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I Want to Adopt a Teddy Bear

6 November 2008 35 comments

Mariuca is celebrating Mariuca's 2nd Birthday with a special blogoversary contest where she is offering an adorable Mariuca Teddy Bear to one lucky Mariucan! :)

The special name I have chosen for Mariuca's Teddy Bear is "Little M"
My reason for wanting Little M is that I believe I can give this adorable Teddy a wonderful life with lots of mates and good Aussie love and caring....
I have created this slideshow to show what sort of life Little M would have if I am lucky enough to win...
This would be a typical day in Little M's life over here in OZ...

thank you to Charlotte for taking the photos


In order to be eligible for entry to the Mariuca 2nd Blogoversary Contest, you need to:
1. Be a true Mariucan and Subscribe to Wishing On A Falling Star. Leave a comment once you've subscribed.
2. The Mariuca Teddy Bear needs a name so get creative and come up with the coolest one you can think of.
3. Post your entry at your blog, linking back to this post (and picture if you like) and tell Mariuca why you'd love to bring the Mariuca Teddy Bear home.
4. Leave a comment on Mariuca's post with the link to your post once you've posted your entry.
5. International entries are allowed.
6. Contest runs from 3rd November - 3rd December 2008 (12 midnight Malaysia time).
The winning entry will be selected by Mariuca, based on the BEST NAME and REASON for wanting to bring the Mariuca Teddy Bear home! :)

The Mariuca Teddy Bear was specially ordered by Mariuca from the creative Emila!

Contest Entries

1. Bono - Mariuca Baby Bear
2. Jackie - JonahBear
3. Adrian - Marzipan
4. Nessa - Randy Rover
5. Emila - Wentworth
6. Ken - Donnie
7. Saffa - Choco
8. Roxy - BEAR-iuca
9. Dhiya - Ali
10. Kim - Little M
11. Janice - Love
12. T.H. - Brown Mariucan
13. Debbie - Macario aka Mac


35 comments: to “ I Want to Adopt a Teddy Bear so far...

  • Mariuca 6.11.08

    OMG KIMMY!!!!!!!!! I love this slideshow!!!!! :):):)

  • Mariuca 6.11.08

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!! What a terrific effort you've put into making this slideshow! I love Little M! :):):)

  • Mariuca 6.11.08

    I was smiling away looking at all the great fun Little M will be having in OZ!!!! Ha ha ha so cute!! :):):)

  • Mariuca 6.11.08

    And so many teddy friends already there to welcome Little M!! I love the sound of the queen size bed, being entertained, surfing, the spa!! And even chatting with me ha ha ha! I love this Kim, thanks so much for the slideshow!!!

    And to Charlotte for the pics. Oh boy, it is getting so tough to choose my winner and I only have 10 entries so far, this is so cool! Big Hugs Kim! :):):)

  • Unknown 7.11.08

    Do I win, Kim, do I win???!!!
    Loved the slideshow: my favorite - bear on surfboard.
    Thanks for visiting colouroutsidethelines yesterday.
    I love to read, too - never enough time to read all the books I want to.
    Have a great day!

  • Jackie 7.11.08

    Well I know that surely I am not the first!!

    I am never the first anywhere!!

    Marzie always travels at the speed of light!!

    Am I the first?

  • Jackie 7.11.08

    Oh dear,
    The anticipation will drive me mad!! So I'll have a peek at the post!!:-))

  • Jackie 7.11.08

    Oh my I should say 'Chop!' just in case I am first...LOL!!!

    Good morning Kim...well it's morning for me anyway!!

    I hope you have a grand evening!!


  • Jackie 7.11.08

    Oh dear the suspense is killing me. But, as I am awake when you are sleeping on the other side....I really don't expect to be first.

    But, a visit here is always fun for any reason!!

    Hugs and more hugs!!:-)))

  • Anonymous 7.11.08

    your slideshow is adorable. Looks like you had fun making it!

  • Anonymous 7.11.08

    You and Charlotte are just too cute.
    I absolutely had to stumble the photos. Besides that, I believe that you would be the bestest Mum. I can see Charlotte taking the bear out on walks, to the beach, with the both of them sharing Candy Cane together.

    I have my fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed for you to win the contest, too!

  • Kim 7.11.08

    lol Mariuca...
    I'm glad you like the slideshow...
    of course there are so many more things we could do with Little M...haha the possibilities are endless :D
    YOU have won the 500 EC!!! yeeehaaaa will send soon ;)

    ohh have just missed out!! ..
    hehe Big Ted's been surfing for years so he's quite the pro...
    I'm sending you 100 ECs for being commentator #2 :)

    lol Jackie..
    you are I'm sending you 100 EC 's for being commentator # 3and for making me laugh :))

    we did have fun Christina :))
    as you are one of my first 6 commentators (#4) I'm sending you 100 ECs too :)

    hi MA..
    thanks for the stumble ;)
    I think we barely touched the surface with the activities available here for Little M...
    we did have fun!!!! haha...
    Charlotte would TOTALLY spoil Little M .. do you still have your EC a/c?..cause you have won 100 ECs for being commentator # 5 :))

  • The Muse 7.11.08

    Teddy at the Computer...yes that's the one! LOL LOL

    I'm here for some plain old fashioned support and fun...Wow..with this slide show..I lucked out! Too Cute!

