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Lucky Winner!!!!

3 March 2008 21 comments

Lucky winners and a boxmaking demonstration
Last week I mentioned that I entered a competition over at The Artist's Magazine Blog and the great news is that I won an Artist's Magazine Calendar...thanks very much Grace...
do check out the great Art News and happenings over there....very exciting stuff !!!

Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers
Update - 1/2/08

laketrees is # 2 on the list
thanks to Leigh at All for Women for all the hard work you do on this list as well as numerous community projects...

Many thanks to James @ Gurney Journey for mentioning the 101 Top Artists Blogs List.
James Gurney's daily weblog is for illustrators, comic artists, plein-air painters, sketchers, animators, art students, and writers. You'll find practical studio tips, insights into the making of the Dinotopia books, and first-hand reports from art schools and museums. Plus, for you lateral thinkers and pop-culture trekkers, a few bizarre rabbit trails.

James most recent landscape is simply breathtaking...

Big thanks to Dion @ the Art News Blog for posting about the 101 Top Artist' Blogs list and featuring several Artists' Blogs from the list as well...
Art News Blog is a selection of visual art news, art reviews and art related stories online. Always a fascinating and up to date read...

thanks so much to Diane @ Much of a muchness for this Excellent award...this was given to her by the Political Cat
I recently purchased two of Diane's fabulous books so if you haven't checked out her marvellous site....DO !!
I am supposed to pass this onto 10 blogs that I consider to be excellent blogs.
I have chosen these blogs that deserve an E for Excellence from the 101 Top Artists' Blogs List
Lynda @ Peripheral Vision - Inner Sights by Lynda Lehmann .... Greg @ Cosmic Photo Art .... Kim @ SULLY'S DESIGN STUDIO ... Jelaine @ Jelaine Faunce Studio.... Lindsay @ Non Linear Arts... Corrine @ Jafabrit's Art .... Mim @ Auntie Mim's... Emila @ Emila's Illustrated Blog... Shawn @ Studio McCann and Casey @ The Colorist

Kris @ Kris Cahill Presents… received this lovely Kind Heart Award from Sweet Irene and kindly awarded it to me
thanks very much Kris
I am passing this award on to

Durano for his wonderful writing on all aspects of life.....whether it is the latest updates on world politics or his latest witty observations on recent breaking news..
Eric aka Speedy.....for his ever so funny posts and hilarious photos
Deborah Paris - A Painting Life ... for her wonderful landscapes...(I have recently purchased one of her lovely paintings)
Jos for all his kind advice and assistance
and Pet Monologues ... because he is doing such a wonderful job promoting the care and welfare of animals..

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21 comments: to “ Lucky Winner!!!! so far...

  • emilayusof 3.3.08

    Kim! Thank you so much for the E award! I am so honoured! Will display it in my blog soon! Thanks again!

  • jafabrit 3.3.08

    Congratulations on winning, that is great. You really do go the distance Kim, and I want to say thank you.

  • imwithsully 3.3.08

    Wow! You are so kind! Thanks so much for including me on the "Excellent Award" list. I am flattered to even be considered when compared to the rest on the list. Thank you Kim for helping to promote my blog!!

  • Casey Klahn 3.3.08

    Bless you, Kim. Thanks for The Excellence you exhibit here!

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 3.3.08

    Hello Kim,

    I am at a loss for words here.

    Kind Heart Award being passed on to me is touching, from someone I haven't even met nor spoken to. It is dignifying, to say the least.

    Thank you Kim.

    And congratulations for being #2. I know you'll make #1 soon enough. --Durano, Full of gratitude and awe!

  • Kim 3.3.08

    you're welcome Emila..
    have a great day :)

    thanks Corrine
    I'm looking forward to receiving some exciting parcels from OS this week :)

    my pleasure Kim
    your artwork and web design IS excellent :)

    thank you Casey :)
    have a wonderful day :)

    my pleasure Durano :)
    your comments are always so kind and heartwarming...
    have a happy day :)

  • Lindsay 3.3.08

    Kim congrats to you on your many awards and winnings! Couldn't happen to a better and more generous blogger. Your promotion of my blog is really so nice of you. Thanks for the award!!! (Now I have to figure out how to capture the code for the award and pass on the favor.) Your site is so full of life and fun and information!!

