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Vote for your favourite Art Work

17 May 2008 73 comments

The Peoples' Choice

101 Top Artists' Blogs
Most Popular Art Work

PRIZE: $100.00 cash
DONATED by The Barker Boys

Please vote for your favourite Art Work
in the Polling Box

to the right of this post.

Voting closes Sunday 25th May 2008
at 4.30am (clock in sidebar)

winner will be announced at 12.00 noon on Sunday 25th May 2008

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Scroll down for full details of each Art Work


(don't forget to come back and vote here)


#1 'Numbers'
Suzan Buckner
@ Thrifty Collage Artist
Mixed Media Collage/acrylics
8" X 8"


#2 The Apology
Corrine aka jafabrit
@ jafabrit's art blog.
oil on canvas, wire, and tongue ring,
8"x 10"

Read the Story about the Work here

#3 'TEAM'
Sharon Wright
@ Sharon Wright Artist
2'6" x 3'6"
Price:2000 GBP, $4,167 AUD, $3,895 USD


#4 'a flower for joan'
@ everything is contextual
ink and cp on paper
8" x 10"


#5 'Watching You'
@ Gregorio Art Studio
oils on canvas


#6 'Pain in the Eye'
Emmanuel Martinez
@ Designer's Depot
Digital Art
11.5 x 16.5 in.
price: N/A


#7 'flipped.draft'
John Mora
@ typos.daylight.fate
Digital art from photographs


#8 'Waterways Project: Zion Spring Peepers'
@ Non-Linear-Arts
mixed media on paper
7" x 10 1/2"
18 cm x 27 cm


#9 'Twilight'
Michelle Basic Hendry
@ Artscapes Musings on Art & Life
acrylic on canvas
Price:CAN $850


#10 'Beyond the Visible Terrain© Scatterlings©'
Scatterlings© is a collection of self-directed enchantment art which
combines actual foliage with watercolor and color pencil mediums.
Hidden among the actual and rendered foliage are an enchanted
assortment of ‘Scatterlings’©; mythical animals and fairies. Each
original piece is copyrighted.
Jacquelyn Berl
@ Ascender Rises Above
Mixed Media; Pressed Foliage, Watercolor, Colored Pencil, Pen
and Ink on Handmade Paper. Forming ’something’ out of ‘the nothing’
often overlooked in everyday life, these one-of-a-kind folk art pieces
take up to a year to complete as flowers and leaves are collected,
pressed, preserved and finally hidden within a vision that evolves
31"W x 21H (40" W x 28 " H including matt and frame)
Although preserved in the same manner as a piece of handmade paper.
Within the larger pieces packets of silica gel are placed between the
original and the frame to absorb humidity. Though framed, each piece
continues to be fragile and must be handled with extra care. As with
most pieces of fine art; the original should not be placed in a window
or beneath bright light.
PRICE $4,000 + shipping and handling



#11 'Waverly Hills'
L.S. King
@ As It Stands
5 inches by 3 inches
Price: Limited Edition Print (edition of 25) - $125


#12 'Empathy'
Christy DeKoning
@ Christy DeKoning, Travels in Watercolor
5 x 7 inches
Price:$100 (original)


#13 'Wood Farm Oaks and Palms'
Linda Blondheim
@ Linda Blondheim Art Notes
oil on panel
14x18 inches
Price: $1100


#14 'photography and bookbinding'
Diane @ Much of a muchness
This book is a 'dos à dos' binding, (back to back). One book is Bockingford
watercolour paper, the other is smooth cartridge paper. They share a
cover. They are bound with inkjet linen book cloth printed with a
photograph of Arum lilies by Diane Aldred and are tied with a white satin
16 x 22 x 3 cm


#15 'Dune Light'
Jan Blencowe @ ART & LIFE

#16 'Watercolour-7 2003'
R Borghese @ Rod Borghese
8 x 10

#17 'Yellow Sky'
Casey @ The Colorist
18" x 11"
Pastel on Card.