  • Anonymous 7.11.08

    Thanks for the 100 ECs, m'Dear, except that I don't have an account there anymore. It was removed because didn't do something I was supposed to do according to the rule makers so my acct got dropped. (I never understood the significance of it anyway but thank you anyway.

    Now that the elections are over, you'll see me hanging around much more. I still have both of your blogs in my reader and keep up with what's new here at laketrees. You're one of my homegirls, Girly. Like I mentioned, I've just been extremely distracted with the elections plus with the website's new look. It's going to change again except it's going to be modified with the same theme and have a 2nd column added for the widgets I want to use on it.

    Much love to you and yours, Chicklet

  • Kim 7.11.08

    hello Muse..glad you enjoyed the slide show :)
    you're still in the top you have won a 100 ecs let me know what you want me to do with them :) as I haven't seen a card at your blog :)

    we'll keep the ec's on the back burner eh MA ;)
    thanks for the kind words...home girl hehe..noice :)
    it must be a relief to have a new President and for all the rigamarole to be over :)

  • Anonymous 7.11.08

    very nice, I hope you win :)

  • Mariuca 7.11.08

    Ha ha ha Jackie is adorable!!!!

    Kim, I didn't notice the free EC for FC part here!!!! WOWIE, and I won too ha ha!!! And for a very special post as well YAY!! :):):)

  • Mariuca 7.11.08

    Thanks Kim, I've received the credits and am now even richer in EC money lol! ;)

  • Mariuca 7.11.08

    So is it going to be for every post from now on? The EC FC contest that is. :)

  • Mariuca 7.11.08

    You really made a good decision with this pop-up comment box Kim, seriously it is soooooo much faster to leave my comments here now! :):):)

  • Kim 7.11.08

    thanks TH..
    I hope so too :))
    you have won 100 ECs for being the 6th visitor to leave a comment congratulations :)

    lol... Mariuca...I didn't think you had noticed the ec message when you came over before...
    I'll leave the pop up box seeing it is faster hehe..Speedy Gonzalas Mariuca!!...all the better for you to comment...
    so you're rich :)))...maybe I should do the ec give away on mystery posts hmmmm I'll have to think of something...

  • Anonymous 8.11.08

    thank you got the 100EC :)

  • Anonymous 8.11.08

    I did try my luck as well, I name the bear at

  • Jackie 8.11.08

    LOL...Marzie is very funny too!!

  • Jackie 8.11.08

    I just had to get that in first!! thanks ever so much Kim for the EC' I needed them too.

    I was so surprised. You are so sweet!:-))

  • Jackie 8.11.08

    Oh one last little thing. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow at the recital. and please get pictures for us.

    Happy week end:-))

  • Kim 8.11.08

    you're welcome TH...I'll pop over to see your Teddy entry :)

    hiya Jackie're welcome...glad you can use the ECs...
    you are both my best commentators...:) :)
    6am here and I'm just about to get ready for the concert...I'll be posting photos next week though I think they will be featured in the Sydney papers too :)

  • Anonymous 9.11.08

    Have you consider adopting a Viking instead? :lol:

    Wishing you a great end to your week!

  • Kim 9.11.08

    lol Renny...
    I was wondering who would be first to make an offer ;)
    good one !!! Vikings are A1 in my book :) :)
    have a beaut weekend too Renny :)

  • Anonymous 10.11.08

    Never mind adopting a teddy, you can adopt me! It looks so fab chez-vous!

    Maybe we can finally meet up when I come to Sydney...

  • Kim 10.11.08

    of course Diane....
    you have to visit!!! it's only an hour north of Sydney... :) :)
    just a hop skip and a jump :)

  • John M. Mora 12.11.08

    I saw the lake trees in the background of the varanda photograph.

  • Kim 12.11.08

    ah yes I was actually living on a different lake when I started this it's lucky that this lake has trees too :)

  • Busy Bear 13.11.08

    Dear Ms. Lake Trees -

    Oh my - the title of your post sure caught my eye!

    On behalf of my brother blogger bears, Grumpy Ted and Snowy Bear, I would like to invite you visit our blog - Dear Teddy - we have a whole page of adoptable bears and other sweet older toys just waiting for someone nice LIKE YOU to help them tell their story (no contest involved!)

    Or perhaps one of your own stuffed animals would like to tell his/her story on our blog? If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to ask - we don't bite!
    ~Busy Bear

    PS: (You could also ask Olga, the Traveling Bra because she knows me reallllllllllly well.) ;)

  • Kim 13.11.08

    haha Busy Bear...
    thanks for visiting laketrees...I would love to visit....
    and thanks so much for your kind invite :)
    I'll be over to visit you and your brothers soon :))
    ps and any friend of Olgas is a friend of mine....

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