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The Ultimate Blog Party 2008

9 March 2008 32 comments

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

Last year’s Ultimate Blog Party was a blast with almost 1000 participating bloggers. So make sure you don’t miss out on this one. It is a fantastic opportunity to introduce your blog to a bunch of new people and to find new blogs that you will want to read regularly.
As well, The Ultimate Blog Party features tons of prizes.
All women bloggers are invited regardless of parental status, religious affiliations, etc. This party is about having fun with friends and meeting new people.

You Don't Want To Miss This...
The Ultimate Blog Party 2008 Has Started! Click Here.

To celebrate The Ultimate Blog Party here at laketrees this week I am inviting everyone (male and female) to email me their favourite piece of Art Work
(it can be your own artwork if you are an artist)....
I will post your favourite with a link to your blog....
so to start here is my favourite art work painted in 2004...

Girl with a Pearl Earring after Vermeer....

winner of the People's Choice Award at The Fabulous Fakes Exhibition
- Central Coast - 2004

Kim's signature

Nighthawks - Edward Hopper

submitted by Jerri @ Simply Sweet Home

The Snail - Henri Matisse
submitted by Diane @ Much of a muchness

Dancing in the Light - Sue O’Kieffe @ Sacred Circle Mandelas

Ask-Key Art - Bugs Bunny
Debbie Dolphin
@ New England Lighthouse Treasures

The Danish Royal Family - James Brennan

submitted by Archie @ Archies Archive -
Near-Naked Princess Mary Portrait Wins Bald Archy

"Amusement Garden"
2007, 14"x14"
@ Kris Cahill Presents…

"" - John @ select.ive.pan.cakes

"Haleakala" - Petra @ Images and Imagination (a painter's blog)

"Tropical" - Connie Rose @ constance rose textile design

Kara @ Mother Henna's Blog

inspired by -

The Human Foetus in the Womb, Facsimile Copy by Leonardo da Vinci
The Human Foetus in the Womb, Facsimile Copy

Acrylic on Canvas
@ Artscapes - Musings on Art & Life

Turban - Kim @ laketrees

submitted by Eric aka Speedy @ SPEEDCAT HOLLYDALE PAGE

"African Violet" - Lynda @ LyndaLehmann

Mellanie Collins @ See It. Draw It. Share It.



32 comments: to “ The Ultimate Blog Party 2008 so far...

  • Jerri at Simply Sweet Home 9.3.08

    I guess I get to be the first to leave a comment. Kim, you have some nice work here, and I love your idea for your blog party. I just sent you an email of one of my favorite paintings. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the party. If you have a chance, stop by my site some time and drop me a line!

  • Kim 9.3.08

    hi Jerri
    great to meet you ...
    I love your choice...
    this is one of my all time favourites too.

    thanks for joining the party...
    have a great day !!!

  • Anonymous 9.3.08

    Hmm.. I am not sure if I have a fav piece of art... I like a lot of things but I never can remember who they are by or even where I saw them mostly.... but I am enjoying your blog and will have to stop by again to see what others suggest!
    Happy Blog Party

  • Kim 9.3.08

    hi Katef...
    welcome... and thanks...
    plenty of time to submit your fave if you change your mind... :)

    hi Chris
    have a fun time where ever you are :)

  • Lesley 9.3.08

    Art is one thing I don't know a lot about. I do love Georgia O'Keefe's work, and Grandma Moses, I guess because she started so late in life (which shows it's never too late to do anything). I make pillowcases, which I guess is a form of art, when I match colors that go together well. Have a great day.


  • Kim 9.3.08

    hi Lesley
    Georgia O'Keefe's work is wonderful ...and you're so right about Grandma Moses....
    I will check out your pillowcase art...
    my Mum does embroidery and patchworking...such a lot of patience required...
    thanks for calling by :)

  • Unknown 10.3.08

    Hi Kim, I sent you email of one of my favorite art works I have created to date. It's hard to choose just one!
    ~sue okieffe

  • Unknown 10.3.08

    Nice to meet you. Happy blogging!

  • Anonymous 10.3.08

    Will we find our missing cake at your UBP on the WB network?

    /) (\
    \| |/
    ..^ Can I bring this Ask-Key Art to the party?

    While I paint a secret Portrait for Miss Moneypenny's secret blog?

    There are secret portals to this HMSS dimension!
    A white rabbit told me that a Bald Barker has the key!

  • Lara 10.3.08

    GREAT idea... i just wish i could think of something to share. We have a lot of asian art in our house from when I lived in Korea.

  • Anonymous 10.3.08

    Strange this subject should come up today - I have just posted about my "today's favourite art work".

