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Kurri Kurri Murals

5 March 2008 21 comments

In 2005 my children...Alexander...Charlotte and I painted 3 Murals in Kurri Kurri....
I recently found a link to Wikipedia that mentions the project...

Kurri Kurri, New South Wales
Local art
It is now becoming internationally renowned for its murals with more than 40 murals painted around the town and its environs depicting the history of the region and also recent events.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 3 Murals are:
Workers of the 1900’s
Kurri Bowling Club
Rover Motors Bus Mural

a Photograph of Workers of the 1900’s sold at Auction for $450.00 at the Inaugural Mural Dinner held in 2005 ..

click here to view the slideshow of the painting of the 3 murals

since 2005 the mural count in Kurri Kurri has risen to 48....

What's happening with Murals around the World

Mural Walk of Kurri Kurri
Apr 12, 2008
Join district Historian Brian Andrews on a two hour tour of the towns 48 murals More

What is Mural Fest?
International Mural Fest is a truly unique art competition that is held annually in Sheffield ~ Town of Murals ~ in Tasmania, Australia. In 2008, The Wilderness Gallery International Mural Fest begins on the 23rd of March and concludes on March 29.

Kent Twitchell - Public Mural Gallery Los Angeles
This artist is exceptional !!

The Little Town That Did

Never let those who say it can't be done, stand in the way of those who are doing it. This is the credo of Karl Schutz, the force behind the original Chemainus Mural Project. There were many who looked at Chemainus, and declared that turning the town into an Outdoor Art Gallery simply could not and should not be done. Fortunately, the people who were busy trying to do it were too busy to get discouraged. And that is why, today, Chemainus is known as "the little town that did."

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21 comments: to “ Kurri Kurri Murals so far...

  • Anonymous 5.3.08

    Wow! What a talented family you are! Those murals are stunning and how wonderful that you could all work together to produce them. Not only have you given Kurri Kurri wonderful works of art which enhance these public spaces, but it is a lovely lasting memory for you, Charlotte and Alexander :-)

    I love this project so much.

  • Anonymous 5.3.08

    g'day kim,

    such a cool story!!!

    thanks for sharing it.

  • Kim 5.3.08

    thanks Diane...
    it's a shame that the website for the Kurri Kurri Murals is unavailable...otherwise I would have put a link to it...
    I will have to take a trip up there one day and take some photos of the other 45 murals..haha

    g'day to you too PM...
    thanks ...
    and thanks for calling by :)

  • John M. Mora 5.3.08

    Great that your children helped - simply inspiring.

    In US there are these battery commercials for the Eveready bunny - man, you are one too.

    My best.

  • Kim 5.3.08

    LOL John
    me a bunny hehehe

    I'll have to recount THAT story another time as it's a long one...

    it would be great to have super strength rechargable batteries ...especially when it comes to the housework :)

  • Anonymous 5.3.08

    Kim, this was so interesting. I am delighted to have found your site at Message in a Bottle.
    I'll look forward to returning.

    I appreciate your sharing.


  • Kim 5.3.08

    hello Cookie
    what a lovely name !!
    and it's nice to meet a fellow escapee from Mimi's dungeon :)

  • Anonymous 5.3.08

    Talent is definitively hereditary. That is very cool.
    I grew up in Tasmania went to a Friends school in Hobart, remember Sheffield, though not a mural festival.
    The festival looks quite interesting.

  • Anonymous 5.3.08

    Hello Kimberly “Arthouis” Barker!

    Are Building Murals the Glowing Gem of the art world?

    Your DD twin sister told me this secret story:
    In the beginning of Oz, Kimberly “Arthouis” Barker painted Mimi Meme Murals to teach her children how to escape the dungeon of the Meme Queen!

    Interesting Irony: American Graffiti is an Art Crime yet, change the name of Writing on the Wall to Murals and building art becomes a famous open art gallery!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 5.3.08

    Hi Kim .. not sure if that last comment went through.

  • Kim 5.3.08

    I think the festival might be a recent addition Cooper....
    very pretty place would have found the weather quite moderate compared to NY weather :)

    hello PP..
    haha yes I could paint the meme victims escaping from Mimi's dungeon and then Angelina and Brad could buy it for lots of money hehehe...
    I believe the graffiti artists make a lot more money then the mural artistS...just look at Banksy !!

    hi Speedy...
    no other message unless you are the pinkpanthercat in disguise :D

  • Lynda Lehmann 6.3.08

    WOW, Kim, what a cool thing to do with your kids! I'd love to see the murals "in person"! It must have been a great experience to share. Are either of them pursuing art in any form, currently?

    Congrats on winning the calendar. And your site looks fantastic! The design is so clean and crisp--you've done a great job with it!

