyrical ballerina :)

  • imwithsully 12.3.08

    I really like your pick, Vincent Fantauzzo, too. Great Digg! I need to get more involved with Digg too. Haven't had the time spend exploring it's value.

  • Kim 12.3.08

    yes it's a wonderful and memorable portrait and Vincent Fantauzzo told the press that he was giving the portrait to Heath Ledger's Mother as well...
    I'm still getting used to seems to be very good for attracting new readers:)

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