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101 Top Artists' Blogs Art Competion

9 May 2008 43 comments

The Peoples' Choice

101 Top Artists' Blogs
Most Popular Art Work

Win $100.00
CASH !!!!

(Prize donated by
The Barker Boys)

# Judging will be by public vote

# Competion will run from

Saturday 17th May to Saturday 24th May 2008

All entries will be posted on Saturday 17th May



1. Open to ALL Artists
2. Submit your original work (ONE - any medium) here
JPEG image no larger than 500px


3. Comment in this post to let me know that you have submitted your art work

4. Entries close:
NEXT FRIDAY 16th MAY 2008 at 12:00pm


1. Subscribe to my blog
2. Link to my site ... (copy code below)


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43 comments: to “ 101 Top Artists' Blogs Art Competion so far...

  • BillyWarhol 9.5.08

    Gosh there are so Many Great Artists*

    Greg Lunger is awesome*

    + i like this new Guy i saw Gregorio*

    very Positve Vibez those too*

    ;)) Peace*

    Has 1 Year passed already??? sheesh Time Flies!!!

  • Kim 9.5.08

    I fully agree Billie...
    the list is full of fabulous artists...
    and it keeps on growing ;)

  • SUZAN BUCKNER 9.5.08

    Kim--I sent my entry for the contest. I hope I did everything right. I have linked and subscribed to your blog, sent you a picture with all the information, and commented here.

    Thank you for all the stuff you offer on your wonderful blog!

    suzan buckner

  • jafabrit 9.5.08

    lol kim I am not with it this morning. I sent my OWN work. Now I realize you wanted images of famous work,right! duh! Ignore my email.

  • Kim 10.5.08

    thanks Suzan...
    I received your email and you have listed everything...terrific... :))

    no's YOUR work that you enter you're right on with your email....and thanks for the story too !! :))

  • SharonWrightArtist 11.5.08

    Oh my, I did it! Sent a pic, I mean. For the comp.
    This site is so interactive and vigorous, I am continually amazed. It is brilliant, I love it. Where do all the ideas come from? You must eat, sleep, dream, blog, blog and nothing but blog. Keep them coming though, please.
    warm regards, Sharon

  • Kim 11.5.08

    hi Sharon,,
    thanks so much :)
    I received your email and thanks for your entry..
    haha I try to fit the blogging around my painting but sometimes the blogging does take over...I suppose it depends on how much sleep I
    have a lovely Mother's Day :)

  • BillyWarhol 11.5.08

    U know I would almost like to Enter my iGOO MEGA Art*

    I don't consider myself an Artist cuz I can't Draw or Paint or any of that Fancy Stuff but I did Create those (well my puter created them + i simply pushed 1 Button which ok yes it required No Artistic Talent whatsoever on my part but they are Brilliant 1 of a Kind Creations + i think they deserve a Bigger Audience!! ;))

    Can Artist wannabes like lil ol' ME enter???

    ;)) Peace*

    + i do think some of my Flickr Photos could be classified as Art*

  • Speedcat Hollydale 11.5.08

    I better take a speed art class!!

    Good luck to everyone :~)

  • Kim 11.5.08

    sure Billy..
    you certainly can ...
    those latest images would all qualify as art !!
    send one have a week to enter :) :)

    hey Speedy
    haven't you got a photo to enter...
    I'm sure you can come up with something sensational :) :)

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 11.5.08

    Hello Kim,

    This is turning out to be another awesome and monumental undertaking. Your capacity for sharing, generosity, and lots of hard work never ceases to amaze me.

    Good luck with this tremendous effort and meaningful purpose. :-) --Durano, done!

  • Kim 11.5.08

    thanks's a pleasure...and very exciting seeing the entries come in ...they are all so good...
    I hope you will participate in the voting which starts next Saturday...
    I know you have a very discerning eye :)
    thanks for calling by...I am still catching up with the entrecards :)

  • juj 12.5.08

    Hi Kim - just wanted to let you know I've sent my entry and subscribed. I'd already linked you - in fact, the act of linking you was how I stumbled back over here after such a long time and I'm Sooo glad I did. I'd forgotten how much fun your blog is. Thanks for everything you do! Take care, juj

  • Anonymous 12.5.08

    Go Kim, Go! ;-)

  • Gregorio 12.5.08

    I would love to submit a piece,but when I click on the"HERE" email comes up for .mac which I do not have an account for is there another way.Please let me know.In the mean time I'm going to try another way if I can find it.I believe I found a way.
    P.S. Thanks a lot billy it means a lot,I'm glad you appreciate my work.