  • Kim 3.3.08

    hi Lindsay
    you're welcome...
    all you have to do is save the pic to your computer and upload the image as you would your artwork...
    thanks for calling by and have a great day :)

  • Anonymous 3.3.08

    The rewards of awards!
    Looks like you need a new art gallery to display all of them!

    P.S. I love changing my HMSS code names to play a Under-the-Cover Agent!

    Have you seen Speedcat Bond 0007 and the Missing-In-Action Flying Dutchman sailing from the secret secret secret NoDirectOn blog in your travels around Blogsylvania?

  • Kim 3.3.08

    Blogsylvania !!
    I like that ..Miss MP...
    I think you and 007 along with J of no direction...should watch the movie by Woody Allen - Zelig...because I believe you would all become big stars like him..
    I have a gallery (page) for awards but alas the shoulder is not up to updates...

  • Speedcat Hollydale 3.3.08

    Well .... I must be the luckiest boy in town! (and your favorite house cat) Thanks Kim 8~)

    Can I get a silk screen t-shirt version?? A hat would be sweet as well - COWBOY STYLE My awards party will be quite elaborate, and you are invited. My SpeedyCat Airlines private jet will pick you up at Australia International airport at 9:00 PM CST. I'll have you back for a huge lunch in the breakfast room.

    Ohhh, don't tell anyone about this - as they will ALL want to be flown in. The rest of my attendants will have to ride in limos. (TOP Secret 0007 message)

    Code name for Jet Aircraft entry: "Hollyton Speedyton #7"

    Happy week my friend!!!!!!
    Eric (an alias) aka MOODRING

  • Kim 3.3.08

    haha Speedy
    now you know I don't like cats !!!
    I think the new badge would look good on your silk screened Kind Award tee shirt....
    SpeedyCat Airlines private jet :=D
    I hope the jet was built by Quantas as they are THE safest jet builders in the world....
    lunch in the breakfast room...too !!
    wow I'll put my order in now for chicken chow mein and banana sandwiches...

    I feel very privileged....
    I WILL have to keep it a secret from 007 and Miss Money Penny :)

  • John M. Mora 4.3.08

    best to be lucky and good - congrats on calendar et al.

  • Anonymous 4.3.08

    Congratulations, you deserve all the awards you receive.

    Please let me know when the books arrive...I'll be on pins until I hear they are there safely...and that you like them :)

  • Kim 4.3.08

    thanks John :)

    thanks Diane...I'll send you an email when they arrive :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 4.3.08

    Hi Kim ... I am here to nick another spacer bar from your coding room floor. I am going to put one across my door jam for a pull-up bar.

    Flying Dutchman? Ha haa!! I missed that. See you at 9:00

  • Kim 4.3.08

    hey Speedy..
    you're free to take whatever you want...:D
    and while your at it can you fix my page editor as I can't access almost 1/2 of my sidebar and footer widgets ATM and I'm wasting a lot of time trying to find a solution pftt !!!

  • Kim 4.3.08

    oh dear 9am...did I miss the plane??

  • Anonymous 4.3.08

    Hi Kim,
    Congrats on winning and on your awards, you deserve them all and more :)

    I have a simple tag for you but particpation is your choice :)

    Hope your shoulder is healing, it's a very long, drawn out process though and can make many things much more difficult!

    Have a wonderful day,
    Hugs my dear friend,
    Colin from Life

  • Kim 4.3.08

    thanks Colin
    I hope yours is ok...
    it is a nuisance and I'm not really an ideal patient when it comes to resting it..
    I'll check out your SIMPLE tag lol..
    if it isn't easy... I'll tell Mimi to tag you with another bottle meme..:-P

  • Anonymous 18.2.09

    Congrats Kim!! Freak out!!

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