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Winner of laketrees' Art Competition

25 May 2008 21 comments

The Peoples' Choice

101 Top Artists' Blogs
Most Popular Art Work

PRIZE: $100.00 cash
DONATED by The Barker Boys

Congratulations to ALL of the Artists for entering your Art Work...


and thanks to all of the voters
for making this competition such a huge success

Kim's signature

#6 'Pain in the Eye'
Emmanuel Martinez
@ Designer's Depot
Congratulations Emmanuel !!
I will be sending you a postal order for $100

#12 'Empathy'
Christy DeKoning
@ Christy DeKoning, Travels in Watercolor
Congratulations Christy!!!
I will be sending you 100 EC credits..


    #1 83 (15%)
    #2 29 (5%)
    #3 2 (0%)
    #4 10 (1%)
    #5 2 (0%)
    #6 197 (35%)
    #7 10 (1%)
    #8 1 (0%)
    #9 18 (3%)
    #10 17 (3%)
    #11 13 (2%)
    #12 131 (23%)
    #13 10 (1%)
    #14 17 (3%)
    #15 8 (1%)
    #16 3 (0%)
    #17 1 (0%)

    Total Votes: 552
    Poll closed



21 comments: to “ Winner of laketrees' Art Competition so far...

  • Unknown 25.5.08

    Thank you for this opportunity Kim!

  • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys 25.5.08

    I liked the Pain in the eye but the Kitten appealed to my emotions on cuteness.

    Well done to the winners and the other worthy participants.

  • Anonymous 25.5.08

    I've been waiting to see who would win. Congrats to the winner. All were great and I wished I could have voted more than once.

  • Kim 25.5.08

    you're very welcome Christy :)
    have a great day !!!

    hello Baby~amore
    thanks for your comment :)
    have a great Sunday !!!

    thanks for your vote and support Cooper...
    have a terrific weekend :)

  • AscenderRisesAbove 25.5.08

    Kim; Thanks for all you do for all the artists everywhere.
    Congratulations to the winners.

  • Anonymous 26.5.08

    L<o><o>ks like the Eyes have it! ;~)

    Congratulations to the winners on their eye-catching art!!!

    P.S. seems someone gave Speedy a seed to germinate a SpeedyCat Art Gallery! ;~)

  • SUZAN BUCKNER 26.5.08

    Congratulations to the winners! It was great fun for my first contest!

    Thank you Kim!!

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 26.5.08

    Hello Kim,

    It's a tough contest to judge and a lot depends on what appeals to the voters.

    Congratulations to the winners and congratulations to you Kim. The success of this contest was due in very large part to your initiative and enthusiasm to generously promote the artists and provide an alternative venue for their creations.

    This continuing commitment of yours resonates the genuineness of your character and the depth of your sincerity; as well as your passion for art and love of artists. :-) --Durano, done!

  • jafabrit 26.5.08

    Congratulations to the Winners :) and thanks for doing this Kim.
    sending my best

  • John M. Mora 26.5.08

    thanks, kim....eye just did not get the votes eye needed....eye blinked and eye failed but eye will be back with a back lash.

  • Lynda Lehmann 27.5.08

    Congratulations to Emmanuel and Christy! And thanks for your time and effort, Kim!

  • Kim 27.5.08

    thanks Ascender :)
    your participation in the comp was very much appreciated :)

    it does Debbie....
    and a clever keyboard statement there too !!!
    thanks for participating...
    your lighthouse entry over at Speedy's gallery is a winner !!

    hi Suzan
    glad you enjoyed it :) :)
    and 83 votes too!!! yeehaa

    thanks very much Durano !!!
    I'm really pleased that you participated with your vote and creative comments :) :)
    thanks for your excellent testimonial :)

    my pleasure Corinne..
    and thanks for your valuable participation :)

    ha ha John...
    clever !!!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the back lash :) :)

  • Anonymous 27.5.08

    Pain in the Eye is beautiful!!! The name or the caption is perfectly suited to the work. I hope you can share with us the media used or any painting technique used by the artist in creating this; of course, with the permission of the artist.

  • Michelle B. Hendry 27.5.08

    Congrats to the winners!!! :)

    Thanks for such a great opportunity, Kim...

  • Kim 27.5.08

    hi Lynda :)
    your good wishes are much appreciated :) :)
    thanks for calling by :)

    thanks OPR

    thanks Michelle..
    for your wonderful participation :)

  • Anonymous 28.5.08

    I vote for the winner - at least once and I'm glad - a worthy winner.

    Great competition Kim - your such a great art supporter!

  • Kim 28.5.08

    thanks very much Renny !!
    have a great day :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 28.5.08

    552 votes ... not to shabby!!

    Congratulations everyone and to the winner.

    I did not know I even had a garden ~ for seeds that is. I tried seeding my scalp once for more hair, but all I got was grass.

    Hi Kim!!! :)

  • Kim 28.5.08

    lol Speedy !!
    maybe you should have tried wheatgrass :)
    thanks for calling by and for your good wishes :)

    ps still trying to work out your campaign badge from Miss MP :0

  • Anonymous 31.5.08

    Great competition Kim! And what a great turn out - entrants and voters.

    Brilliant idea as usual :)

  • Kim 31.5.08

    thanks and thanks Diane :)
    it was artists like you who made the competition such a great success !!!

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