Don't forget to check out ASCII Artwork entry for comic relief only!
(by Miss Moneypenny) too !!

Vote for this post at Mixx !!!

click on the images to zoom


73 comments: to “ Vote for your favourite Art Work so far...

  • Anonymous 17.5.08

    Ha! First vote! I hoped the time difference would work in my favour!
    It's so hard to choose one - they are all so good and so different...

    Thanks for doing this. I'm away for a week next week so I won't be able to get stressed out if no-one votes for mine as I won't be able to check it out! :D

  • Casey Klahn 17.5.08

    Yellow Sky is 18" x 11", Pastel on Card. Thanks, Kim! Casey.

  • Anonymous 17.5.08

    Hi Kim,

    A great gallery of Artwork!

    Surprising, no Speedy artwork was submitted? ;-)

    I am always catching Miss Moneypenny drawing comical computer artwork of me! ;~)

  • Lynda Lehmann 17.5.08

    Oops, Kim, I was just going to enter today, but since it's already tomorrow where you are, I missed the deadline!

    At least I got to vote!

    Hope all is well...

    :) :) :)

  • Anonymous 17.5.08

    These are great pieces. I had a hard time choosing, it took me awhile.

  • Kim 17.5.08

    I'm sure your work will get plenty of votes Diane ;) :)
    have tons of fun on your trip !!!!

    hi Casey
    have added those details :)

    thanks DD :)
    you certainly make a fantastic model !!!
    Miss MP has certainly captured your likeness ;)
    yes..I thought Speedy might have entered.....
    there's always the next competition :)
    perhaps Miss MP...might submit an oil portrait of you next time..
    you could always enter one of your stunning lighthouse photos too ;)

    hi Lynda
    I am going by the clock here at my blog...
    drat !! I'm sorry that you missed it :(
    I was looking forward to getting an entry from you..your work is so wonderful :)
    I'm sure I will have another one...and I'll be sure to keep you posted :))
    have a great weekend..:)

    thanks for taking the time to comment Cooper :)
    your vote is greatly appreciated :)

  • Anonymous 17.5.08

    Wow. There are so many good pieces here. This is great!!!

  • Kim 17.5.08

    it is a wonderfully high standard l.s. ...
    and such a terrific variety of styles and mediums !!!

  • William Hessian 17.5.08

    this is an insanely high quality contest. Great works. I prefer #6.

    Great blog as well. We should trade links if you are interested.

    my art blog:

  • Speedcat Hollydale 17.5.08

    Wow!! Some impressive work here. Yep, next time I'm getting some paint and giving it a go. Moneypenny's was very silly and very funny.
    I like the addition of Diane's books ... they really are artistic :-)

    I love how you put these contests together, and have a blast seeing the fine art on your blog Kim. My eyes are opened to something new here each and every time I stop by.

    Speedy like Laketrees :-)

  • Wendster 17.5.08

    wow! I love your blog! And I love that I stopped by in time to vote for some artwork, only because I enjoyed viewing it SO much. What a nice sampling. So diverse. Very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

    Just thought I would let you know that I linked to your blog since you had a donut post (killer meat pie post ... I loved it!) and I happen to be launching donuts at Speedcat today and at anyone who knows him. You know ... just a friendly little gift from me to you. lol.
    I'd put on a hat or carry an umbrella if I were you!

    :D Wendster

  • Kim 17.5.08

    hi Wiliam.. :)
    thanks for your comment and vote :)
    a link exchange would be great !!
    I'll add your blog to the new listings for the 101 Top Artists' Blogs List ...if you like...:)

    haha Speedy !!
    I was expecting you to enter one of your fab photos like some of the beaut cityscapes that you take...
    oh well I'm sure to have another one..
    Miss MP'S was too cute and did look so like DD ;)
    and Diane's books ARE fab !!
    hey ...have a great weekend :)

    lol Wendster..
    thanks for the compliment and the warning...eek!!
    I'll be watching out over here... down under....for any stray missiles :D
    great to hear that you enjoyed the art work too !!

  • ♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys 17.5.08

    wow - these are superb - how to choose.

    The Gallery is great.

  • Kim 17.5.08

    hi baby~amore'
    you're right..
    I'm glad I don't have to choose :)
    thanks for calling by :)

  • Anonymous 17.5.08

    Hi Kim,I was instantly drawn to and voted for "Twilight".Being in my twilight years I immediately related to this beautiful painting that expressed my emotions of 6 years of life without my wonderful partner of 55 years. Thank you and praise to all the entrants. Love you and your blog. BB

  • Kim 17.5.08

    thanks Mum..
    I agree....
    I was very impressed with this painting too....
    and I think your reasons for being drawn to it were very similar to how I felt...
    love you :-X :-X

  • Anonymous 17.5.08

    How do I Olive Oil paint thee? Let me count the ways! ;~)

    A secret lighthouse photo is a interesting idea!

    Looks like my breakfast was launched by the Wendster family! :-)

  • Kim 17.5.08

    ah yes Miss Van MP :)
    I do believe your photos would make top entries...
    I'm so glad that I'm out of range over here ...haah

  • Nader Shenouda 17.5.08

    If I had no exams this last 3 weeks..I would have participated!!!
    Anyway I am Glad to vote, they are all great artwork..very nice gallery.

  • Kim 17.5.08

    hi Doudy..
    I hope your exams went well..
    I'll be sure to have another competition soon :)

  • SUZAN BUCKNER 17.5.08

    Kim--Thank you for hosting this!! The size of mine (#1) is 8" x 8". I think it has feet instead of inches on it.

    Thank you again! You rock!
    Suzan Buckner
    (entry #1)

  • Kim 17.5.08

    hi Suzan...
    oops...I'll change it :)

  • SUZAN BUCKNER 17.5.08

    thank you!

  • Kim 18.5.08

    you're welcome Suzan :)

  • jafabrit 18.5.08

    phew, there is some stiff competition here :) All the best everyone!

  • Anonymous 18.5.08

    What a great contribution to the ArtSphere Kim and how well you have presented them!

    My vote goes for #14 as its not only artistic, but the binding is good hand craft too.

    Since here: Wishing you a great end to your week too :-)

  • Kim 18.5.08

    hi Corinne
    it's a great selection and you are doing very well in the poll ;) :)
    have a great weekend !!

    hi Renny
    thanks for calling by and leaving your vote..great choice on your vote..
    a great weekend to you and Diane :)

  • The Stewart Stuff 18.5.08

    #12 gets my vote! Very pretty!

  • Kim 18.5.08

    thanks Jen :)
    and I agree :)

  • Netster23 18.5.08

    I love the #6 it's more relevant to the current world issues! you have my vote.

    Great contest Kim! Gambateh!


  • Kim 18.5.08

    thanks for calling by and leaving your vote....
    I like the reason for your choice..
    have a great weekend Netster :) :)

  • The Lone Beader® 18.5.08

    It is really difficult to choose!

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 19.5.08

    Hello Kim,

    This is voting for only ONE choice and voting is done only ONCE? How terribly cruel and unkind. LOL!

    It's so difficult. I'll have to return several times to see which of the choices I have sticks in my head the longest.:-)

    The slide was very well crafted and edited. So, I have till the 24th. I'll vote before then. :-) Durano, done!

  • Anonymous 19.5.08

    Cool contest, I vote for #12 :)

  • Michelle B. Hendry 19.5.08

    Everything is so different and so wonderful! I am honoured to be a part of this group of artists...

    Kim - send hugs to your Mom. I am so pleased that the painting touched her. :)

  • fastfastlane 19.5.08

    A great and diverse collection of artwork, Kim :-)

    Voted, but I won't say which one ;-)

    My bests to everyone!