    Congrats on your "Kind Heart" award and thank you so much for giving me the "Excellence" award!

    Hope you are seeing improvement in your shoulder each day.

    Hugs to you, you DYNAMO person and artist!

    PS - How old is Charlotte? Our daughter is 25.

  • AscenderRisesAbove 6.3.08

    that is so wonderful; what an amazing shared experience that goes down into history and into your memories. very inspirational.

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 6.3.08

    Hello Kim

    The Mural festival is a stunning concept and a very enriching project. "The town that could" may be the type of place I'd like to retire to.

    Your kids are as artistic and creative as you are, and I find that so fulfilling if I were in your shoes; as I'm certain you are. It's one of the best tributes a parent can receive.

    You're so famous,but please watch out for the papparazzi.:-)

    There is no denying that genuine talent runs through your veins and into the blood and genes of your children. It's a legacy that will be evident in their creations, and will live long after they have passed it on to your generational lines. Congratulations! --Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 6.3.08

    Mural Walk of Kurri Kurri sounds awesome!
    What a thing to have accomplished.

    Sad that his work was painted over but it looks like Twitchell made an impact anyway, since the whitewash over his Freeway Lady mural inspired the Mural Conservancy of L.A.

    I just have one question-if someone else owned the spot of this giant mural, didn't he have the right to do as he chose, i.e., give it a coat of paint?

  • Kim 6.3.08

    thanks Lynda
    we painted the mural at weekends as I was teaching full time then..
    we did have a lot of fun especially when it we had to paint under a tarp...
    we all certainly got used to heights especially with the bus mural as it was 2 storeys high...
    Charlotte is 16 and in year 12 at school (her last year)
    neither Alexander nor Charlotte are following in my footsteps...I suppose one artist in the family is more than enough :0
    it was a pleasure to give you the Excellent Award..and thanks for your kind comments...
    the shoulder...ho hum... :)

    hi Ascender...
    It is a great memory and I'm sure the kids will have quite a story to tell their kids one day...
    thanks for calling by :)

    hi Durano...
    Chemanius is an inspiration and quite perfect to retire seems the artists have a great sense of community over there..
    I'd like to say that painting the murals kept my children off the streets...but alas that wasn't the case :)
    haha paparazzi...
    we should have painted a Harry Potter Mural..that would have been right down Charlotte's alley..
    I don't think JKR would have been too happy though eh?

    interesting question copyright and ownership re murals is a very grey area....
    I think with all of these type of projects..the artist is treated as the least important in the overall equation...more like a commodity IMO ...
    Twitchell has made a tremendous impact on the promotion of public art and murals and I'm sure that he has had his fair share of opposition and negative criticism from the non - artistic powers who hold the purse strings....

  • jafabrit 7.3.08

    I love seeing murals and so admire those who do them. How lovely too to have shared a project. They add so much to a community in ways many don't always understand or appreciate. I wish I could take a visit and relish them in the real.

  • John M. Mora 7.3.08

    Kent Twitchell is amazing and no fear of heights...interesting how in touch he is with southern calif art scene.

    Your comments and insights always are appreciated.

  • anandi 7.3.08

    hi kim
    I want you to see this bollywood song. It contains one of your portraits.
    The song is not a nice one though.. haha
    watchout at the 57th second

  • Anonymous 7.3.08

    Nanu Nanu Kim!

    Working with British Intelligence MI8 (Monkey Intelligence Section 8), Inspector Clueless has been tracking the British Bansky for years. Unfortunately, my CPU (Comical Processor Unit) blew out my British circuits and I can only speak funny French which confuses Bondcat 0007!

    Stay tune for another bizarre Blogger Mystery: Did you know that some Blogger Blogs do Not allow the Name/URL fields in the "Post a Comment" page?

    Google Pork Rations doesn't allow me to use my secret identity and link to my blog and the following correction must be appended to my comment:

    Thanks to Blogger Comment and Redirect issues, my real address is
    Debbie Dolphin

  • Kim 7.3.08

    hi Corrine...
    I agree....
    when we were painting the murals we always had wonderful feedback from passers by who usually stopped to have a chat and showed great interest...

    hi John...yes he is a master painter and his techniques are revolutionary...and to think he uses Aussie paints too !!

    haha Anandi..
    I just caught it....I blinked the first time and missed it....
    you would think they would have had the Mona Lisa on show rather than the Pearl Earring the Mona Lisa is in the Louvre there :)

    bonjour/bonsoir Inspector DD..
    I wasn't aware of Googles PR shortcomings when it comes to sign on...??
    poor Speedy 007 chat...
    we will have to sign him up for le French lessons :)
    au re-voir Mademoiselle DD :)

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