  • Kim 12.5.08

    hi Juj
    thanks for your entry...
    I've received your email :)
    have a great day :)

    hi Renny
    lol thanks :))

    hi Gregorio
    I've received your email...
    thanks for your entry :)
    thanks for letting me know about the HERE link...
    I've also added your blog to the 101 Top Artists' Blogs list (in new listings) for the next update here

  • John M. Mora 12.5.08

    I sent any entry via email - you are so kind and best.

    I so like your quotes re kindness and courtesy.

    Happy Mother's Day - I am assuming you celebrate it in OZ. My best

  • Kim 12.5.08

    thanks John...
    your entry hasn't come through yet ..
    I will let you know when I get it..
    thanks for the Mothers Day wish and yes us Aussie Mums celebrated yesterday ...our time :) :)

  • Anonymous 12.5.08

    I wish I was an artist. But I'm not. Good luck to all the enter!!

  • Anonymous 12.5.08

    I have submitted my work. Hope it's ok, I know they are so many great artists who entered, I'll be happy just being a part of it. ;)

  • Michelle B. Hendry 13.5.08

    Thanks for being such a wonderful promoter of artists! :)

    I sent my entry a few seconds ago.....

  • Kim 13.5.08

    hi Kim
    thanks for calling in :)
    have a great day :)

    thanks Noelevz and Michelle...
    I have received your entries :)

  • Anonymous 13.5.08

    Great idea, looking forward to seeing the entries!

  • Lindsay 13.5.08

    Kim you have so many fun thing sgoing on here. I have to join in. Thanks for hosting this. I just sent you my entry.

  • Kim 13.5.08

    thanks for your comment Art Klick ..
    you're quite welcome to enter your art work :)

    hi Lyndsay..
    thanks for entering..
    I've just received it :)

  • Gregorio 14.5.08

    Thanks a lot Kim I really appreciate what you are doing for all of us.I'll be looking forward to the new update.
    Take care. :)

  • Kim 14.5.08

    you're welcome Greg :)
    I'm very excited about the high standard of works entered ...
    I'm looking forward to posting all of the Artworks on Saturday !!!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 14.5.08

    Hello From The Work Truck!

  • Linda Blondheim 14.5.08

    Hi Kim,
    I sent my entry on Wednesday, May 14th. Thanks for the fun.

  • Anonymous 15.5.08

    This is fabulous. I can't wait to see all the entries! I submitted mine.


  • Unknown 15.5.08

    Hi Kim - I love your blog, it makes me feel like I'm back home in Australia instead of shivering here in Canada :-)

    I sent my entry today too - what fun!

  • Kim 15.5.08

    hi @ Speedy in the work truck ;)

    hi Linda...L.S ...and Christy :)
    I have received your entries :)
    thanks for entering :)))

  • Anonymous 16.5.08

    OK - I sent my image, subscribed, and posted the link on my blog.

  • Anonymous 16.5.08

    How interesting and what a great contribution Kim! And you know what: You are starting at the 17th of May which is Norway's Constitutional Day - well done :-)

  • Kim 16.5.08

    thanks Rod..
    I have received your email :)

    thanks Renny :)
    I knew I had picked the right day ;) :D

  • Anonymous 16.5.08

    What a fantastic competition, Kim. I'm really cross that I am away all next week so will miss the voting unless I can read them early on Saturday - the time difference just might work in my favour!

    Another brilliant idea - and a very generous prize! Enough to make me wish I had taken up painting!

    Love the music on that widget too :-)

  • Kim 16.5.08

    hello Diane..
    I thought you may have entered one of your books :)
    there's still time ;)
    that music is great isn't it..
    very relaxing !!

  • Anonymous 16.5.08

    Hi Kim of Laketrees Art Galleries,

    For fun between you and me, my ASCII Artwork entry has been posted for comic relief only! ;~)

  • Anonymous 16.5.08

    nice job kim, keep this world more beautiful with art and you are the one who will make it

  • Anonymous 16.5.08

    Didn't realise I could enter, so I have!

    Thank :-)

  • Kim 16.5.08

    hello Miss MP...:) :)
    I love it !!!
    a very clever and amusing Art Work...
    thank you for your post..
    it's 'you beaut' !!!

    thanks for your kind comment Anox :)

    hi Diane..
    glad to have you on board :)
    I've received your email :)
    I hope you get a vote(s) in before you go away....
    have a great week :))

  • Lindsay 17.5.08

    Kim you are so amazingly generous. THanks so much for setting this up. I'm honored to be in such fine company. I'm not able to see the voting link on the right hand side. I'll try tomorrow.

  • Kim 17.5.08

    hi Lyndsay
    are you looking over in the right hand sidebar underneath favourite blog??

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