  • Beat Black 19.5.08

    what a great way to share these talented artists in an interactive way! it was hard to choose only one

  • Kim 19.5.08

    hi Lone Beader..
    thanks for calling by and all the best with your vote :)

    take your time Durano ;)...
    I'm relieved a way...that I don't have to make a choice (being the's against the rules for me to vote !)
    I know your will make an excellent choice being the connoisieur that you are ;)
    have a terrific day:)

    thanks for your vote Richard :)

    hi Michelle
    I have passed the message and the hugs ;) on to my Mum...thanks for calling by :)

    thanks Deborah (you secret squirrel voter)
    and big hugs to you for the stumble and mixx...
    I really appreciate it :) :)

    hi Beat Black..
    thanks very much ..
    your vote is appreciated :)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 20.5.08

    After rasslin` with my decision, I finally made my vote. Looks like a strong leader in the polls!!
    Who will win in the stretch?? .... they are coming around the final bend with each artwork digging into the turf .... an oil on canvas is gaining ground .... they are frame and frame at the poll ... and a scrapbook is making a late charge! ( ******** ) wins the Laketrees' Triple Crown!!!!!!!

    I bet on the "exacta" and "show" placements :-)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 20.5.08

    ps .... I usually hot box your blog by hitting stop load and don't actually SEE your sidebar too often. Do you have a widget that delivers the latest feeds from Hollydale and others? SO COOL!!

    I even see the bumps at Technorati .... "magic"!

  • Kim 20.5.08

    ROFL Speedy !!!
    you're too too funny :) :)
    I can just picture the artworks on the track !!!

    it looks like the stakes are definitely hotting up...
    and still 4 days to go too!!

    that widget is an RSS feed linked to my google reader and is working in conjunction with my top commentators widget...
    it is cool...and glad to hear that Technorati IS recognising it :)

  • Lana Gramlich 20.5.08


  • Anonymous 20.5.08

    A think of beauty is joy for ever.The beauty of the Artwork will never end.

  • Jackie 20.5.08

    Oh my Kim this was a toughie. They are all fantastic!!

    So I am not revealing my vote publicly.

    Good luck to everyone!!

    I hope you have a grand week Kim. As for us we are headed to Maine to welcome Jonah into the world.

    Jonah will be our 5th grandson....we are so very excited.

    Now everyone just pray that I can get our trusty little lap top all set up so I can keep blogging while away for almost two months.

  • Anonymous 21.5.08

    Really great art showcased here. I prefer #5.

  • Anonymous 21.5.08

    Definitely #5

  • kuanyin333 21.5.08


    I voted in your poll!

    Next contest I may submit one of my visionary art pieces.

  • Anonymous 21.5.08

    That kitty kat has scratched me under the litter....then the eye opened and blinked.....I am at 2 percent and fading.

    Life is short, but there is always time enough for voter fraud.

    ringo, paul, JOHN and george

  • Kim 21.5.08

    thanks for your vote Lana :)

    thanks for your words Versicherung :)

    hi Jackie
    thanks for your is hard to choose just ONE work !!
    I'll be thinking of you...
    looking forward to reading about the arrival of your Grandson :) :)

    thanks for your vote HPL :)

    that would be great Kuanyin !!!
    thanks for your vote too !!

    haha anon J
    very witty synopsis....
    as they say it's not over til the fat lady sings... ;)

  • Anonymous 22.5.08

    they're all so nice : ]

    i wish i could have gotten here earlier so i could have voted!

  • Kim 22.5.08

    hi Jenna
    you still have 2 days to vote :)

  • Anonymous 22.5.08

    Wow! Many works to be impressed by! It was hard to choose which one to vote for....

    Really creative artists!!!

  • Anonymous 22.5.08

    I cast my vote again today (I take it you can vote more than once?) and on #9 since I love the Nordic look winter landscape :-)

    Btw: Thanks for your support on our blog friend TorAa's loss of his son!

  • Jackie 22.5.08

    Just popping in to say that I have voted.

    And also just to say hi!!:-)

  • Anonymous 23.5.08

    Hi Agent Laketrees,

    You are invited to the backstage of Oprah at my secret blog home for a prize after the MonkeyCat Awards Gala Par-TAY!!!