    Now I think I had better hide from all true artists and Princess Mary fans - byeeeeee ;)

  • Anonymous 10.3.08

    Oops, I boo booed when I hit "send" too soon :(

  • Kris Cahill 10.3.08

    Hello Kim,
    Life has been such a busy thing lately, but it's fun always to visit you to see what you're up to now! I've sent you a jpg, and I thank you for doing this. Wonderful! You are inspiring as ever.

  • Kim 10.3.08

    I can imagine Sue....
    your favourite is wonderful...thanks so much
    I will publish this arvo...
    I had a doctor's appointment in Sydney this morning and I have some catching up to do... :)

    thanks and nice to meet you too Storm :)

    ah ha DD
    the missing cake is sure to be here somewhere :D
    YOUR ASK KEY ART is more than welcome....and Miss MP's secret blog? is that over at the lighthouse?
    I'm afraid my brain has switched to overload due to the 2 hour session at the doctors
    I will work it out !!
    as soon as I have a coffee :)

    Asian Art from your house would be lovely Lara :)

    I'm intrigued Archie...:) :)
    I will pop over and have a look...

    hi Brines..
    thanks for your grand introduction...glad to hear that you are over here driving on the real and proper side of the road..
    will be over to check out your links soon...

    boo Archie :D

    thanks Kris...
    and it's sensational too...
    will publish this arvo :)

  • John M. Mora 11.3.08

    I was kicked out at the door even though my purple polyester shirt matched my lime green walking shorts.

    First paint deleted, now I cannot paaaaartee.

    It's not easy not being green.

    I emailed you one image. Gracias.

  • Anonymous 11.3.08

    Hi Miss KLT UBP!

    Holy Fishburners!

    My funny Ask key Art of Bugs Bunny was invited to the Party?

    Since every browser doesn’t display Ask key Art correctly, a correct image of Bugs Bunny was added to my comment at my last post.

    P.S. unfortunately, Blogger doesn't allow images to be attached to comments which explains my experiment with Ask key Art in Blogger comments. More clues to the whereabouts of Miss MP's secret blog can be found in my comment at my last post.

  • Kim 11.3.08

    thank you John...
    sounds like you had just the right party
    I will post your "" today...
    and Rose pics too :)

    hi DD ..
    will collect the right image of BB now :)

  • Anonymous 12.3.08

    Great Idea! I Will Have My Pick After Work 2day / *Speedy From Mobile*

  • Michelle B. Hendry 12.3.08

    Another fun project! Awesome! :)
    I sent a jpg of my current favourite too... Thanks, Kim!

  • Kim 12.3.08

    great 'mobile Speedy'...
    I'll be interested to see what you come up with ... I'm not even going to try and guess lol....

    thanks Michelle...
    I've received it and a very powerful image too...
    I will publish today :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 13.3.08

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the info on the blog party! Will check it out!

    Is it too late to send over my favorite art? i.e. Will you be updating this post?

    Your painting after Vermeer is of course, exquisite! :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 13.3.08

    Oops, just me, signing on for follow-up comments...

  • Kim 13.3.08

    no it's not too late at all Lynda...
    would love to see your wonderful work here :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 13.3.08

    Quite a fine looking assembly of works here. Makes for an eye-pleasing post Kim. You have brought my attention and admiration of art to the forefront of my mind again.
    I have to say, Debbie's addition brings a unique light on the subject. I may have to look up an old post with a Hollydale Truck!

    Happy day,

  • Kim 13.3.08

    I think you will have to submit your Hollydale Truck Eric...
    it will make a fine addition :)
    and I agree on Debbie's Bunny...especially considering Easter is just round the corner :)

  • Anonymous 14.3.08

    Your idea for blog party is great :) Hope You enjoy

  • Netster23 14.3.08

    Wow party!


    I see you have did some house keeping on your blog.

    I think your pages look cleaner and easy on the eyes now compare to the previous one.

    Great work! :)

  • Kim 14.3.08

    thanks very much Netster...
    well I have to keep up with the neighbours....;) like you :D

  • Anonymous 16.3.08

    have a great day

  • Jean Victory 20.3.08

    I tried to put your 101 Artists Blogs icon on my site but couldn't get it to position correctly. I hope a link under fav. art blogs will do. I'd like to do more with my blog but I'm not too techno savy. Thanks for adding me to your list.

  • Kim 20.3.08

    you're welcome Jean...
    and thanks for the text link too...
    I will be posting some more badges (in different sizes) with my next you may find one that suits your blog :)

  • Lynda Lehmann 18.4.09

    Aw, Kim, thanks for posting my painting above! Somehow I missed it!

    Big hugs to ya!

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