  • Jena Isle 23.5.08

    Great blog Kim. You're a great artist.Thanks for honoring me with your comment in my Kalinga Man contest. Sending 50 EC as a thank you. Keep posting.

  • Deborah Paris 23.5.08

    Well, dang (as we say in Texas) I missed the deadline. I'll have to look some more to decide who to vote for. Great idea,Kim!

  • Anonymous 23.5.08

    great artworks! my favorite is #6 'Pain in the Eye' :)

  • Anonymous 23.5.08

    Its unbelievable to me that people can art like this.

  • durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit 23.5.08

    Hello Kim,

    I'm surprised by the voting. I didn't expect to see such lopsided scores, and the choices seem to reflect the spirit of the times. :-)

    Anyway, I cast my vote without being affected by the majority.:-)

    Nice to have participated. This is a tremendous effort on your part. Congratulations! :-) --Durano, done!

  • Kim 23.5.08

    hi Lifecruiser
    thanks for calling in and for your vote too !!!
    have a great weekend :)

    hi Renny
    I think the poll allows one vote per computer so it depends on how many computers are in your house :)
    I imagine you would have at least 2
    calling by your friend's blog was the least that I could do Renny...

    hi Jackie :)
    thanks for calling by and have a fun weekend :)

    hi Miss MP ...
    I have had a busy day today....and I'll pop over real soon to check out the partay :))

    thanks very much Jena... :)
    it was a pleasure !!

    thanks Deborah
    I'm sure to have another one in the coming months :)
    happy voting :)

    thanks for your vote WN :)

    there is some really great talent here Versicherungen !!
    thanks for your comment :)

    thanks Durano
    your vote is very much appreciated !!!
    have a terrific weekend ;)

  • Speedcat Hollydale 24.5.08

    Hi Kim!!!!!!!

    Whew, that was quite a contest ... did DD win?? :-)

    ... and what is the Mixx? I will go over and vote. I love voting.

    So nice to see your smiling avatar today, you have a certain presence you know. Hope all is well with you my friend.


  • Kim 24.5.08

    hi Speedy
    mixx is a mini digg :)
    and ..yesssss...your vote would be greatly
    I'll see if I can find some more places for you to vote haha !!!
    the voting is still open for another 13 hours...which will make it about 5am Sunday morning over I'll publish the winner on Sunday... (my sleep in day ;))
    have a great Saturday over there Eric :)

  • Anonymous 25.5.08

    Great work I was very impressed.

  • Speedcat Hollydale 25.5.08

    I now have the "guilties" ... Mixx did not mix well with my old bombadeer computer :(

    BUT ... I am linkin ya to my own art gallery (wink)

  • Kim 25.5.08

    thanks Chris :) :)

    some of these sites can be so frustrating Speedy !!!
    I know I don't visit Stumble On for that reason !!!
    I'll have to check out YOUR art gallery ;)

  • Netster23 25.5.08

    Speedy is that the :( face? speedy? hahahah Hey jude... don't make it sad.... take a sad song... and make it better...

  • BillyWarhol 25.5.08

    Some Fabulous Art!

    Congrats!! ;)) Peace*

  • Kim 25.5.08

    thanks for dropping by Netster..
    you will have to go over and cheer Speedy up ;) :)

    hi Billie...
    thanks for calling by :)
    have a great weekend !!!

  • Anonymous 28.5.08

    This is a really neat idea. I like some of the other entries also.

    Anyhow, now that I'm here at your blog: I'm inviting you to join into the blog carnival 'No Name for Art', with a good art critique article, or equivalent.

  • Kim 28.5.08

    thanks Astrid...
    I'll keep that in mind ...
    you have a really informative and interesting site with some terrific articles !!!

  • Speedcat Hollydale 28.5.08

    72!! "I saw the fine looking badge over yonder ... so I decided to stop by for a while" (said like John Wayne)

  • Kim 28.5.08

    hah Speedy..
    and I'm about to post Miss MP's "fine" campaign very shortly !!!

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